ppi-030-Grassroots News and Media Conference-Austin, June 19-21


Richard Moore

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     ppi-030-Grassroots News and Media Conference-Austin, June 19-21
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Publisher's note:

The Grassroots News Network appears to have a very harmonious vision to
that of PPI.  I've written to them in the hopes of collaborating, or at
least establishing that our operations have a fraternal relationship.

May a thousand media blossom.


        A community will evolve only when
        the people control their means of communication.
                                        -- Frantz Fanon

Date: Fri, 22 May 1998
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Subject: Grassroots News and Media Conference
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We at the Grassroots News Network are working on organizing the 1st annual
Grassroots News and Media Conference & Culture Jam, June 19, 20, & 21st
1998 in Austin, Texas. The Grassroots News Network is a coalition of 33
community oriented media groups including licensed, non-licensed and pirate
radio stations, media groups from around the world including film and print
media, and over 100 non-affiliated individuals as contributing members
working collectively for the creation and stability of non-corporate,
non-profit media.

The Grassroots News Network was formed by grassroots broadcasters, free radio
journalists and cyberjournal-activists as a response to the barriers put forth 
government and corporate entities Our goal is to support and expand the
movement for democratic communications worldwide without regards to barriers
imposed on us by any government or corporate body. We exist to be an
alternative to the corporate and government media which do not serve
struggles for liberty, justice and peace, nor enable the free expression of
creativity. .

The idea of the Grassroots News and Media Conference & Culture Jam is for
the people involved in community oriented media to meet face to face, share
information, train people in community broadcasting, and create a
collective, public response to the FCC's raids on micro-broadcast stations
and the current situation at Pacifica, and other struggles, and form a
structure to help each other out. We currently have over 30 workshops and
over 10 presentations regarding alternative free media.

Attendees and speakers for this event include Stephen Dunifer who recently
went head to head with the FCC, members of the Zapatista Front in Chiapas
and Black Liberation Radio, Maquiladora workers who are organizing
independent unions,  members of FreePacifica, as well as individuals coming
in from as far away as Mainland China, Australia, Ireland, Spain, and Brazil.

The GN&MC will be held in a different city every year. Some ideas are that
micro-broadcasters can collectively set up a non-licensed radio station in
each city in communities that are underserved by mainstream media, we can
help build and empower communities by offering workshops and on-hands
training, and create more sound structures for alternative, non-corporate
media. Every year we would be helping a different city and the communities

The Culture Jam includes several live performances, spoken word sessions,
the Grassroots Film and Video Festival, bands like members of the Butthole
Surfers, a benefit for KOOP radio and KAZI radio, a fundraiser for the
Zapatistas, a Mural Brigade to paint murals in community spaces, and an
evening of Hip Hop and Jazz,

We are expecting between 350 to 400 people to attend. Everything will be
totally free of charge except for a donated registration fee of $20 regular
and $5 hardship which will go to cover expenses. Food and housing have been
donated for this event. Whatever money is left after expenses are paid will
be donated to the micro radio defense fund. We are building this conference
totally on donations from people in the communities.

*****Please RSVP no later than June 1st and let us know how many
people will be attending, housing needs, and if you would be willing to
conduct a workshop or would like to give a presentation.


Describe your accommodation needs (room, bed,

Describe preferred housing (Female/Male, non-smoker,

How many nights would you be in Austin?__________________




Phone (     )_____________________

E-mail ___________________________

Would your community be willing to host the 1999 Grassroots News and Media

Return by May 1st (MayDay)  to
Tony Truong
4522 S. 2nd St
Austin, TX 78745
or just return this form filled out via e-mail to •••@••.•••

Comrade Odekirk
Grassroots News Network
Austin, Texas


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