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Richard Moore

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      ppi.011- A collaboration offer from •••@••.•••

Dear cj,

Please note this message I received from Don Chisholm who runs the "Gaia"
list, •••@••.•••.  Following that is my response to Don.


Date: Fri, 08 May 1998
To: •••@••.••• (Richard K. Moore)
From: Don Chisholm <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: Desired future?

rkm wrote to Don:
  >You should join our (low traffic) revolution strategy list!  Send any
  >message to:
  >        •••@••.•••

I did, a few weeks ago.  It was the article  "Carolyn Chute & the 2nd Maine
Militia", that triggered me to ask.

Basically, I think we are in close accord on issues and what to do about it..

In our gaiapc group, we have some pretty intesting informed people,
especially on the scientific end of the problematique. I hope to add people
from other specialty areas which help define the problematique.  If you want
an opinion on any issue, which our gaiapc group might chew over, let me know.

for Gaia,


Dear Don!

This is one of the most constructive offers I've gotten in a long time!

        (BTW: The "Chute" pieces were to cj, not renaissance-
        network, but that makes little difference re/ your suggestion).

_This is what coalition collaboration is all about!...  People & groups
offering to take a piece of the problem and work on it for the benefit of
the larger community (and of course their own benefit as well).

You know what we're trying to do -- we're trying to get the revolution off
the ground.  I believe `revolutionary consciousness' is only a millimeter
below the surface in _millions of people's minds.  What I mean by
`revolutionary consciousness' is, more or less:

        1) realization that the corporate system is not just flawed, but
           is systemically in the totally wrong direction; it _must be
           reversed for the survival of humanity, and _soon!

        2) realization that a _political response is what is needed -- that
           people must _somehow come together and assert their democratic
           right to elect their _own candidates, outside the trap of the
           corporate-dominated political-party apparatus

        3) realization that the mass-media is nothing but a corporate
           propaganda channel, a means to _lie to the people about what's
           going on, what it means, what people think about it, and what
           options there are

How to facilitate the process of revolution? -- _that's the problem, or
`problematique' if you prefer.  _You are probably better qualified than I
to figure out how gaiapc might contribute to solving that problem.  And I
invite anyone on cj to send you suggestions as well.  For myself,
I'll be glad to make some suggestions for gaiapc `study topics', but please
don't feel constrained by them.  My suggestions:

        1) How can people become aware that they in fact have power, that
           they are not helpless cogs who have no choice but to vote for
           tweedly-dee or tweedly-dum?

        2) Currently `public debate', so called, is something that is
           designed and promulgated by the corporate media -- it defines
           `reality' and defines the scope of what people consider `possible'.
           How can we `go around' the mass media and create a _competing
           version of `public debate', one that the elite can't control?

In collaboration,


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