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The launch of PPI has been going very well.

Writers have responded to this initiative, even in these early days, in a
very encouraging way.  I've got a _very thick folder of quality items to
share.  In addition, I've subscribed to dozens of email lists and have been
adding especially good pieces to that same folder.

Owners of email lists have also responded to the initiative.  PPI items are
already being picked up, selectively, and being redistributed over other
lists, such as mai-not and activ-l.  In some cases, the list-owner has
subscribed his list directly to PPI, so that the postings immediately get
echoed to that list.

A few people have written in about the _concept of PPI, offering their
suggestions for a "democratic media channel".  This forced me to think more
clearly about what the _essence of PPI is, at least in my mind so far...

PPI aims to be a "small town newspaper for the global village".  I, for the
time being, am playing the role of "campaigning editor-publisher" of this
small-town paper.  In a small town, an editor might make a campaign out of
a "needed new playground for the kids", _this small-town editor is making a
campaign out of a "new democracy for the people".  Same idea, same style,
just a different scale.

So to questions of "moderator policies" or "posting guidelines", my answer
is: I'm the editor/publisher and I do my best to serve the community.  As
Phil Agre of the RRE news service puts it, posting decisions are "gut"
decisions -- there's no formal list of rules, just an evolving sense of
what works and what is of interest.  You're always welcome to send in
feedback or suggestions on posting policy -- I'll always look at it,
frequently respond to you, and sometimes post it to the list as part of a
"Reader's Dialog" posting.

Meanwhile, I've set up the CADRE library, and have been filing away the PPI
postings in the library, in the appropriate topic folders.  They are also
stored in sequence in the PPI archives.

All in all, the beginning has been auspicious, and I thank everyone for
their support in this collaborative endeavor.  It is your inputs which
provide the material, and it is your redistribution that gets it to those
who can benefit from it.

The only bottleneck in the whole operation at this point is yours truly (:<)

I've needed to split my time among several tasks, and you haven't been
getting full value yet - I'm sitting on too many good things which I should
have been posting.

Please bear with me during this startup transient.

I'll post several items this morning (it's 05.56 here right now), and then
I'm heading over to Liverpool to speak at a conference on Globalization and
Latin America.  When I get back Monday, I'll begin to provide you with a
more regular and reliable service.


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