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Richard Moore

From: Bill Blum
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2007 15:11:05 EDT
Subject: Anti-Empire Report, October 1, 2007

Anti-Empire Report, October 1, 2007



Bill - thanks for your ongoing analyses! - rkm

From: "Lincoln Justice" <>
Subject: How to Create Real Democracy?
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 12:08:12 -0500

To Bill Moyers,

I deeply appreciate your leadership. 

I recently discovered at least three outstanding authors who have 
been exploring creative ways to create real democracy.   I believe 
they would provide excellent resources for a segment of Moyers 

Richard Moore, author of ESCAPING THE MATRIX
     (<http://escapingthematrix.org/>http://EscapingTheMatrix.org )  and
Cliff Durand, Morgan University author of "Democracy, Polyarchy, and 
the Struggle for Social Justice"
     ( http://www.globaljusticecenter.org/papers/durand1.htm)

The central issues they are all exploring is finding ways for 'We the 
People' to take back our power and  responsibility for what is 
happening in our world.    "What would a truly democratic society 
look like and how to achieve it?"

I believe that if we co-operate, we can create a network of like 
minded people of good will who can effect a major shift in the 
balance of power.

Lincoln B. Justice
312 West Summit Ave
Seymour, MO 65746
417 935-5552
.....Become Mortgage-free.....


Hi Lincoln,

Good work! Let's hope Bill listens!  Any reply?


Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2007 10:56:45 +0700
From: "Dave Patterson" <>
To: •••@••.•••
Subject: the box

Hello Richard, Long time no post - hope all is well, and you have had 
a good trip - you must be close to getting back home now. Anyway, not 
to gossip - just thought I'd let you know about a small book I have 
just finished that you might think worth mentioning to your readers. 
It's mainly about the situation in Canada, but I think the general 
ideas apply to most modern western 'democracies'. It's a book that is 
intended to reach out to those not already in 'our' choir, rather 
than preaching to the converted as it were - it seems to me that is 
what we need to do somehow. It's online now - They're Building a Box 
- and You're In It - at 
http://www.rudemacedon.ca/dlp/box/box-intro.html - I am working on a 
print version through Lulu if I can ever convince someone to give me 
a credit card (been avoiding them, and they me, for all of my life, 
but it seems I may finally have to bite the bullet for this one!), 
and some other version for people to download and print/photocopy 
themselves, but for now this is what there is.

Take care -
Dave Patterson


Hi Dave,

My schedule has been too hectic to permit much attention to postings. 
Next time I'll leave an extra day in each place so I'll have time to 
catch my breath and keep a blog of my visits.

"They're Building a Box - and You're In It" looks like a very 
important book. Below I've pasted in the TOC and Chapter 9, " What 
can I do?".


Table of Contents

The Box - Introduction / Ch 1 - The Money Supply Scam / Ch 2 - The 
Work Scam / Ch 3 - The Democracy Scam / Ch 4 - How do they do this? 
Indoctrination / Ch 5 - Indoctination II: From Birth / Ch 6 - 
Indoctrination Maintenance - Propaganda / Ch 7 - They're Building a 
Box / Ch 8 - Why should I care? / Ch 9 - What can I do? / Appendix 1: 
The National Debt Scam / Appendix 2: The Corporate Reactionary 
Revolution of the 70s / Appendix 3: Behind the Mask - What Capitalism 
Really Is / Appendix 4: Some places to start reading / Appendix 5: 
Perverse capitalist lies

Chapter 9 - So How Do We Unbuild This Box,

and stop this stealing from us and the destruction of the world, and 
create the better society your talked about at the beginning? .....

As any good scientist, or just normally curious and intelligent 
person, knows, when you're facing a serious problem, just figuring 
out the right question to ask, the right path to search for an 
answer, is halfways already to the answer - and so it is with the 
box. Escaping from the box is impossible if you don't even know a box 
exists that you need to escape from. If you think Canadian 
'democracy' is less than perfect, but you're not sure why, but think 
that maybe fixed election dates is the solution because some guy in 
the newspaper is pushing that - then you're heading down the wrong 
path and things are not going to improve. If you have read this book, 
and now understand that the problem with 'democracy' is that we don't 
actually have 'democracy' in Canada, then your quest for solutions is 
going to be much more useful. And so it is with the other things I 
talk of.

