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Richard Moore

Thursday 04 June 1998 London-UK (P980604)

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Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 01:17:15
Subject: Nuclear ties analysed
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Nuclear ties analysed (P980604E)
(EDITORIAL) by Parveez Syed (c) Shanti RTV

LONDON-UK (SC/SRTV) - India has announced plans for a 14 per cent
overall increase in this year's defense budget, and a 14 per
cent increase in its nuclear "research" spending. Shanti RTV
news agency talks to intelligence sources to help trace the money
chains and expose the covert ties between India and Israel.

Would US, UK, Russia, France and Israel give up their nuclear,
chemical, biochemical weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and other
substances or materials, stocks, warheads and delivery systems?
Would they delegate their defence to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait,
Pakistan or any Muslim country? Would they even even delegate
their defence to Israel? Would they allow Muslim governments to
set up, expand, sustain and fund military bases in the UK, US,
France, Russia or Israel? The US has used the lethal, deadly
weapons to kill and bully the have-nots since 1945. The genie
has been out of the bottle for 53 years. Is that a good example
to set for the rest, and the have-nots? Probably not. So, the
race is on to catch-up with the "New World Order" bullies led by
the US and its post Cold-War allies.

India and Israel have developed a deadly, covert alliance in
which joint research, development, and production is more
attractive and profitable than overt arms sales alone. The
rationales behind their arms modernisation, buildup, or exports
and motives are similar. They both want to control and dominate
Asia and the Middle East. They both want to ensure Muslims and
Arabs remain unarmed slaves. The concept of technological, racial
and religious apartheid, and slavery, is still very much alive.

India is politically unstable. It has had five prime ministers
in less than two years (1996-1998). Just like its old ally,
Russia, India is on the verge of disintegrating. Then there is a
need to divert attention from almost one billion, internal
Indian problems, particularly the human rights violations in
Khalistan, Kashmir and elsewhere. That is why India's covert and
overt annual "security" budget hovers around five percent of
GDP, and in 1996-97 the covert budget alone was more than US $20
billion. So, India is a huge market for Israel, and its arms
industry which relies on the annual US tax payers' handouts.

The Indian desire to keep its offensive requirements free from
external pressures encouraged India to pursue the WMD options.
Back in 1960s and 1970s, the absence of diplomatic relations had
not inhibited India from seeking deadly strategic Israeli help
and obtaining nuclear, chemical, gas and biochemical weapons of
mass destruction during crises such as the Sino-Indian conflict in
1962 and the Indo-Pakistan wars in 1965 and 1971. Covert
collaboration with Israel has significantly reduce time and cost
overruns for India and enabled it overcome some of the technical
bottlenecks. Covert, deadly collaborative ventures, ties and
alliances between two non-Muslim governments such as Israel and
India make economic, political as well as strategic sense. Total
access to the latest Western technology, almost limitless US
tax-payers' funding, a need to disarm, dominate and control the
Arabs, and its ability to fund "special projects" have given
Israel uncomparable offensive superiority in the Middle East.

The success of numerous strategic programmes currently undertaken
by India and Israel provide the best possible framework for the
deadly, strategic alliance against the Muslims in Asia and the
Middle East. Any premature disclosures only cause minor
operational hurdles to Israeli arms exports, leading to some
minor delays. There is strategic and coherent cooperation
between Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and its Israeli
counterpart, Mossad. RAW sends its personnel to Israel for
"specialised" training. They learn to implement Indian-state
sponsored terrorism in Khalistan and the Indian occupied
Kashmir. RAW also buys electronic intelligence equipment from
Israel. Both have great power aspirations, so the need for a new
attack aircraft and ICBMs cannot be overstated. India currently
has over 900 Russian MiGs (21, 27 and 29), 300 Ajeets (British
Gnat Mark I), Nishant, Israeli Lavis, and pilotless Lakshya.

Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO, the prime
force behind India's defense projects) has 500 laboratories and
establishments spread across India. Having opted for technological
independence, the DRDO found itself to be dependent on foreign
technology for Israeli made weapons of mass destruction (WMD)
and Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs). Developing more
ICBMs and WMD remains the most ambitious military programme
currently undertaken by the DRDO with US $2.5 billion budget.
More than 80 per cent of parts or components for the WMD and
ICBMs are imported from Israel and Russia.

DRDO is the Indian equivalent of Israel's Rafael. It is involved
in design and development activities in a variety of offensive
disciplines such as aeronautics, armaments, combat vehicles,
naval technology, rockets and missiles, computer sciences,
electronics and instrumentation (including communication, radars
and electronic warfare), artificial intelligence, robotics,
engineering, terrain research, explosives safety, materials
(metallic, non-metallic and composite), life sciences (including
high altitude agriculture, high altitude and desert physiology,
and food), nuclear medicine, psychology, camouflage, avalanche
forecast and control, work study, systems analysis, training and
information systems.

The Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme launched in
India in 1983 is another ambitious yet relatively successful
offensive programme currently being undertaken by the Indian
defense establishment. The program involves designing,
development and production of five missile systems: ICBMs,
Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM) Agni, battlefield
support surface-to-surface missile Prithvi, short range
surface-to-air missile Trishul, medium-range surface-to-air
missile Akash and anti-tank missile Nag. Most of these offensive
missiles are almost identical to, or even better than, the
US-funded and Israeli made ship-to-ship Gabriel, air-to-air
Python, air-to-surface Popeye, and the surface-to-surface
Jericho-I, IRBM Jericho-II and ICBM Jericho-III. These
financially exorbitant projects are aimed at acquiring
unilateral offensive options to kill and bully the have-nots.

Israel is exploiting the strategic opportunities provided by
India's unprecedented quest for WDMs and ICBMs. It has illegally
and without US authorisation sold and transferred strategic
American technology to third parties such as India. The deadly,
strategic ties between India and Israel is largely influenced by
their equally deadly, coherent anti-Muslim policies, US
subsidised financial terms such as "friendly prices", long
payment schedule and barter and credit arrangements.

India has more than 10,000 main battle tanks (MBT), including
Arjun, T52 and Vijayanta. DRDO is pursuing some of the most
ambitious, expensive and technology-oriented programmes ever
undertaken by a poverty stricken country. The ambitions of the
Indian DRDO are deadly and astronomical. The ambitions DRDO
provide a real, meaningful long-term opportunities for Israel. In
spite of time and cost overruns, technological impediments and
any US-led economic and political sanctions sanctions, India
won't abandon its covert, coherent plans to control and dominate
Asia and the Middle East by disarming any potential rivals in
the region and beyond.

The US at the present moment has unilateral sanctions, against
more than one hundred governments around the world. A lot of
these political and economical sanctions involve restrictions on
the flow of technology, and the argument usually is that these
technologies can have "dual uses", and could potentially trigger
some kinds of weapons-system development, playing technological
apartheid politics. These sanctions are equally bad for many US
companies. The rival non-US companies benefit at the expense of
mounting US losses. The US government alone has spent more than
US $500 billion since 1983 in research on various aspects of
ballistic missile projects, including airborne lasers and the
failed Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI or Star Wars) tests.

Pakistan needs to dilute their external security dependency, and
help protect other Muslim states in Asia and the Middle East.
Their dependence on foreign and distanced powers for protection,
weapons, technology and financial assistance, substantially
undermines Pakistan's political, diplomatic and economical
maneuverability. "Non-Muslim nuclear powers are ordering Pakistan
to allow every non-Muslim country in the world to modernise and
improve their deadly military capabilities with nukes, chemical
and biochemical weapons of mass destruction, long-range missiles
and subs capable of launching them, but must not defend Pakistan
and other defenceless and unarmed countries in Asia and the Middle
East. Pakistan has every right to pursue these technologies to
protect and defend Muslims in Asia, Middle East and Africa," a
Western defence intelligence expert told Shanti RTV news agency.

"The restraint rests on an equality of fear. Condemnation of the
tests was swift, but when it comes from the old nuclear powers
there is a rotten and unavoidable whiff hypocricy. Pakistan
considers these weapons to be of great value to security, peace
and stability. The capacity to assure mutual destruction has now
created a condition of mutual deterrence between India and
Pakistan, before exploring all sorts of possibilities for
decisive first strike option, or false alerts. The two countries
are now ready to negotiate bilateral and multi-lateral pacts,"
the source told Shanti RTV.

Mutual assured destruction or deterrence (MAD) works because
political leaders become convinced that nuclear weapons make
major wars truly irrational. Caution prevails. There is no
rational reason to suppose that, in other part of the world,
policymakers cannot make their calculations with equivalent
prudence, responsibilities, strict controls and security etc. A
major war tends to be a high-risk option, with or without any
weapons of mass destruction.

Both India and Pakistan have been assumed to be covert nuclear
powers for years. India's first test was in May 1974 and, in
1984, it became apparent that Pakistan had acquired the relevant
technonologies. By making their nuclear capabilities overt they
will find it easier to address the problems directly in their
bilateral and multilateral ties, confirming promises not to
attack each other's facilities. "Their weapons sould turn out to
be irrelevant to their everyday foreign affairs, and steadily
marginalised or even eliminated, but still valued as mutual
deterrence without rocket of jingoism," the source concluded.

Presented by: Shanti RTV (c) 04 June 1998.
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