newslog 22 Sep 2009


Richard Moore

One last posting. Off to Amsterdam early tomorrow.
Better than GDP? Beware of wolves bearing gifts
Yes, a ‘Stiglitz Index’ would be a better measure of national health than GDP. Progressives have been asking for this for decades. But in the context of bankrupt governments, it becomes merely a rationing formula. A way to pacify the peasants by distributing the crumbs equitably among them.

Iowa Quarantine Order
The Department has determined that it is necessary to quarantine your movement to a specific facility to prevent further spread of this disease.  The Department has determined that quarantine in your home and other less restrictive alternatives are not acceptable because [insert the reason home quarantine is not acceptable…
CDC site: martial law preparations well advanced
Isolation/Quarantine Procedures & Draft Orders, Florida 
The Florida Department of Health has released the following draft
orders suitable for use during the current outbreak: 
Voluntary Home Quarantine Agreement 
Quarantine to Residence Order 
Quarantine to Residence Order (Non-Compliance) 
Quarantine to Facility Order 
Quarantine Detention Order 
Quarantine of Facility Order 
Building Quarantine Closure Order 
Area Quarantine Closure Order 

Swine flu: list of emergency orders
In response to emerging legal issues concerning cases of H1N1 (swine flu) internationally, Centers personnel worked in real-time to track various legal updates related to declarations of emergency or public health emergency at the international, national, and regional levels, as well as provide information on key legal issues. Please see below various information, including memoranda, articles, checklists, and other documents that can accessed online or in PDF format [subject to continued availability of online links].