Obama, mind control, and orange revolutions


Richard Moore

“If the America people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currencies, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their prosperity until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”
– Thomas Jefferson

     “For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”
     – David Rockefeller, Memoirs, 6-11-6

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The context of the new administration: the West in receivership

Consider this. Prior to the financial collapse, every nation in the West was on a tight budget, undertaking painful cuts in services and benefits due to fiscal constraints. In Europe there were riots in the streets over some of the cuts. In Ireland the schools and hospitals have become an embarrassment due to underfunding. The US, with its astronomical budget and trade deficits, was in the worst fiscal shape of all. And yet, when the banks demanded bailouts, billions and even trillions were made available on a moment’s notice. 

That money will all be borrowed at interest, from essentially the same people who are being bailed out. It’s like, “Give me $100, and then you’ll owe me $100”. Except in this case it’s, “Give me $100, I’ll give you $500 in liabilities, and you’ll owe me $100 besides”. It’s the greatest bank robbery in history, and the banks, the very biggest ones, are doing the robbing.

If it were only a money-robbing scam that would be bad enough. But it’s much more than that. The level of government debt is now so high that Western governments now find themselves in the same position as third world countries, vis a vis their creditors. The ordinary funding of government is now dependent on still more borrowing, which means governments will need to conform to the conditions set down by the lenders.

In the third world, those conditions were enumerated in restructuring programs, attached as conditions to loans. In the US, the conditions are are to be enforced directly by agents of the banking elites, in their roles as Obama’s economic advisors. In the UK, Gordon Brown has created a similar circle of advisors. And whenever financial elites get to make the rules, that always means privatization, drastic cuts in services, and in general a very rapid deterioration in the general welfare. 

And that still isn’t the big picture. There’s more to it than robbery and social deterioration. We’re seeing a sea-change in the nature of governance in the West. Rather than just pulling strings from behind the curtain, the elite banking families are now controlling government policy directly, without reference to any democratic process, as Paulson has demonstrated for all to see with his secretive disbursement of government funds, and the Fed with its secretive bailout loans. 

As David Rockefeller outlined in the quote at the top, these elites have long sought a world government under their control. As they consolidate their power at the national level in the West, their flexibility in pursuing their larger goals will be much increased. Mergers of nations? Abandonment of Constitutions? Nuclear war with Russia? Their calculus for making such decisions is not like yours and mine. They planned and financed both world wars, and counted those as very successful profit-making ventures. They have no concern for the lives lost, in fact they are eager to see massive depopulation world wide.

The replacement of the nation-state regime by the dictatorship-of-capital regime has been in the works for quite a while. It can be seen, for example, as the final stage of globalization, aka the neoliberal project, which has always been about the dominance of capitalist interests over national interests. But it goes back much further than that. World Wars I and II were already part of the program. The engineered collapse & bailout scam were simply the final coup de grâce, executed swiftly and cleanly. 

In this new capitalist utopia of banker-kings the biggest problem will be keeping the population under control. Under Bush, the infrastructure of a full-fledged fascist state has been established, complete with torture, secret detention camps, arrests in the night, aggressive wars abroad, Homeland Security, and the charade of legality. Many of us feared martial law would be next, forced labor camps, and the whole nine yards.

With the fast-tracking of an inexperienced Obama to the Presidency, we see the introduction of a much more nuanced approach to the problem of population control. I’ll be expanding on that, but first let’s take a look at his programs.

