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Dear cj,

The prospects of war with China has been discussed many times on this list.

US strategic policy is very clear regarding Asia - no single nation can be
allowed to achieve hegemony there, and three wars have been fought this
century in support of that policy.  Besides, it took the US nearly 50 years
to neutralize its Soviet super-power rival, and there is no way China is
going to be allowed to restore those days of imminent-mutual-destruction.
Furthermore, the architecture of world order under globalization is based
on collective Western hegemony - a strong China with an independent agenda
would be destabilizing and retrograde from that perspective.

Meanwhile, China makes no secret of its desire for regional hegemony, nor
of its ultimate intention to reclaim Taiwaan.  China's size, its
sophisticated militarization program, and its growing economy indicate that
its intentions and desires cannot be dismissed as rhetoric nor as internal
propaganda.  They must be taken seriously and Washington is well aware of
that fact.

Taiwaan is the most-likely flashpoint in this scenario, and Washington's
actions over the past year seem to have been designed to ignite that
flashpoint.  Clinton's whisperings to Taipei have encourged them to make
provocative claims to sovereignty, while his whisperings to Bejing have
been interpreted as supporting Chinese claims to the island.  Just as
Saddam was led to believe his invasion of Kuwait would be ignored, Bejing
is being led to believe an action against Taiwaan would be seen as an
'internal matter'.   Thus the cat sets the trap for the mouse.

As the dramatic tension mounts between Taiwaan and China, US officials are
obviously well aware of the situation.  Why are they not issuing statements
of concern?  Why are they not admonishing China to refrain from any
invasion plans?  Why doesn't the US publicly clarify its policy re/ China &

In my view, one of the strongest indicators that war is planned is this
fact that the China Question is not being raised in the media.  The stage
is being set!  When China does finally invade, the US will react with
feigned surprise and outrage, just as it did when Iraq invaded Kuwait...
and when the Japanese invaded Perl Harbor.  (That too, in case you didn't
know, was long anticipated by Washington.)

The media blackout on the impending conflict does not surprise me.  It is
part of the overall war-preparation strategy.  The propaganda preparations
are just as important as the military preparations - that's how
'democracies' go to war without a guilty conscience.  There's nothing like
a surprise, sneak attack to stir up the masses.  If the crisis were
revealed beforehand, then people would wonder why nothing was done to
prevent it.  With the blackout, our esteemed news commentators can pretend
to be shocked.  It was Walter Cronkite who said, when asked what makes for
a successful commentator: "...the ability to feign sincerity".

What _has surprised me is that I've seen no 'alarmist' reports whatsoever
regarding China, other than my own.  The right-wing conspiracy lists are
awash with reports of Chinese contributions to Clinton, and of the
providing of high-technology secrets to China, but nothing about the
likelihood of war.  This only confirms my suspicion that right-wing
paranoia is largely covert-ops directed.

_Finally I've received a report from someone else who sees what's coming,
or at least part of it - Mr Randy Miller.  And he's someone who's been on
the scene, in a military capacity.  I only wish he had provided more detail
and depth in his report.  I don't even know whether the "South China
Morning Post" is published in China or Taiwaan.


From: "Randy Miller" <•••@••.•••>
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 07:58:17 PDT
Bcc: •••@••.•••

(c) 1999 by Randy Miller, Please Redistribute

21 SEPT 1999 0730 PST

   Even in the aftermath of Taiwan's most jolting earthquake in
over a decade, it appears that China is finalizing plans to
invade the island "nation" which has fallen on hard times in
receiving global recognition.

   The South China Morning Post is reporting on 09/21 that
China is serious about the invasion plans and is following an
historical model for military invasion.

   The reason this story carries a lot of weight is because
this is in fact the model that China has historically used
in planning military operations.

   Unlike the United States, the UN and NATO which takes
a more flash in the pan and reactionary approach to conflicts,
China is more methodical.  Recently China has stolen secrets
from the U.S., bribed the U.S. president and democratic
committee, influenced congress and industry, strengthened
ties with Russia, upgraded weapons systems, and moved worldwide to
consolidate interests all in a pattern of planned expansionism.

   While the United States military uses a high technology
"shoot, move and communicate" approach to war, China has always
relied on a more dogged approach that better fits a giant
army bent on carrying out a particular mission at all costs.
Their people will train to carry out a specific mission and
the pattern outlined in the Morning Post fits this pattern.

   For these reasons it now is obvious that most analysts are
wrong in their approach to what China will do.  Some believe
that China's only option is to take an outlying island or
do nothing at all.  They are dead wrong.  China will go
for the main Taiwan island.  And will do it sooner than later.
The question now is, whether or not the United States will
enter another war with the mainland communists after already
fighting the communists in Korea.  In the event that Taiwan
falls to China one thing will be clear.  China will BE the
world's next and only Superpower that matters.

Randy Miller
Has a B.A. in Political Science from BYU where he studied
war and political violence. With course work on Korea,
terrorism, and the Middle East.

He served 15 months on the border of North and South Korea
during the 1988 Seoul Olympics where he received an Army
Achievement Medal for assisting in creating a Mobile Short Range
Air Defense Operations Center set up specifically for the
Olympics to protect against North Korean airmobile infiltration.

He also served as an Airborne Medical Sergeant
in Central America from 1992-96 where he earned Honduras jump
wings in addition to U.S. jump wings.


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