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by Geraldine Perry / April 4th, 2019
Tasha wrote:
Oh No! Not another conspiracy!!!>>>????
TashaMaria Tromer
I’m guessing that your comment is meant ironically Tasha. From our past correspondence I’m sure you’re aware that the whole system we live under is conspiracy to its very core. From how big decisions are made, to the fake news put out by mainstream media, to the theater of politics, to what is euphemistically called ‘public relations’, etc.
Janet Hicks King wrote:
Thanks so much, Richard – I have been waiting for someone to point this out!
All the best,
You’re welcome Janet, but the thanks should go to Geraldine Perry. I had been waiting for an informed article on this topic (Agenda 21, Agenda 30, Green New Deal) that didn’t sound like a right-wing rant. At last this one came across my desk. (Not that right-wing rants don’t often make sense. It’s just that the liberal majority dismisses them on style alone. Just as they accept endless fake news based on style, on the politically-correct sentiments projected by the sources.)
Bob Hansen wrote:
Thanks, Richard.
A very good overview, well researched.
Jerold Hubbard wrote:

Thanks for the article!

Howard Switzer  wrote:
Good one Richard!
I know Geraldine, we work together in our MR organization the Alliance for Just Money.
Howard Switzer
Thanks guys for the feedback!
Thomas Greco wrote:
Perry’s article is too long and rambling for most people (including me) to want to read it. I’m sure you could do a better job of sifting out the meat of it and making the argument more compelling.
Thanks Tom for the vote of confidence. I have prided myself on being able to explain complex issues in a clear, concise way – but that’s when I was younger. I’ve still got the insights, but just don’t have the energy to put together the necessary essays. Besides, there are lots more people these days who can see beyond the Matrix. People like Caitlin Johnstone, who is very clear and concise in her writing. You’ll see more articles from not-me here on cj, and then we can discuss them together.
Paul Cienfuegos wrote:
Oh c’mon, Richard! This is ridiculous.
Indeed, a Green New Deal sounds like just what we need. But as I wrote in the days following Obama’s election in 2008, Beware of Elites bearing Gifts. Did you read more, Paul, than just the title of the article? If so, I’d quite welcome your thoughts.
Brian Hill wrote:

I’ve asked others, not Weinberg, to critique this.  Something sounds not right about it, although it is interesting.  Have you seen any critiques of it?

For articles like this Brian, running so contrary to the mainstream consensus (aka the Matrix), one is likely to see lots of pert dismissals (like Paul’s above), but very few if any reasoned critiques. If you come across one, let me know.
Sergio Lub wrote:
Hi Richard,
I asked a lawyer friend for his opinion on Geraldine’s piece and here it is:
The best I can tell, she believes the world should do nothing about pollution unless there is a “public vote” on each measure.  (See paragraph 11 beginning, “This plan is anchored . . .”)   This seems like an extremist view of “democracy” since it ignores that all democracies entrust such decisions to elected leaders and that democracies must work with non-democracies (notably China) to address problems like pollution.
She seems like a good candidate for the spam filter.
Very nice to hear from you Sergio! Your lawyer friend exhibits standard lawyer trickery: he’s more interested in convincing the jury than in pursuing truth. It is totally false to say that “she believes the world should do nothing about pollution unless there is a “public vote” on each measure”. In paragraph 11 she isn’t talking about pollution at all; she’s talking about a project to replace representative democracy with a system of elite-run global governance.
Bo Filter  wrote:

UNPRECEDENTED CRIME by Peter Carter and Elizabeth Woodworth 2018

Bo, I’ve made the title of the book above a link, so people can read about it on Amazon. The full title is Unprecedented Crime: Climate Change Denial and Game Changers for Survival. The book is based on the assumption that CO2 causes climate change and that we are facing an over-heating climate crisis. If that were true, then the book would make a whole lot of sense. And it would give folks a lot of reasons to want a Green New Deal. But it’s not true. We may be facing a climate crisis, but it has nothing to do with CO2, and it is about rapid cooling, not warming. Our next posting will talk about this.
PS> If you use gmail, it is necessary to check your spam folder regularly. Every day I find messages in my spam folder from frequent correspondents. That is, lots of false positives, messages marked as spam that shouldn’t be.


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