Obama’s programs

Although Obama’s campaign was very vague on the issues, that vagueness has rapidly disappeared following the election. The broad outlines of his administration’s polices are now rather clear. As he surrounds himself with advisors who are agents of the banking elite, his true colors begin to emerge. The ‘change’ we are to see exists in the realm of rhetoric, and in the increased pace by which elite agendas are to be pursued.
In fact, the Bush and Obama Presidencies are best understood as a pair, the old bad-cop good-cop sequence. Bush succeeded in bankrupting the US economy, dismantling the Constitution, getting us engaged in wars, dishonoring the oval office, and at the end he opened the gates of government to the bankers. Now Obama comes along to talk nicely to us while we take our medicine, ie live with the consequences set in motion under Bush.
As regards the financial crisis, Obama is clearly going to continue the obscene bailout of the perps. When it comes to the well-being of the bankers, trillions of dollars are magically available, and are dished out with no hesitation. When it comes to the well-being of the population, budget deficits suddenly become an issue. The liberal media tells us that Obama’s new advisors are experienced in dealing with the crisis; there is no mention that the advisors have far more experience in creating the crisis.
Obama promises a massive development program (echoing the New Deal WPA programs) which is intended to create 2.5 million low-paying jobs, building bridges and the like. That’s better than nothing, but it is unlikely to bring employment even up to pre-collapse levels. And Obama has made it clear this capital injection is a one-off, and that austerity will be the primary economic agenda. Obama promises massive cuts in social programs, while maintaining tax cuts for the wealthy.
He seeks to create ‘long term economic growth’, which means there is no hope for any kind of movement toward sustainability. Part of the ‘economic recovery’ program is to be massive research and development in ‘renewable energy’ and ‘energy-efficient cars’. This is a total farce. They may succeed in creating yet-another growth bubble around a ‘renewable energy’ sector, but most of our energy will continue to come from fossil fuels because no other source of energy can come anywhere close to supporting a growth-oriented automobile-based economy. 
Biofuels continue to be the flagship of ‘renewable energy’, and biofuels take more energy to create than they deliver in the gas tank. They also create more carbon emissions, throughout their life cycle from growing to fertilizing to spraying to burning, than does petroleum. The primary purpose and effect of biofuels is to raise food prices and accelerate starvation in the Global South.
As regards imperialism, Obama plans to increase the size of the military beyond what Bush has accomplished, and he intends to shift the emphasis to Afghanistan, right in Russia’s backyard. Again, no questions are raised about funding increased militarism, no mention of the effect on budget deficits. 
As regards the so-called ‘War on Terror’ and the mythical ‘Al Qaeda’, Obama promises no change. Perhaps there will be some symbolic PR retrenchments, such as the closing of Guantanamo, but no real return to Constitutional governance and no general restoration of the Bill of Rights. We will continue to live under the rule of men, not laws.

Obama’s Army

I’ve been running across some first-hand information about the grassroots Obama organization, as it operates here in Silicon Valley. Very interesting. It employs a combination of bottom-up grassroots organizing and top-down centralized control. The leadership and the handling of local logistics emerges out of concerned local citizens. The actual task-list of the volunteer organization is determined by emails from Obama headquarters.
During the campaign, the emails included long lists of people to contact and what to ask them. Depending on where we were in the campaign, the questions might be “Do you support Obama?”, “Have you registered yet?”, “Do you have a way to get to the polls?”, etc. The local volunteers, gathered in call centers, would make the calls, record the answers, and then report back to headquarters, via data-entry volunteers. Headquarters then processes the data, and sends out a new batch of email commands, based on the updated information. This whole modality of campaign management, I was told, originated with the Republicans, as used ‘successfully’ in Bush’s campaigns. 
After the election, the emails changed. Now the questions were to the volunteers. “Do you want to continue participating by email, or face-to-face?”, “Are you a Democrat or Independent?”, “What in your opinion are the three most important issues?” Thus the volunteers are segmented into categories, so as to better harness them for the ongoing exploits of the Obama ‘movement’.
The question about Democrat vs Independent is particularly interesting. Obama’s Army is a personal army, loyal to him rather than to the Democrat Party. Independents and whoever are welcome as long as they do what’s expected in the organization. The Army is personal in another sense as well. I asked if there was any central theme, like ‘Civil Rights’ or ‘Peace’ or ‘Sustainability’ or whatever, that characterizes the Obama organization – anything other than Obama himself. After some thought, the Obama trooper couldn’t think of any central theme other than Obama. You and I might be able to identify a theme based on things Obama has said, but this testimony is significant nonetheless coming from an activist supporter. If he sees no theme other than Obama, that is worth noting. That is a clear indicator of a personality cult.
The grassroots aspect of the movement, even though it has no role in the direction of the movement, adds much to the grassroots enthusiasm. Volunteers feel they are accomplishing something on their own, a ‘peoples movement’ in action. This fake sense of empowerment is exhilarating and addicting.
The precedent of ‘orange revolutions’