And just being aware of the evil called capitalism, and the extremely 
destructive control of everything in our society by the capitalists, 
is the all-important first step throwing down the box walls and 
taking control of your own life and society. There are other, and far 
better, options for arranging the work that we need to do to maintain 
our society, for supplying the money we use and, most importantly, 
for the way we use to govern ourselves in some sort of society that 
is truly democratic, and truly tries to arrange things for the 
greatest benefit for the greatest number of people.

You should know by now that it is most important to start really 
thinking for yourself, and not believing anything anyone says to you 
about anything without asking questions about everything and getting 
other information, and coming to your own conclusions about what is 
right or wrong, what should be done or not done, and then talking 
with the others in your community and coming to some sort of 
agreeable path that everyone, or almost everyone, is happy with (the 
capitalist predator types will always be with us, and will of course 
never be happy with or willingly agree on any course of action that 
is good for the majority, as any path that is good for We the People 
will not be the path that leads to the majority of us working in 
great satanic mills of some type producing great amounts of money for 
the capitalist-predators to steal).

I've only scratched the surface here with this short book of what is 
wrong, or what might be done to improve our lives - the only idea was 
to try to open your mind to ideas you have never had a chance to 
learn about from your education or the mainstream media you have been 
reading or listening to for most of your life, ideas which your 
education and media have actively tried to hide from you, to get you 
thinking and involved with what is happening with our society, and 
thinking about ways that might be better.

This book is not a prescription for a better society, beyond the idea 
that it is simply my belief that a society we ALL have a say in 
shaping will be better for us all than a society shaped by a few and 
imposed on the rest of us, a society that operates in the interests 
of those who shape it. How else would you expect such a society to 
operate? The idea of a 'benevolent dictator' may be attractive to 
some, and there may even be some benevolent ruler-types out there - 
but invariably such people become deposed one way or another, and the 
dictatorial system becomes somewhat or much less benevolent. As a man 
named Lord Acton noted long ago, power corrupts, and absolute power 
corrupts absolutely. I see no reason anywhere today or throughout 
history to doubt those words. As it is in nature, so it must be in 
our human subset of nature - strength lies in diversity, and the 
strongest government will be the government in which we all 

Now that you understand your society is not really democratic in any 
truly meaningful way, and how you are slowly being forced into a big 
sandbox that really looks free but really is not, and how they are 
turning your potentially magnificent human mind into believing that 
meaningless pursuits like acquiring expensive fancy toys and wasting 
your time in meaningless games and punching a timeclock all of your 
life to max some investor's profits and lifestyle are the point of 
your life rather than pursuing some truly human and responsible 
things like actually working to create a better community and society 
for us all, how they are stealing your labor and your life and even 
your planet, your first job is to chase more knowledge and 
understanding. Such information was hard to come by in years gone by 
when the capitalists controlled all major information flow, but no 
longer. Get on the internet, the unbelievably huge and free and 
endlessly growing new library that has just recently opened and the 
capitalists have not yet managed to control, and start googling and 
reading and talking with others, and following where it all takes 
you, throwing aside the curtains of the box and opening your mind to 
the real world of knowledge and ideas and freedom outside of the 
sandbox, so much greater, and better, than the little constrained 
capitalist-dominated work-consume-watchtv-work-consume-watchtv world 
your mainstream media has been trying to make you believe in and live 

Sure there's a lot of crap out there in internetland, that's what 
'freedom' really means, we all have a voice - but there's a lot of 
truth too, a lot of truth about things the people who have been 
trying to build this box around everyone very much do not want you 
knowing, truth you will never hear or find talked about in the 
shallow, comicbook-like sandbox fantasyland of Pres Sheen and Capt 
Kirk all dressed in white protecting we poor innocent citizens in our 
great free democracies from the evil jahadist klingons and etc. 
Knowledge that if widely enough known will break down the walls of 
this box once and for all, for people who come to their senses and 
see the great cancer that is trying to take over their society 
completely will surely throw it off once they understand the danger.

And don't forget also, as you should now understand, there is a great 
deal of crap in the mainstream media that you have been regarding as 
truthful for all of your life as well, very, very dangerous crap, 
quicksand crap for the mind, and you've been very, very close to 
going under forever because of that crap. Tvland is NOT freedom - the 
most important ideas of all are not allowed in tvland.

