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Adrian Salbuchi, speaking from Buenos Aires, has recorded an interesting and insightful three-part video. He enumerates several trigger-events we should be watching out for between now and 2012:
2010 Forecast: Transition from Globalization to World Government

FYI, I’ve made major improvements to my climate article:
Climate science: observations vs. models


From: “Mary Nelson”
Date: 9 January 2010 23:43:35 GMT
To: “‘Richard Moore'” <•••@••.•••>
Subject: RE: Book announcement, blogs, dialog
Richard, I loved your “nothing wrong with humans as a species”. I has prompted me to send this piece by Thomas Berry, a beloved proponent of moving beyond our culture of destruction and make-believe to re-invent the human at the species level. You may be well-acquainted with his work.
   Mary in Penn Valley

Hi Mary,
Thanks for the article. I’ve posted it to newslog:
Thomas Berry: “Reinventing the Human”
From: Bill Ellis 
Date: 10 January 2010 17:27:28 GMT
Subject: Life after death

I will become 90 this year.  I have not yet reached a stage of dread. Instead I set real enjoyable goals for the next decades and expect my “soul” to live on long after that.
The goals are:
1) to finish a book of my ideas and activities by my 90th and
2) to take a 10 year global tour preaching the gospel of Gaia.
3) to live on in my good works.
If you’d like more details there in my essay “A Gaian Creed” Below. [snip]

Hi Bill,
Thanks for your essay. I’ve posted it to newslog:
Bill Ellis: “A Gaian Creed” – Chapter 5

You positive attitude is refreshing. 


From: Peter Meyer <•••@••.•••>
Date: 11 January 2010 04:01:13 GMT
Subject: “Enlightenment” in print

Hi Richard,
I’ve reprinted your essay on the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution at
  Many thanks for drawing your readers’ attention to the importance of Tom
Paine’s thought. This article will make it onto the new Website-on-CD currently in preparation. 
As I note at the bottom, a very readable introduction to Tom Paine’s life and
writings is Christopher Hitchens’ Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man (Atlantic
Books, 2006).
In the Introduction to that book Hitchens quotes a song, composed in 1791 by
Joseph Mather, sung to the tune of “God Save the Queen”:

God save great Thomas Paine,
His ‘Rights of Man’ explain
    To every soul.
He makes the blind to see
What dupes and slaves they be,
And points out liberty
    From pole to pole.

There are five more verses.
I have no talent for versifying, but perhaps you could write some lyrics to the
same tune, updating Mather, with the target no longer royalty and tyrannical
monarchical government but rather tyrannical “democratic” government, the
banking elite and their military enforcers.

Hi Peter,
Thanks for republishing the article.  
I kind of like that first verse on its own. When the song was written, it was celebrating Paine’s achievements, which were well known. Today, the first verse serves as an invitation to rediscover his thinking. Another book on Paine, which I found very good: Thomas Paine – A Political Life. I haven’t seen the one you mention. I’m sure it’s good if you recommend it, and the one I read is very long.
From: “bill aal”
Date: 12 January 2010 16:20:54 GMT
Subject: RE: Gates Foundation = Monsanto

Hi Richard,
  You might be interested to know I am involved in a group called AGRA- Watch , that is taking on the Gates /Monsanto/Rockefeller complex initiatives in Africa ( see http://www.seattleglobaljustice.org )  There are a bunch of organization in the US and Africa that have been doing the work for a year or so.

Hi Bill,
You tilt not with windmills but with giants. Good luck on the good fight! Monsanto is an enemy to all life forms and to the life process itself. It is not nice to play God. 
From: Stefan Ladstätter 
Date: 13 January 2010 12:16:35 GMT
To: Richard Moore <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: dialog through end of 2009

rkm> If the paradigm is not going to be about growth, then it is going to be about managing resources. The lever of power will no longer be the controlling of credit for growth, but rather control over the management of resources.
I also sense that this will be the next big thing. In fact, when I went to the grocer’s yesterday I saw it right there, on the front page of one of our weekly magazines: “Prosperity without Growth” is the headline. I fear a new attack (read: appropriation/monopolization) on something reasonable people have always known (the fact that growth cannot be the basis of our civilisation), like what happened with the green movement.
I love what you wrote about the Great Boat. I have the strong feeling that you are right, and I also have the strong feeling that to be able to serve this purpose I need to develop myself. If I don’t get rid of my own preconceptions (and, even more importantly, my conditioning), I can’t guarantee that I will neither attempt a power grab/play alpha animal, nor oppose or pervert the evolving movement.
In short, my first priority is still my own immediate surrounding – myself and my family. As soon as I feel that we have established a strong base and have succeeded in gaining independence/freedom (mostly emotional) and are leading a happier life generally, everything is possible. It doesn’t matter where you begin the struggle – once you have managed to make the shift on a personal level, once you have learned how to learn and know how to know, so to speak, you can easily change the context and apply the gained wisdom everywhere and do what I have identified as my ultimate goal: serve.
I hope this makes sense!

