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Developments on the CADRE front, or should I say on the revolutionary
front, are extremely promising.  The CADRE initiative was based, in great
part, on the observation that the time-is-right for global revolution.
It's that simple: people everywhere and of every "class" (except the
biggest fat-cats) are being hurt rather than helped by globalization and
corporate power.

People everywhere are beginning to see that this isn't just a glitch in the
system -- it's what the system is about!

The system is about the fat-cats, who already control most of the world's
wealth through their corporate machines, grabbing the _rest: they want it
_all and they want it on _their terms.  And they're quite happy to let the
rest of us scramble for the too-few lifeboats (ie employment) as the
nation-state Titanic goes down from the globalist iceberg.  They're already
comfortable in their First-Class boat, and have rowed safely away from the
mayhem they've left in their wake.

Their _terms are a surrender of national sovereignty to a faceless
bureaucracy of corporate-appointed commissions (WTO, IMF, OECD, etc).  This
is the New World Order that right-wing folks talk about, and they're right:
our constitutions _are being sold out by _traitors in our national
governments.  Our freedom and democracy are being betrayed.  By rights, the
so-called "leaders" should all be tried for treason and embezzlement (aka
privatization), or at a minimum impeached.

The objective conditions, as the marxists would say, are correct for the
development of revolutionary consciousness on a mass scale.  CADRE is by
_no means the only group to make this observation: many of the
organizations we've contacted in our outreach efforts are thinking in terms
of "non-discriminatory coalitions" and a "coming together of the movement",
and an "end to divisiveness".   Thus in the movement, as well as in the
world at large, revolution is beginnning to crystallize.


Our activist workshop is shaping up excellently.  Some very good people are
committed to attending and many are beginning to sign up for panels for the
various sessions.  Outreach networking is continuing, very successfully,
and additional delegates are being sought (and found) from the far-flung

A list has been established, and I invite all of you to join, called:

To subscribe, simply send a blank message to:

To unsubscribe, simply send a blank message to:

I've put all the people who have expressed interest in the workshop, or in
CADRE's networking efforts, on this list.  The long-range purpose of the
list will be to serve as a backbone of the revolutionary movement: a place
for political activists worldwide to post their ideas, coordinate their
strategies, publish their bulletins, celebrate their victories, etc.

PPI/cyberjournal is a news-channel intended for a _general audience, in
support of revolution, while renaissance-network is intended for those who
have made the self-commitment to move from understanding to _acting, from
wishing and cajoling to taking _responsiblity for humanity's future.

One of the most important means of revolution building is what is called
the "conference circuit".   People come to conferences prepared to sit down
and learn things, and they often come as representatives of organizations
or of political constituencies.  Conferences, many of them anyway, are an
excellent venue to spread the revolution.  As more and more of those in the
speaker-community cop on to the revolution, the message will begin to
spread rapidly.

CADRE is doing its part.  We're encouraging the activists we're in contact
with, many of whom are writers and speakers, to make radical use of their
speaking opportunities, and we in CADRE are beginning to get active in the
circuit ourselves.

Carolyn Ballard, our Editor'n'Chief, is participating in a WILPF (Womens
International League for Peace and Freedom) conference, and I'm giving the
opening talk (Overview of Globalization) at a conference on Globalization
and Latin America in Liverpool this weekend.  Naturally, in this speaker's
mind, no overview of globalization is complete without an understanding of
the _Revolutionary _Imperative, an up-to-date report on the progress of the
revolution, and an admonition to "do your part".

I'm not going to "give a talk" or "deliver a paper" at this conference, I'm
going to "make a speech".  I'm going to look them in the eyes and tell them
this isn't the time for scholarly discussion of globalization, nor a time
to make our case to the world bodies to pay more attention to humanity, no
this is the time to take matters into our own hands and assume
responsibility for our own survival as a species.  There will be a
"content" part to the talk, don't get me wrong, but by the time it's over,
the effect will be as I stated.

It turns out that the Liverpool conference will be an important practice
exercise.  Yesterday I received this auspicious invitation, which was the
direct result of the efforts of CADRE's inimitable liason chief, `rebel
jan', also known as Jan Slakov:

  from Barbara Lochbihler, WILPF, Secretary General

  14 April 1998

  Dear Richard K. Moore,

  I'm working with the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
  (WILPF) and have received your address from Bruna Nota from Toronto.

  WILPF is a member of the International NGO Development Committee in Geneva.
  The Committee is comprised largely of NGO's who hold consultative status
  with the UN.  This committee is planning a seminar May 12, focusing on the
  "WTO and its effects on economic, social and cultural rights".  WILPF has
  been mandated by the committee to find informed speakers for this seminar.
  Therefore I am writing to you to ask if it would be possible for you to
  come to Geneva in order to give a presentation on the history, structure
  and future developments of the WTO.

It was only on 5 Feb that I decided to shift cj's focus to revolution, and
that CADRE began to form.  Now, only some ten weeks later, we've got an
international workshop organized and I've been invited to speak officially
before a UN advisory body in Geneva.  I'd say the signs are good.  When an
x-file's mood strikes us, we at cadre speak of a "guardian angel" who seems
to be regularly giving reality just a bit of a nudge in our direction.

So... what should I say to NGO's and to the UN about the WTO?  My basic
message will be that the WTO is the evil empire, that no reform of it is
possible, and that the whole corporate-domination paradigm must simply be
dismantled.  The job of the UN is to stand up and claim its rightful role
as a representative body of the world's people, and cease being a
rubber-stamp for the corporate-dominated Western Powers and their military

But I want to hear from you: what would _you like to be said about the
WTO?.. and the elite globalist regime for which it stands, one world, under
greed, with liberty and freedom for none.

I'd like to receive a bundle of mail on this, which I will seek to
incorporate as I can, and I'd like to be able to say to the seminar that I
speak not only for myself, but also am representing the inputs of a wide
network of concerned and active citizens.


        Ask not what the world is doing to you,
        but what you can do with the world.
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