The mainstream media tells you to sit passively in front of that 
television and believe what you are told citizen!!, while the 
internet tells you to read widely and think for yourself - it should 
be a classic no-brainer for anyone who honestly believes in democracy 
and freedom which approach is better between those two ideas.

If you care about the things in this book, you need to look around, 
and see how many people do not care much, they're happy with the 
malls and tv shows. People have a right to their lives, of course, 
but in this case, they are going to take you over the lemming cliff 
with them, all of us will go together into the Brave New Global World 
if we don't act together to stop those who are building the box 
around us.

Which means you have to talk to some of these people who don't seem 
to care, and make them care.

Share your new knowledge with others. True escape from the box will 
only come in the nature of a society-wide 'paradigm shift', as enough 
people understand about this box that the elite have been trying to 
create around them that a critical mass happens, and there is a 
widespread rejection of the indoctrination we have all received, as 
we all start to move against those who control the box, to take back 
our democracy - or, really, in many ways, to establish the first ever 
true democracy 'of, by and for the people' in the world, as the 
wealthy have always exerted considerable control in 'democracies' 
through buying politicians and controlling the information flow and 
coercement of various sorts that pushed people in certain directions. 
(Don't frown and think that America did that over 200 years ago - 
American 'democracy' has always been controlled by the wealthy. 
Always. Their constitution was even written by and for 'the wealthy' 
- you couldn't even vote back then if you didn't own land, women and 
African-Americans only got the vote this century. And today the first 
gate to pass if running for president is the ability to raise 100 
million bucks. Do you really want to go on record as calling that 

Think of the box as a great cancer growing around the body politic in 
Canada - and removing that cancer will have the same effect as 
removing a cancer from your own body. Almost overnight, you, and the 
country, will notice great improvements in everything, as that great 
greedy endlessly money-sucking vacuum is removed from your, and our, 
lives, and the lies they have used to force us in certain directions 
evaporate like fog in the bright sunlight and you begin to see more 
clearly as if having a large, noisy, throbbing cataract removed from 
the eye of your brain.

I want to say turn off the tvs, but you don't need to do that, 
really, once you are thinking for yourself and understand the danger 
of spending too much time in front of that 'boob-tube', so named for 
obviously a good reason. The television has potential as an extremely 
useful tool in a truly democratic society, a society truly devoted to 
the wellbeing of all of its citizens - but its power has been taken 
over by those who are trying to build the box, and it now functions 
almost exclusively as an indoctrinating device, as the voice of the 
enemy, no matter how normal it may sound most of the time or how 
accurate much of the in-the-box 'news' may be. It is thus useful to 
use against them, as it can help us to understand them - once you 
understand what lies they tell all the time, and how much propaganda 
is really being fed to you as you sit watching, you will not want to 
watch much of their indoctrinating fare anyway, anymore than you 
would knowingly sit at your dinner table eating cancer-causing 
chemicals. What you need to do is to spend at least one hour reading 
'alternative' media on the internet for each hour you watch 
television. Every time you see that tape of the World Trade Centers 
falling to the ground and some 'expert' voice droning on about those 
little fires melting all that steel and pancake collapses and other 
mysterious stuff, go to the internet and listen to someone talking 
about controlled demolition and watch a few other examples of it, and 
decide for yourself which analysis makes more sense to YOUR brain.

Analyse what you hear on the television against what you read 
elsewhere, and this will strengthen your analytical tools, and help 
you gain a more balanced and truthful understanding of what is 
happening around you, and make you a better teacher of others, and 
less and less likely to ever be fooled by these capitalist parasites 
again. And also, as I noted before, with the duality of the box and 
the reporters watching what happens inside the box, there is still a 
lot of reasonably true information coming from the mainstream news 
sources that is useful - although not much interested in the movie 
actors' love lives (at least as 'news'), the investors and bankers 
need to know with some accuracy a great deal what is going on in the 
country and world as much as we do, and much news is as factual as it 
can be, although you always need to be aware of the endless spin they 
use to keep your mind in a certain place, or out of others. It is 
only, as I have noted, with certain things that the box curtains draw 
completely closed insofar as the mainstream media is concerned, 
things the box people can not learn about or understand if the 
capitalist vaccuum is to continue sucking up the great wealth the 
citizens create and passing it to the rulers of the country 
unimpeded. And it is these things you need to understand if you are 
to take back your country.