Hi Stefan,
No, I’m sorry, but it doesn’t make sense to me. The very fact that you express this fundamental self doubt means you will never reach a point where you ‘feel ready’, no matter how much you work on yourself. There will always be one more layer of conditioning to peel away. At the same time, your openness, your tendency to self-examination, and your desire not to grab power, means that you are ready. Ready to own your power.
Yes there is a problem in relating to the evolving movement in a useful way, and possibly doing something counter-productive through ignorance. But for you these are not problems about ’emotional readiness’, they are about thinking and listening and learning – and evolving your understanding through engagement. 
From: “Madeline Bruce”
Date: 13 January 2010 15:57:57 GMT
To: “Richard Moore” <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: dialog through end of 2009

Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Creating a productive group is worth taking some time and exercising a little patience.  After all, it is about re-making the world all over again.  We have come to this point, and we have learned that power is not what is needed, and, indeed, has gotten to such runaway proportions that it is destroying humanity, and the planet with it.  The process of learning how to work together, for the good of all, is just as important as the eventual project this group comes up with and accomplishes. – Madeline Bruce, Nanaimo, B. C.

Hi Madeline,
How right you are, and very well put! Power is what needs to be overcome, and the first step is for us to discover how to operate together using a non-power, egalitarian paradigm. You’ve made me see this in a new way. Thanks for that.
From: Diana Skipworth
Date: 13 January 2010 20:45:37 GMT
To: Richard Moore <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: dialog through end of 2009

Dear Richard,
I wanted to comment about the Obama/Nobel Peace Prize.
Recently I was astonished to learn “the rest of the story” about the prize given to our president.  It seems in 1888 a moment of: “the rumors of my death are exaggerated”, Alfred Nobel began one morning reading the headline about his untimely death.
“MERCHANT OF DEATH”  the headline screamed, giving details of how Nobel earned his fortune by manufacturing dynamite explosives by the ton.  With the invention of dynamite, about a dozen more times deadly than gunpowder, you could create WMD and drop them out of planes, etc…  This provided the Nobel Family with prestige and fortune.  
–So the money was set aside to grant prizes annually, and so the name Nobel has been successfully sanitized to this day.
(btw, check out my new video I posted in response to Thom Hartmann’s Youtube video, “Is the middle class becoming more violent.”  My channel is greatbroad.

Hi Diana,
How ironic, that today’s merchant of death receives a prize originated by a previous merchant of death, and all in the name of peace. Thus is demonstrated the contempt shown by ‘those with power’ to the rest of us.
I enjoyed your video. It was like visiting with you in person, and I found it to be spiritually centering. 

From: Ed Goertzen
Date: 13 January 2010 13:28:39 GMT
To: Richard Moore <•••@••.•••>
Subject: rkm’s basic facts about the world

Hi Richard:
Have you encountered the book “Trilateralism ” by Holly Sklar, prof  at Concordia U. ?
Filled with names of people participating in putting the Corporate flag on the world’s resources. 
There is also the unread “Merchants of Grain” which I am told identifies the “grain families”
There is also “Seven Sisters” (Ref. to seven major oil companies) but I’m not aware of the “families” except the “House of Saud”
Ed G

Hi Ed,
Sklar is good, I’ve referred to her book often. Carroll Quigley is very good as well. Don’t know the one on grain.  I read one book on the Seven Sisters, and there are probably many books on that subject. The house of Saud is certainly not included in that. The Sisters are the distributors (Exxon et al), not the producers. 
1 barrel = 42 gallons
$78 / barrel is what the Saudis get.
$2.58 / gallon means that you pay $108.36 for a barrel at the pump.
In addition, the Saudi money is then used to purchase things from the West (eg, weapons and nuclear power plants) and is reinvested in US Treasury notes. The wealth of the royal family is matched by the poverty of the people. Basically, the West ends up getting the lion’s share of oil revenues, and the royal family is left with enough to maintain their yachts and harems, and to suppress the population. With Western support, their Medieval culture continues.

From: “Claudia Woodward-Rice”
Date: 14 January 2010 18:29:35 GMT
Subject: FW: [C.O.T.O.] Comment: “Capitalism and the New World Order”

FYI Some comments below about “Escaping the Matrix” 

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From: •••@••.••• [mailto:•••@••.•••
Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 7:57 PM

“Escaping the Matrix” is one of the best probes of “consensus reality.”  Now my hot-button (as you probably guessed) is “climate denial,” and the new issue of Rolling Stone has a pretty good wrap-up of “You Idiots” (title of the article… referring to the climate-denial crowd) as tools of the “consensus reality” blatantly manufactured by fats who flat-out don’t give a shit if the world burns.   

Hi Claudia,
How ironic. The fellow missed one of the main points of ETM: if the mass media promotes it, it’s phony.  Too bad the likes of Rolling Stone are caught in the matrix on this one as well.

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