PPI-008-“Globalization and the Revolutionary Imperative”


Richard Moore

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         "Globalization and the Revolutionary Imperative"
          - an annotated collection of topical essays -

                       CADRE, 8 April 1998

                Richard K. Moore - producer, author

                Carolyn Ballard - chief editor, co-author

                Wade B. Ward - senior editor, co-author

           - Produced in collaboration with South End Press -

To our readers:

I am offering you this "book report" for two reasons.

First, I want to extend an invitation to writers and publishers to
collaborate with us in this endeavor.  You can tell from the Book Design
below what our scope of interest is.  We are seeking exceptional
contributions, whether original, previously-published, or specially adapted
to this project.

We ask of potential contributors: What is it that _only you_ can say
exactly the way it _needs_ to be said?  What piece of the puzzle have you
_really_ figured out?  If you can say it clearly, in your own style and
focus, and if we agree that it needs to be heard, then we will find a way
to incorporate it effectively into the book.  (See: "editor's thread",

We are planning to maintain the book-in-development (ie, drafts in various
states of completion) on our web site, available to the public -- our
mission with the book is to accomplish some revolutionary
conscious-raising, and we'd like to use the web for that purpose while
we're waiting for the slower process of print media.

The second reason for this posting is simply to share the book outline --
our best effort at a taxonomy that makes sense of the modern world and
leads to an understanding of its democratic potential.

Feedback and contributions are invited.

Please forward this posting to (writing related) people or lists who you
believe would be interested, and where it would be on-topic.

kind regards,


            "Globalization and the Revolutionary Imperative"
                           Book Design - 1.0
                              8 April 1998
                    Richard K. Moore <•••@••.•••>

Book Architecture
This book will be a collection of essays (& poems & aphorisms & photos &
whatever) but with an innovative twist: there will be a hand-holding
editor's-thread flowing through the material that will provide continuity,
will articulate development of the book's thesis, and will add
substantiating material to the featured pieces.

The editor's thread will consist of the following:

    1) a Introduction and Summation for the book as a whole, and for each

    2) a "Book Map" -- a foldout spread with map-of-world, history-timeline,
       and taxonomy-map: each of these is used to present a unique
       graphical map-of-contents to the books material, making it easy, for
       example, to find all essays that deal with Africa, or that deal with

    4) sidebars or inserted pages, of whatever appropriate design, wherever
       beneficial to development of thesis:
          -a source item (letter, photo, newsclip) illustrating an essay
          -a poem, quotation, map, diagram, etc, that enhances or clarifies
           the presentation

    5) a specially-flagged "Editor's Narrative Thread", easily distinguished
       from all other material, which pops up from time to time, as
       sidebars or an inserted paragraph or two.  This is the "reader's
       friend", it provides thesis-orientation, reminds of points made
       elsewhere that are relevant to the current discussion, raises
       questions that remain to be dealt with, etc.

The use of the editor's thread enables the purity and charm of the essay
form to be retained without sacrificing completeness or rigor.  The
diversity of essay styles and viewpoints will add considerably to the
appeal and readability of the book, as compared to the typical serious
non-fiction genre.

This book will be unusually inviting and reader-friendly, will be designed
to appeal to mass-audiences worldwide, will be accessible to all, and yet
be informative even to the academic and thoroughly rigorous in its thesis

Book Design


Maps of Contents

                                   - - -

PART I  -- GLOBALIZATION: what it is, where it came from,
           where it's heading


    Chapter 1 - Capitalism, democracy, and the nation state: a five-
                century struggle among elites, the people, and the

    Chapter 2 - Pax Americana, the "free-world", and neoliberalism:
                the destabilization of the nation-state world-system

    Chapter 3 - The global economy, TNC's, and the Commission system:
                the path to corporate neo-feudalism

    Chapter 4 - The New World Order: media and propaganda, programmed
                factionalism, police-state regimes, the hi-tech elite
                strike force, the China question


                                   - - -

PART II  --  ENVISIONING A SANE WORLD: sustainability AND prosperity AND
             a robust ecosystem; collaborative international relations;
             genuinely democratic governance under existing constitutions


    Chapter 1 - Sustainable economics, appropriate technology, and
                ecosystem-awareness: prosperity in harmony with a
                finite world

    Chapter 2 - Consensus, collaboration, and democracy: escaping from
                the trap of competitive politics and power brokerage;
                learning from the Cuban model

    Chapter 3 - An agenda for democratic reform: taking back politics;
                setting societal goals; incremental system evolution

    Chapter 4 - Collaborative internationalism: the world as community;
                national diversity and human evolution; a collaborative
                approach to the global commons; the question of counter-
                collaborative nations


                                   - - -

PART III --  THE REVOLUTIONARY IMPERATIVE: the necessity of global
             democratic revolution; the vanishing window of opportunity;
             building the revolution


    Chapter 1 - The seeds of revolution: arrogance of the elite; over-
                dependence on sophisticated propaganda; universal
                exploitation as goad to revolutionary consciousness;

    Chapter 2 - Achieving mass popular consciousness: coalition networking
                and the aligning of scattered forces; reaching the people
                through creative use of media; realizing empowerment

    Chapter 3 - Engaging the elite corporate regime: understanding the
                the elite game plan and its defenses; identifying vul-
                nerabilities and anticipating responses; launching the
                revolution and protecting its flanks

    Chapter 4 - The Democratic Renaissance: the plentiful society;
                creative collaboration in place of greed and competition;
                returning to our societal roots; the next stage of human


                                   - - -



                  "Seeking an Effective Democratic
                      Response to Globalization
                        and Corporate Power"

         - an international workshop for activist leaders -
*>--->  June 25 <incl> July 2 - 1998 - Nova Scotia - Canada

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                  Restore democratic sovereignty
                  Create a sane and livable world
             Bring corporate globalization under control.

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