Assuming, since you have read this far, that this small book has been 
of some use to you in your own understanding of the way things really 
are here and the box they are trying to build around you, you can 
help spread the truth around - this book is free to copy and 
distribute to people you think might be ready for the truth about our 
society, and feeling that their lives could do with some improvement, 
but need to find a way to that path.

Learning for yourself, and then sharing that learning with others who 
have yet to throw off the chains of their indoctrination, is the path 
to change. You can do some Direct Action, in a small way. Small is 
beautiful, as a man named Schumacher said, and true Democracy happens 
only one step at a time, one person at a time. True Democracy means 
not waiting for and following orders from somewhere above, true 
democracy means YOU participate in every important action and 
decision in your society, based on grassroots meetings about anything 
of importance in your country or community.

If you think the ideas here are good and worth sharing - do it. Don't 
wait for leaders to do it for you - in a truly functioning and alive 
Democracy, there are no leaders beyond yourself, and, in full 
consultation with the other citizens, YOU are the leader, YOU are 
'the decider' - in a true democracy, those representatives we must 
choose from time to time to go to Ottawa or your provincial 
government or anywhere to 'represent' us do just that - they 
represent us and our views, they do what you, and the other citizens, 
tell them to do, not the other way around, as we have all so 
perversely been led into accepting as 'democracy'. We the People are 
the government in a true democracy - we hire administrators and 
bureaucrats to carry out our wishes. We do not 'elect' 'leaders' who 
are going to do as THEY wish for the next several years, including 
sicking the cops on us and throwing us in jail if we try to stop them 
in any way - it escapes me entirely how so many people have been 
fooled into calling that 'democracy' - the great power of 
indoctrination when started at an early enough age, I suppose.

You don't need to make a huge deal of your democratic initiative, not 
all people are the same or have the same abilities to do things, but 
everything counts, just do something small, whatever you can manage - 
the longest journey is composed of small single steps, the biggest 
skyscraper or moon rocket the end result of hundreds of thousands of 
small individual thoughts and actions, all done one turn of the 
screwdriver at a time. And so it is with democracy - somehow we have 
let some people take over who have turned our great shining Saturn V 
Moon Rocket of Democracy into a huge black F-16 with rockets pointing 
at our face dictatorship. Watching television and thinking what the 
talking suitheads tell you to think, even if they give you option A 
vs option B, is never democracy (in such cases option C, that they do 
not talk about, will almost invariably be best for you, and they are 
equally invariably hiding option X, that will be very, very bad for 
you, but is the real plan of both party A and party B).

For instance - you could take some Saturday morning when you're not 
working, and instead of going to the mall to shop or wasting your 
time at some Big Buffet Brunch Gala!!! (think bread and circuses for 
the masses, meaningless shallow capitalist candy to fill time that 
might be devoted to useful pursuits), have a normal little healthy 
sort of breakfast at home, accompanied by some thought or thoughtful 
conversation with someone or just sitting on the back porch for an 
hour listening to the birds and sounds of nature, then go to the mall 
to talk to people and try to help them understand why they should 
support smaller, local businesses rather than large international 
corporations like Walmart (if that comes as a bit of a surprise to 
you because cheap stuff is really useful on your income that seems to 
buy less every year, think about money leaving your town, and rock 
bottom wages for the walmart workers, and many small businesses owned 
by your friends or local people who live in your town and keep the 
money circulating in your town, the big money of the big corporations 
buying governments wherever they operate - is all that really worth 
saving a few cents on a product you probably don't really need 

Go read some more on the internet about these things you do not read 
about in your daily mainstream paper, make copies of a few essays and 
talk about them and hand them around (unlike the profit-driven 
capitalists, almost everything useful on the internet is some kind of 
'open' licence - that's part of a better society, sharing meaningful 
things rather than trying to turn useless stuff into a buck...). Have 
a little coffee carafe or something to give people a coffee, and a 
few copies of this book to read and then pass around or other essays 
you have found that you think need to be shared and read, or things 
you have written about your own feelings about things in your own 
community, and a small sign of some sort, and just talk to people. No 
confrontations or fights or shouting matches, that's the predator's 
game and we'll never beat them on their field using their rules and 
tactics, just talking to people who are interested in what you have 
to say, who maybe feel some of the same troubles you feel about what 
is happening to your life and society and world and are open to new 
ideas. There are many, many people who want to do the right thing, 
but who have no idea that our society is not really a democracy, or 
that the banks are stealing unbelievable amounts of money from them 
with the complicity of 'their' government, or many of the other 
things of which I have scratched the surface in this book that need 
to be changed.

