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Richard Moore

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re/ consciousness raising

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Is human consciousness defective?

Michael Boddington wrote:

Dear Richard
Your response to  A is one of the best things of yours that I have read.

Thanks. It’s an important issue, as ‘we need higher consciousness’ has become such a widespread meme.  I hope people share the revised article on websites where the meme has infiltrated.


Madeline Bruce wrote:

Discussion and debate of all kinds is deliberately shut down in our culture, in many venues. At an all-candidates meeting in Nanaimo recently, members in the audience were invited to “ask a question at the mic for no longer than one minute.” I suggested that this did not have to be in the form of a question, it could be a statement.. The response was, “If you are going to tell a story, you will be cut off.” I made a statement at the mic, and another woman followed suit. At another contentious meeting that 46 citizens attended, there was going to be no discussion allowed. I objected. The Chairperson looked right through me like I was invisible. Dominique Roelants said, “Madeline is right. Citizens have showed up for this meeting and they deserve to have a say.” Dominique is both a lawyer and a university professor, so he was listened to. Only 4 minutes discussion was allowed. – Madeline Bruce, Nanaimo, B. C.  

Disgusting, that candidates did not want to hear what constituents think. And hooray for you, banding together with other women, to make your voice heard!


Biophilos wrote:

Very Intelligent , thank you for sharing these replies , appreciated…..Yes , we are at a Crossroads of Vital Importance, what each one of us does will have an impact whether we know it or not ” Be a Light unto the World” …..the Time to Act is in the Now not the Future, nor the past which has run its course…we all know that something is not right, allowing lesser level beings that base their power on Lies, Propaganda, Violence, Fear, Money manipulation, advantage of Vices and Weaknesses is exactly what Plato stated, If Good Men do not concern themselves with the affairs of State then they are destined to be ruled by their inferiors. Well anyway I wont’ get started…best wishes of 4 Good Health.

Thanks for you comments. I like in particular, “If Good Men [and Women -rkm] do not concern themselves with the affairs of State then they are destined to be ruled by their inferiors”.  When most people talk about a better world, they think in terms of better leaders. That’s asking for an easy solution. We need to realize that a better world requires us to take responsibility for the affairs of society.

Alfredo Rubalcava wrote back:

i appreciate u writing back to me. i feel so honored. along the lines of your reply, i too have come to the conclusion that self governance in small groups is the correct way, we can ill afford to give away our collective powers so easily to such frauds as offered to us,… on a slighlty diff note but still a factor. what about the area of parasitic influence. i am refering to a recent youtube video where a scientist is speaking on the subject of a TOX infection in animals and how this parasite actually makes rats do things unnatural to them-like being attracted to cat urine so the cat can eat the rat and the parasite gets in the cat….goal accomplished, i think on a human level an infection has occured amognst our leaders. is this a relevant line of inquiry?? what about the fact that psychosis can be scientifically verified trhough a series of tests and that we as a people need to demand our leaders and CEO’s to take these tests to root out the
psychopaths among our ranks?. for no matter how good the motives they can ultimately be ruined by just a few psychos. i believe no matter what path we choose it is imperative to get the people out of power who have no human compassion  etc…
it is men like you who can so eloquently state these points that will enlighten those who look. keep mup the good words.. there are those who listen.

I responded:

There is often wisdom in common sayings. For example, ‘Power corrupts’. The problem is not that some people are psychopaths; the problem is that there are positions of power. That’s why a solution is so difficult. If we don’t create a society without positions of power, we can never escape from tyranny.

Alfredo responded:

Wow you Sir have really given me something to think about. ..I can’t seem to envision a world where some positions of power aren’t inevitable. . Either by force or by people granting or wanting said power positions to make them feel safe…I have often said we would be better off without the police and giving everyone a gun. So as in previous ages where the matriarchal system ruled is more what u have in mind? I know for the last 6000 years men have done their best to erase this memory of matriarchal rule off the face of the earth. I think that’s the real reason Columbus was sent here. …I would be interested to hear how u think our energies should be spent. I get your point about neighborhoods getting together for a goal..The organization being the key..but like what? farming? How about communities getting rid of the cops and policing themselves? What about forming new mystery schools? Teaching people how to live off the land etc? Are these just hippie dreams? I’m 41 and single and am burning to do something about this shit…that’s why I appreciate guys like u who can see things so clearly. 
Sorry for the ramble.

Not a ramble Alfredo, very good points all. And if I’ve given you ‘something to think about’ I’m pleased. There’s too much ‘knowing’ going on in the world, and not enough thinking. 

You say:

I can’t seem to envision a world where some positions of power aren’t inevitable. 

Most people just assume society could not run without positions of power; I’m glad you’re trying to envision a world without such positions. But it isn’t easy, since our societies have been hierarchical for so long. 

I think it helps to realize that ‘positions of power’ and  ‘hierarchy’ are two sides of the same coin. Then it becomes obvious that eliminating positions of power means eliminating hierarchy. Hierarchy, in turn, is equivalent to centralization. If hierarchy is to be eliminated, society needs to be organized on a decentralized basis, with sovereignty moved down to the local level. And if positions of power are to be eliminated, each locality needs to be governed democratically, with everyone’s concerns taken into account.

Unfortunately, we wouldn’t know how to run such a society if it were handed to us on a silver platter. We don’t know how to take everyone’s concerns into account. Instead, we argue for a while and then we take a vote – which basically means ignoring minority concerns. There are excellent group processes that enable people to listen to all concerns, and create together solutions that work for everyone  – but very few of us have any experience using such processes. 

We need to learn how to govern ourselves, by practicing making democratic decisions together. No one is going to do that as an exercise, because there’s no short-term benefit. My view is that we need to create initiatives that provide short-term benefits to those who join, and that are based on self-governance. Such initiatives, I suggest, could be the seeds of a viral transformative movement, that spreads from community to community. Such a decentralized movement could be the basis of creating a decentralized  democratic society. That’s my answer to ‘how our energies should be spent’. I expand on those ideas in this article:

Building the new in the shadow of the old