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Richard Moore

folks - over the next two days, before heading off to Portlaoise, I'll be
posting several important (sometimes long) messages from our input queue.
Please don't be frightened of the deluge... you'll have ten days to browse
them before any more cj comes your way.

The sources are various, each with their own slants - but for the
discerning reader each does provide some useful information.  For example,
if NATO (the least reliable source I know) admits 50 people were killed in
some raid, then you know for sure that _at _least 50 people were killed.
Please avoid the temptation to completely dismiss a piece just because some
parts of it are dubious - that's like dismissing an archeological find just
because some recent debris was mixed in.

I'll leave it to Jan to forward anything to rn which she feels would be
appropriate there.  As usual, Rich Winkel will pass on selections to

practicing my french,