Even if a lot of them walk away calling you names or laughing at you, 
a few others will have their eyes opened, and you can suggest to them 
that they go and help open other eyes. And that is how we save the 
world - one small step at a time. Just like a snowball rolling down a 
hill - there's a lot more snow out there than there seems to be, and 
it gets a lot bigger a lot faster than you could imagine.

For many people working in the government or in large corporations - 
you can be the anti-capitalist anti-cancer, opening like a lotus 
flower and becoming the core of the Aquarian Conspiracy, finally 
finding the right time to emerge from your cocoon, a Trojan horse, a 
fifth column that will drive a fatal stake into the heart of 
capitalism in Canada, for they cannot survive without the managerial 
role all the middle managers perform for them. It would be fitting, 
as this is how they took us over originally. The Aquarian Conspiracy 
was a book written way back in the dark ages of around 1980 that you 
can find and read that suggested such a thing was necessary before we 
could successfully throw off the chains of the capitalist 
cancer-monster and find true freedom of our own. It has a lot of good 
ideas and information and a better ways of looking at things - 
actually, it helped open my own eyes one summer of reading I spent on 
a farm in southern Ontario back around 1986. Its basic notion, the 
'conspiracy', is that maybe it is time all of the tens or hundreds of 
thousands of 'middle-level' people working within the government and 
large bureaucracies and businesses stopped being little robot pawns 
for the system, and started working for the people, opening eyes 
instead of pablum-izing brains and organizing the trains to the 
treadmill factories. Imagine.

The Democratic Revolution, the Aquarian Conspiracy, is not 'out 
there' somewhere waiting for you to wave and say 'come save us come 
save us!!', it is within us all, each and every one. If it does not 
start from within, it does not start at all.

Besides the mid-level bureaucrats we also need to think of the 
military and police, the enforcement arm of the capitalist democratic 
fraud - if you want to make a better world, you need to start 
thinking about who such people are really working for - the 
pseudo-government, or the people of the country or your community. 
They are not the same thing. Many soldiers and police enjoy the role 
of enforcer, of course, the 'legitimized' violence they are 
'authorized' to use, as our highly disfunctional society produces 
many such people who are not happy as factory slaves and their lack 
of education and unhappiness finds an outlet in violence, and they 
are the enemy of our or any democracy. But I know there are many 
others out there also who have true and good ideals and who actually 
want to be a positive force in our lives by doing their job of 
protecting us, and work for those people rather than against them. 
These police ought to be asking themselves, for instance, what they 
are doing hunting down people who smoke pot, and prosecuting them and 
throwing them in jail, when most Canadians do not think that pot 
should be illegal. It is simply not good enough to protest you are 
'upholding the law', when it is so obvious those 'laws' do not have 
the approval of a majority of the people, and are thus not legitimate 
laws in a country that calls itself a democracy, where the will of 
the people is, by definition, paramount. Nor is it in any way 
acceptable to say 'Well, I believe that smoking pot is bad for 
people, so throwing them in jail is good!' - nobody hired you to 
impose your views on the people of Canada. You were hired as a police 
officer in a democratic country, a democracy which, by definition, 
means the views and wishes of a majority of people are, or should be, 
what defines legal or otherwise.

It is time for some of you to stand up, and say you will no longer 
enforce un-democratic laws - and talk to your fellow police officers 
and help open their eyes - and start doing your true job working for 
we the people, which means turning your thoughts and scrutiny the 
other way, and going after those who have been engaging in the huge 
frauds against the citizens of Canada such as I describe in this 
book, including the theft of our government and the people who should 
be protecting us, rather than protecting those who have stolen our 
government from us and now use it against us.

