query to readers re/ ppi list policies


Richard Moore

Dear ppi subscribers,

I'm in a bit of a quandry over list posting policy.

The old cyberjournal policy was lower traffic and included more commentary
from your friendly editor, my humble attempt to add some perspective to the
news of the day.

The new ppi policy has been higher traffic, with a lower percentage of
editorial comments.  The idea here is for ppi to be like a newspaper or a
wire service, with a wider range of quality material, from which each
reader (or re-publisher) can pick and choose what's of interest and discard
/ ignore the remainder.

People have responded to the ppi concept by sending in an increasing volume
of very interesting material.  I'm not sure whether to increase the ppi
traffic still further, or to keep a lid on it.  I'd welcome feeback from
subscribers.  You can be sure in any case that postings will continue to be
highly selective.

One possibility would be to relaunch a separate cyberjournal list which
would receive a subset of the ppi postings, particularly the ones I write
or comment on.  ppi subcribers would receive everthing, and one or two each
day would also go to cyberjournal.

Comments welcome.


        With their neoliberal revolution, the capitalist elite have broken
    their two-centuries bond with the Western middle class.  It is this
    implicit bond which has made Western imperialism so powerful,
    and which has made revolutions in the West infeasible.  Now that
    the bond is broken the middle classes are beginning to suffer along
    with everyone else, and this changes the demographics of
    revolutionary potential in a profound way.
        For the first time since the era of western "democracy" began,
    there is the possibility of constructing a _majority coalition around
    the goal of systemic change, overcoming corporate hegemony, and estab-
    lishing a new societal paradigm.  When you're in the majority, and
    you have the vote, then you don't need to throw bottles.  You can
    take the high ground.   You can win peacefully.
                                -rkm to reaissance-network, 22 May 1998