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Richard Moore

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The article is titled ‘New World Order: The endgame has begun’. I was quite pleased with how it turned out. It took me several tries to figure out how to tell the story in a compelling way, to decide how wide to set the scope, and what to leave out. I decided to leave out things like chemtrails, depopulation, and the global warming scam. Instead I focused on the nature of power in today’s world, and I framed the NWO project as simply the latest in a series of transformational projects, beginning over two centuries ago.

I won’t be posting the article online until after it’s been published by New Dawn, but FYI  I can share the section headings, which provides an outline of the material.



New World Order: The endgame has begun

The nature of power in today’s world

The central bank system
Centralized wealth leads to centralized power
The engineering of transformation

The Great America project

An ideal base of operations
Building an industrial giant
The Federal Reserve coup
The World War I project
The fascism and communism experiments
The World War II project

The postwar regime

Establishing the foundations for a globalist state
The Cold War project
The collective imperialism project
Western prosperity and social progress
Too good to be true

The global destabilization project

Nixon and the gold standard
The Reagan-Thatcher revolution
The European Union project
The Neoliberal Project and the globalization of poverty
Destabilizing Enlightenment values – the ‘War on Terror’
Destabilizing international law – ‘justifiable’ interventionism
Transforming economics – the controlled demolition of capitalism

The endgame – de-Americanization and the empowerment of the UN

Obama’s back down in Syria – the endgame begins
The sudden emergence of Putin as a world leader
The empowerment of the UN
UN as Trojan Horse




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