Likewise our soldiers - if you truly want to work for Canada and 
protect Canadians - then it is Canadians who you should be taking 
your directions from. If you know most Canadians think we have no 
business in Afghanistan - then what are you doing there, if your work 
is to follow the orders of a majority of the people in this country? 
It makes no difference at all if YOU think the mission is great - you 
are not supposed to be running the country, but are supposed to be 
working for the Canadians who pay your salaries - and if Canadians 
overall do not want you in Afghanistan, then you need to do some 
serious thinking about what you are doing there, and who you are 

Mostly, Democracy is what we need to do, true Democracy, government 
truly by, of and for We the People - and starting soon because the 
frog is almost cooked, the last nails are being driven into the box 
coffin even as I write or you read.

Nothing happens, nothing changes, until We the People control, really 
control, our own government - and that means Democracy must finally 
come to Canada, perhaps the first true democracy in the history of 
the world (Greek 'democracy' was even worse than American, as they 
had a large population of slaves to do all the work while the 
'democrats' sat around playing pretend society, but they were a 
'democracy' to about the same extent George Bush is an 'intellectual' 
or something), a real democracy in which We the People rule, rather 
than the 10% pseudo-democracies, or sandbox democracies, which are 
all we now have, in which we are given elections and tweedledee-dum 
parties to choose from, but the people we 'elect' then answer to the 
power of money issuing orders from boardrooms high in corporate 
towers to which We the People have no access, rather than the desires 
of We the People, and tell us what they are going to do whether we 
like it or not, rather than do what we actually wish, as established 
by meetings and discussion among us all on important things.

Imagine real, we-the-people Democracy starting to happen.

Imagine if a majority of people in any riding in Canada (or a 
province), or a lot of ridings, organised and held their own 
meetings, and talked about things of importance to the country (or 
province) and their community, and, after a couple of next-level 
meetings involving a significant percent of the people of the normal 
riding area, selected a representative, or a few representatives (to 
speak for each side of an issue, and confirm the process and wishes 
of their constituents), to go to the relevant legislature (meeting of 
the whole) and present the ideas that they had all agreed on to the 
national/provincial parliament. (You also need, I guess, to imagine 
they started a website also, to clearly lay out what they were 
talking about and had decided for everyone in Canada to read and 
start similar discussions themselves, since we can pretty reliably 
suppose the mainstream media would not be very interested in any real 
democracy movements such as this, beyond trying to belittle and 
marginalize their efforts if they acknowleged them at all, with at 
least a few columnists accusing them of terrorism for trying to 
depose the 'elected' government, etc and etc.)

What would the government do in the face of such a real push for 
Democracy by We the People of Canada? If only a couple of groups 
tried this it would be easy to ignore them, or charge them with 
something to get them off the street, but what if a lot of people did 
it? The pseudo-'democratic gov' could huff and puff a lot about laws 
and democratic procedures that need to be followed, and call in 
*their* cops and military to 'maintain democratic order in the face 
of the terrorist threat' or some such nonsense (fully supported by 
*their* media, of course) - but what could be more democratic than 
this type of mass meetings and discussion and agreement? And if they 
happen in many places at once - well, who knows, Democracy might 
actually start to happen.

But something like this - real grassroots, 'we-the-people democracy, 
is the only way things are going to change, the only way your life, 
and the life of everyone in the country, is going to improve. We must 
take back the democracy ourselves, the control of our democratic 
institutions - they surely are not going to willingly give it back. 
And 'bloody revolution' is not an answer, as first they have all the 
power, and secondly, all bloody revolution ever does is replace one 
set of wannabe-rulers with another - We the People remain in the 
background - as always, anyone who wants to rule does so by violence 
and lies.

True Democracy is the only answer, a true democracy of all the 
people, all participating, all vigilant all the time against those 
who are ever lurking under rocks and in dark places, ever ready and 
scheming to usurp the democracy and steal everything tied down or 
otherwise when given the opportunity.

