Hooray – book manuscript complete!


Richard Moore


At last, thanks to considerable help from many of you, I've got a complete 
manuscript that I'm happy with. We are now entering the production phase. Chris 
Thorman, who supports our email and web servers, will be acting as production 
manager. We have a mutual friend who will do book design. We're in communication
with a political cartoonist and are exploring the possibility of beginning each 
chapter with a cartoon, to lighten things up a bit and to visualize the themes. 
Tree Bresson will be providing a facilitation primer, as an appendix. Meanwhile,
I'll be preparing the bibliography and footnotes.

During this process, I can still make further changes to the text if better 
ideas come up. If anyone would like to review the material as a whole (about 106
pages), let me know. 

We will probably be going with a print-on-demand publisher because that is a lot
easier to arrange and it gets to print sooner. It also requires some funding to 
cover the up-front fees. Chris came up with a suggestion, which sounds good to 

What we'd like to do is offer a pre-publication special, where people can pay 
for books in advance at a discount. Perhaps a further discount if you order 6, 
so you can give some to your friends and thereby spread the word around about 
the book. Pre-orders would all be signed copies.

Let me know if you might be interested in such an offer, so we can get an idea 
if this funding method will be viable. But don't send any money yet, as we 
aren't sure what business setup we'll be using for the book project. Checks may 
need to be made out to some business name.

thanks again for all your contributions,