During the Bush administration, the CIA was practicing its destabilization skills in Eastern Europe and South Asia. With its ‘colored revolutions’, orange and otherwise, it managed to install pro-Western leaders in many of the nations surrounding Russia (Georgia, Ukraine, et al). In the Western media these operations were of course praised as ‘victories for democracy’. In fact they were manipulations of populations for the purpose of attacking Russian interests, gaining control of oil right-of-ways, and provoking future confrontations with Russia. 
For our purposes here, these orange revolutions are relevant as examples of cult-creating technologies. The Obama cult is in some sense one more CIA ‘orange revolution’, only this time on our side of the Rubicon. In the USA, and in Georgia and the Ukraine, the grassroots is mobilized around a leader, by means of a well-organized branding campaign, and much of the enthusiasm emerges because of fake empowerment, the feeling of a ‘peoples movement’. There is much hoopla about ‘change’, but very little in the way of specifics – until it is too late.

The importance of the opposition
In the campaign, as I said in a previous posting, the threat of McCain and Palin was just as important in the development of Obama’s following as were Obama’s hypnotic speeches. The worse their policies, the more Obama made sense; the more outrageous their personal attacks, the more Obama’s Army rallied to his support. The Obama cult could not have been created without Bush, McCain, and Palin playing their supporting roles, wittingly or unwittingly. 
Now that the election is over, the opposition continues to be a critical component in the ongoing development of the Obama cult. As long as Palin is given media coverage, right-wingers on the Internet accuse Obama of being a communist and a terrorism supporter, Republicans oppose Obama’s programs in Congress, and death threats against Obama are publicized, the cult will grow in strength while issues remain secondary to the scenario.
Meanwhile, the liberal media does all it can to enrage the conservative constituency. Former weather-underground members are interviewed favorably, for example – which is fine with me personally – but for conservatives is a confirmation of their worst fears about the liberal mainstream media and the coming ‘communist takeover’. It is important that people like Palin have angry crowds to speak to, so that video clips of their ‘extremism’ can be shown on TV, further strengthening the Obama cult.
Operation Mind Control

You may have seen the documentaries on TV where it is ‘revealed’ that the CIA carried out mind-control experiments in the 1960s, using LSD, hypnotism, and other techniques, under a program reportedly known as Operation Mind Control. The idea was to create Manchurian Candidate robots, people who would carry out assassinations or whatever on command. When the revelations came out, we were told the program had been cancelled. We weren’t told is that the research program was terminated but the mind-control program had gone operational. One wonders how many of the bizarre rampages we’ve seen since are applications of this technology, where some ‘crazed gunmen’ kills kids in a school yard or people in a convenience store, and then kills himself.
We also weren’t told that the control of single individuals, even though useful, was deemed to be too inefficient. The successor mind-control research was carried out with groups, and we aren’t likely to see documentaries revealing this program. We have however seen the experiments carried out under this program. They had funny made-up names, like the Symbionese Liberation Army, the People’s Temple, and the Sect Branch Davidian. 
In each case a charismatic leader was identified, his proto-cult was infiltrated, support was funneled to it, and it was given protections from interference by normal law-enforcement and government agencies. Like a culture on a microscope slide, the cult and its leader were nurtured, and encouraged to play out the leader’s darkest fantasies and visions. 
The objective was to learn how the leader manages to control his followers’ minds, how he can get them to abandon all sense, to do whatever the leader says, to take their kool-aid on command, and to be resistant to all influence from outside the cult. In each case, when the lessons had been learned, most of the participants in the experiment were promptly exterminated, ie, the evidence was destroyed.
This second mind-control program, using cult technology rather than drug technology, also graduated from the research to the operational stage. That was how we got the Islamic Jihad and the Taliban, both CIA operations. Al Qaeda is simply a catch-all term for ongoing CIA operations. The technology has also been used to to help accelerate the Christian Fundamentalist movement. With Obama, we see it being applied to the liberal mainstream