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Richard Moore

Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2008 20:33:11 -0800
From: Lynette <>
Subject: The E. F. Schumacher Society . Buddhist Economics
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I thought that perhaps this might interest people on cyberjournal as it
relates to sustainable community, also.

Happy New Year


Thanks Lynette, I sent them a Phoenix announcement.


Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 09:21:51 -0600
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From: T <>
Subject: Re: newslog to Jan 13

Here a few article you might like to look at.


Hi T,

Thanks, I sent them a Phoenix announcement.


Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 16:14:16 -0800
From: Phil Lyons <>
To: •••@••.•••, •••@••.•••,
Subject: Re: * Announcing: The Phoenix Gathering *

Looks potentially elitist to me. Phil lyons


Hi Phil,

Perhaps you had the impression the gathering was intended to be 
representative in some sense. It's not. It's meant to be a 
problem-solving event. If I wanted to find out how to build a bridge, 
I would gather engineers together. If I want to find out how 
sustainability might be achieved, I want to gather people together 
who have some expertise & understanding in that area.

When it comes to doing something to achieve sustainability, that is a 
different matter.  That becomes an initiative where democratic 
process becomes important. That is when a charge of elitism would be 
in order, if it applies. And any such initiative will have more 
chance of success if it is informed by good ideas. Coming up with 
those good ideas is the challenge faced by the Phoenix Gathering.


Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 00:42:39 EST
To: •••@••.•••
From: jfadiman
Subject: Re: * Announcing: The Phoenix Gathering *

wow. That's a major shift to hold it behind enemy lines.

best to you




One cannot slay the cyclops without  entering its lair.


Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 20:04:04 +1100
From: Dreger <>
To: rkm <•••@••.•••>
Subject: re: * Announcing: The Phoenix Gathering *

Hi Richard

Thank you very much for that notice.

I've been on, retired myself to, dropped out to, escaped to, the 
"fringes" for quite a while now - just working at a very low key 
local level with local people - such as the Men and Families Centre 
and the GROW organisation most recently - but/and this proposed 
gathering really grabs my attention.

I feel like exclaiming, "Finally!! - there is the possibility at 
least of a gathering of very grounded, and at the same time informed 
and visionary people planning to get together to do some real work on 
brainstorming and beginning the process of setting out and setting 
down some feasible courses of action !!"

Please keep me informed - and if possible I'll look at making an 
application to attend.

Getting old{er} but still keen on participating at the larger/wider 
level in something with this potential.




Hi Ayran,

Thanks for your enthusiasm. I was expecting more of that, a bigger 
response from the cyberjournal community generally. Strange. I also 
expected more responses to my 'challenge'. I guess I'll never 
understand people, a bizarre species, the only known irrational 
species.  Animals never need psychiatrists, unless they hang out with 

I'm adding you to the list of candidates, along with anyone else who 
expresses interest. The gathering will be limited to 24, as that will 
be most effective for achieving the objectives from a process point 
of view.

I could use some help in defining the selection process.  In order to 
'seek creative responses to our crisis', which is the goal of the 
gathering, we are going to need to explore these primary questions:

     * What would a modern sustainable society look like, and how would
it operate?

     * What would be a good conversion approach, technically speaking,
to begin moving toward sustainable systems?

     * What would it take to make a beginning on the conversion project?

Below, I've tried to identify the areas of knowledge and experience 
that are relevant to each of our
fundamental questions. Please let me know, anyone, if I've left anything out...

(Once an area is mentioned, it isn't duplicated for a later question)

* What would a modern sustainable society look like, and how would it operate?

- visionary & systems perspectives
- computer modeling (so we can do modeling during the week)
- ecological systems
- economics
- anthropology
- equitable monetary systems
- agricultural technologies & alternatives
- transport technologies & systems
- energy technologies & systems
- appropriate technologies
- housing & construction technologies & methods
- geographical patterns of living, working, commuting
- current practices in intentional sustainable communities
- current examples of indigenous sustainable practices

* What would be a good conversion approach, technically speaking, to 
begin moving toward sustainable systems?

- the Cuban experience - adapting to post-Soviet oil cutoff
- civil engineering
- repurposing existing technologies & infrastructures
- current initiatives toward sustainability, eg localization

* What would it take to make a beginning on the conversion project?

- transformational visions
- the Venezuelan experience - missiones
- political action, organizing, and lobbying, historical and current
- social movements & activist practices, historical and current
- memes & cultural movements
- realities of political and economic power today
- community organizing
- public education campaigns and their potential & limitations
- dialog & mediation practices



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