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Richard Moore

Dear cj,

As you all know, my efforts are now focussed on writing the book (Achieving
a Livable, Peaceful World), and my funds are nearly exhausted.  I'm
currently seeking an agent, which will hopefully lead to signing with a
publisher and getting some advances. But who knows how long that might
take, and advances for a first-time author might not amount to much.

So I'm seeking help to brainstorm possible funding sources.  Anyone out
there got any ideas?  There _must be some kind of grants available, or
people with money who want to support worthwhile projects.


Below is a note from Jay Kinney (who I'll be meeting in SF later this
month), and an invitation from Parveez Syed for people to participate in
his London-based radio show.

all the best,

Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999
To: •••@••.•••
From: Jay Kinney <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: cj#887> dialog re/model of revolution; Jay Kinney

I appreciate the appreciation roused by my mention of RK Moore's work in
Whole Earth. I'm one of the people on the cyberjournal mail list, so I saw
Richard's mention of wishing to contact me. He can do so directly at

BTW, since I live in San Francisco, if he is still around for a day or two
after his folk music visit in the area, I'd enjoy meeting up in person.

        The whole concept of moving beyond Left and Right has been one that
I've been working with for at least 20 years. An essay on the topic and
another on globalization by me can be found at my website:
        Best wishes for as Happy a New Year as we can make!

To: •••@••.•••
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 17:48:53
Subject: Phone-in radio show now!
From: •••@••.••• (Parveez Syed)

Wednesday 30 December 1998 London-UK


Shanti Communications' "Global Eye" with Parveez Syed

LONDON-UK (SC/SRTV) - Shanti Communications news agency in
London-UK is producing "Global Eye" and "Eastern Nights" for
Radio Ramadhan in Tooting (South London, UK). The two programmes
are being aired on 87.7 FM from 20:30 to 04:00am (UK times).

"Global Eye" has extensive interviews with caring humanitarians
and legal eagles who know better than some US-UK officials,
politicians and their cronies or appologists. Shanti RTV has
already interviewed: Hugh Stephens (UK); Colin Rowat (CASI,
Cambridge); Dr Beatrice Boctor (Cambridge); Biship Hare Duke
(Scotland); Maggie O'Kane (The Guardian UK); Chris Doyle (CAABU,
UK), etc. Future guests and speakers may include: Tony Benn MP;
George Galloway MP; Robert Fisk (The Independent UK); Ramsey
Clark (former US Attorney-General); Kathy Kelly (ViW US); Denis
Halliday; Elias Davidsson (Iceland), etc. etc.

To help present a fair and balanced programme Shanti RTV needs
more speakers to phone-in and come to the studio. Shanti RTV is
planning to present a special edition of "Global Eye" on Saturday
16 January 1999 to mark the eight anniversary of the alleged end
of the "Gulf Assault". Other contents of the "Global Eye"
programmes include: human rights; international laws; New World
Order; Globalisation; IMF and World Banks orders, etc.

So, please spread the word far and wide. Thank you. To take part
in the programme from any part of the world, please phone Shanti
RTV on 44-831-196693 or 44-181-655-1750 between 2pm and 5pm (UK
time), and email your direct contact details, including
telephone numbers where you can be reached. Shanti RTV's busy
"on-air" telephone number after 8:30pm (UK time) for Shanti
Communications' "Global Eye" with Parveez Syed is:
44-181-672-7878, every night until Tuesday 19 January 1999.

Please keep Shanti RTV uptodate. Please airmail or email your
material (audio and video tapes, books and newsletters etc) to:

Parveez Syed
chief editor, producer-director "Global Eye" on Radio
Shanti Communications news agency aka Shanti RTV
One Stuart Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 8RA1 UK
Internet email to: •••@••.•••
Telephone: 44-831-196693
[The author, Parveez Syed, is an investigative journalist and a
mass media programming consultant. He has exposed many liars,
subverters and deceivers. Moles and whistleblowers e-mail leaks
and briefings to him. His copyrighted, unique features are often
developed into probing factual television documentaries. The
features are archived on thousands of websites worldwide]

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