Government is not supposed to be something separate from us, 
something 'over there' that tells everyone what to do - that is some 
other kind of government besides democracy. A Democratic Government 
means, by definition, government OF the people, government BY the 
people, government FOR the people. Lincoln wasn't just talking 
through his hat, he was stating something very true - We the People 
ARE the government in any true Democracy, it can be no other way, if 
it is any other thing telling us what to do instead of doing what we 
together want, then by definition it is NOT democracy - no matter 
what lies they tell us, no matter how many pretty toys and 
distractions they give us to keep us happy. In any true Democracy, 
anything that gets done, gets done because WE want it done, no other 
reason - if someone is doing things, even in the name of 'our' 
government, that we do not approve of - well, pretty obviously, it is 
not democratic, no matter how many media people or politicians or 
school teachers tell us it is, it is, it is dear children!! To the 
extent we have representatives because it is not practical for all of 
us to meet together all the time, those representatives do what we 
TELL them to do, or otherwise explicitly authorise them to do - no 
exceptions, ever. Once they start assuming the power to tell US what 
to do - it does not matter what excuses or justifications they use, 
they stop being a democratic government, and it is up to us to get 
rid of them ASAP.

One last point needs to be acknowledged.

You need to understand clearly also that Democracy, Real Democracy, 
is not going to happen easily. You will have to fight for it.

The capitalist 'investors' and bankers running our society have a 
very luxurious and privileged life based entirely on stealing from 
you and everyone in the ways I have talked about in this book, and 
have had such a life for a very long time, so long they undoubtedly 
feel it is theirs by right, and they are not going to give it all up 
without a fight, a serious fight, which would be against their very 
natures - predators feel the compulsion to rule, they truly enjoy the 
fight, the struggle, the competition, to be King of the Castle, or 
Sandbox in this case. There are no rules in the 
SunKing-Emperor-Dictator-King-etcetc-capitalist game beyond winning 
at any cost, and in this struggle they have one great advantage over 
normal humans - they feel none of the moral compulsions against lying 
and stealing and violence against their fellow humans which most 
humans naturally feel.

When you talk about the things in this book, or related things, they 
will fight back in every way they can, from lies and propaganda at 
first to violence if necessary. They will try to tell you first 
simply that these ideas I (and others) talk about are crazy, paranoid 
conspiracy theories, rants and ravings, and the way things are in 
Canada really, truly, cross our fingers!! is the very best way for 
everyone, all the experts agree!! really!! - just like they have been 
doing for years in the schools and on the television and in the 
newspapers, trying to pound down your resistance. They have a lot of 
money to promote their 'vision' in all the ways available in our big, 
modern, communications-loaded, advertising-compliant society, and 
keep the doors you might use to escape from the Big Sandbox tightly 
closed against you. They have all the money they need to hire all of 
the very best and cleverest propagandists to make all the clever 
arguments they can about why you should keep believing their lies, 
keep working for them, and not yourselves, about why the money supply 
system controlled by the banks is really, really great for everyone, 
and why letting big capitalists own all the work places is the only 
way, the best way, in the modern world, why the 'terrorist threat' is 
so dangerous you must continue letting their police order you around 
and tell you what you can do and where you can go, and why it is ok 
when they secretly jail 'dangerous people'.

If those means of persuasion fail, they will break out the fences and 
cops and tear gas as we have seen in many places during this 
transition period, from Seattle to Tianenmen Square to Kent State to 
Montibello and Sydney this year - the juggernaut does not intend that 
the peasants are going to stop it, or even slow it down in any way.

It's up to you, in the end - like any con man, or con conspiracy, 
these people will keep stealing from you as long as you let them. 
It's about that simple. Why would they willingly or easily give up 
such a beautiful scam, that rewards them so well?

We have been invaded and taken over by a cancer called capitalism, 
the current economic system of the few people in our society who feel 
they have a right to steal from us continually, to treat us like 
soul-less farm animals on some sort of treadmill, producing great 
quantities of the things we need to survive, and they steal most of 
it from us, forcing us to work endlessly, rather than working a bit 
and enjoying the fruits of our labours.

It is important to think of the struggle in these sorts of terms - 
removing a terribly debilitating and rapidly growing cancer from the 
body, and letting the natural health of our 'body politic', our 
society, flourish, without that terrible parasite draining our energy 
and wealth every minute of our lives. When you think of it like that, 
it is easy to see what needs to be done, and to keep your eyes and 
thoughts and work on that goal.

Get rid of the cancer. Get rid of the capitalists.

Tear down the walls of the box they are trying to build around you, 
around all of us, and let us enter the new world together, a world of 
responsible adults rather than dependent children.

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