Phoenix Project: progress report


Richard Moore

Bcc: some friends

I haven’t had much time to spend with cyberjournal recently because preparations for the Phoenix Gathering have been so intense. We’ve been bootstrapping the whole project, without funding or sponsorship, making things up as we go along. Amazingly, it has come together very well, even better than I had hoped for. I’ve told you about the website before, and the main page hasn’t changed much. But we now have a full roster of participants, with photos and bios, so you may want to take a look again…
We have a very diverse group, with considerable breadth and depth of experience, and a great facilitator team. The venue itself is ideal, partly because the whole environment is divine, but also because it’s so isolated. We’ll have no choice but to focus on what we’re there for. The event lasts a whole week, and that is a very long time for this kind of facilitated dialog. In fact we may be setting a new record as regards duration. We will be venturing ‘where no one has gone before’.
I hadn’t anticipated what it would mean for a group of people to agree to come to such an event, with no agenda, no papers being presented, using a kind of facilitation no one had ever heard of — and with aspirations to solve unsolvable problems. There are a lot of people who would come to such a thing, out of curiosity, if it were held next door to them. But to go all the way to Ecuador, at ones own expense, there’s got to be some special kind of motivation, or special kind of consciousness, involved.
And that’s how it’s turned out. It’s not so much that people have special expertise, although many do, but more a matter of conscious engagement with life, and with humanity. Each participant (including the facilitators), in their own unique way, according to their own unique understanding, is following a path that they’ve created themselves, or created with others, with an intention to make a difference. To one extent or another, the lives and life-styles of each of our participants has been formed around a mission in life. Not only are these people all motivated, but they also have sense of creative responsibility about their path in life. What could be more ideal for this kind of event?
We’ll try to send out reports during the event, but for the most part all of us will out of communication for the duration.
best wishes to all,