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This looks like a very good event.

Also, here's a short video that's both amusing and
profound. Narrated by Kiefer Sutherland:


From: "Lane Arye" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: One Day Intro to Worldwork for Activists
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 07:33:46 -0800

One Day Workshop on Sunday April 9
with Lane Arye, Ph.D. and Carol Swann

This one day workshop will be an introduction to working
with emotions and conflict for facilitators/activists. We
will look at spacific approaches and tools through theory
and experiential work.

Worldwork will be introduced to work with conflict.
Worldwork is based on the groundbreaking work of Arnold
Mindell, PH.D (author of Sitting in the Fire, Leader as
Martial Artist) and his collegues from around the world.
This exciting and innovative model invites and values all
points of view, as well as the emotional reality of conflict
situations. Worldwork helps us develop an understanding that
what is opposing us may also be a part of ourselves that we
are unaware of.

We welcome all levels of experience and hope you walk away
with new perspectives and some usable tools for your

Please come in comfortable cloths, a lunch and snacks and an
open mind. Please feel free to e-mail this to as many
people, organizations and groups who you think might be

WHAT TIME: 10:00AM -6:00PM
WHERE: 1452 Cornell Ave., Berekely (cross street is Hopkins, near Gilman)
Cost: $65.-95. sliding scale. Please make a non-refundable check out 
to and send full amount to: Carol Swann           1029 Stannage Ave., 
Albany, CA. 94706.
Contact: Carol Swann (510-524-5013) or Lane Arye (510-558-8805)
         (Limited to 20 people)

CAROL SWANN is a teacher, private practitioner, facilitator,
performer and visionary. Her work is focused on contributing
towards making the world a more socially just and connected
world. She grew up in an Intentional Community committed to
the training and practice of nonviolent direct action and
consensus decision making. She has extensive experience in
founding, directing and running non-profits, collectives,
projects and events. She has been teaching and performing
(voice and improvisation) and Somatic based work for
twenty-five years in the U.S., Europe and Eastern Europe.
She is a seasoned facilitator in group process and conflict

She has a 2 year Certificate from the Process Work Institute
of Portland (and 10 years of participation and study), is a
Graduate of the Hakomi Body/Mind Psychotherapy Institute of
San Francisco, 7 years of Re-evaluation Counseling, 2 years
training in Unlearning White Liberal Racism and other
training in: Non-violent Communication (Marshall Rosenburg),
and Advanced Training for Change (George Lakey). She brings
unique skills in community building through: Co-operative
games, group singing and movement work. She is currently
Co-Founder, Executive Director and core faculty at: Moving
On Center - School for Participatory Arts and Somatic
Research (CA.)
<>, who's
mission  is to develop community leaders, healers and
artists who integrate their ideas and practice to promote
social change in the world. Alone or with other collegues
she collaborates in teaching facilitation and facilitating
conflict processes in various groups and organizations.

LANE ARYE, Ph.D. is an internationally known Process Worker
and Worldworker. In the Balkans, he co-led a UN funded
project working with Serbs, Croats, and Muslims on ethnic
tension, war-related trauma, and community building. Lane
has also worked with conflicts between high-caste and
low-caste Hindus from India, the British and the Irish,
anti-Semitism in Germany and Poland, as well as racism,
sexism, nationalism, homophobia, and class issues in the US
and Europe. Author of Unintentional Music: Releasing Your
Deepest Creativity and "Transforming Conflict into
Community: Post-war Reconciliation in Croatia" (part of the
newly released book, The Politics of Psychotherapy), Lane
lives with his wife, Lecia, and their son, Kai, in the San
Francisco Bay Area, where he works in private practice.


"Daring to sit in this fire with us and facilitate with
respect and true love, Lane enabled us to witness in awe
moments of change. Hundreds of people left those forums with
renewed sense of hope, which helped to transform their lives
and their communities.
--Tanja Radocaj -UNICEF's liaison with the Croatian Government, Zagreb,

"Something extraordinary about Lane Arye's powerful work is
its clarity. The results he gets in working with people in
conflict may sometimes seem magical, but he's not interested
in mystifying the process; instead, he works with a group to
assist people to see what is really happening.  When he did
a weekend for us in Philadelphia, his group was largely
social activists and without missing a beat he adapted his
style to the activist subculture.  Afterward, he met with a
group of activist trainers and added still more to the
transparency of his work and thinking.  Lane Arye is truly
about empowerment."
--George Lakey, Director, Training for Change, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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