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Richard Moore

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From: “Claudia Woodward-Rice” 
Date: 24 December 2009 19:46:26 GMT
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Richard- I have been a little concerned that your current preoccupation with global warming may have detoured you from your primary goal of encouraging people “escapingthematrix.”  Social justice, simplifying life, and confronting cognitive dissonance are all concerns we share.
  I have become very suspect of the scientific establishment since corporate interests have so clearly corrupted it. But I don’t think it really matters whether Climate Change is caused by humans or not…. Should we still not prepare for Peak Oil, water shortages, encroachment by government etc etc??
  Don’t let this issue divide the group you have collected or deflect you from the larger view.

Hi Claudia,

I agree that we’ve reached the point of diminishing returns on the climate topic. I’ll be starting something new, but I’m not yet sure what it will be. 
However, the climate discussion has very much been about escaping the matrix. Escaping the matrix is not about adopting some particular set of beliefs, such as ‘elites are running things’. Escaping the matrix is about learning to think for yourself. I was hoping that with a simple scientific topic it might be possible to get people to think for a change. I suppose I should have known better. The nearly universal response of the warming believers was to refuse to look at any of the evidence.
Another reason for the topic was that I myself wanted to learn about climate. I learned a lot, but I don’t know whether or not anyone else learned anything. Until I started the topic on Dec 11, I had always assumed warming was a problem and Co2 was the cause. Once I began investigating, I found that all the evidence is on the other side. The only case for the warming argument comes from computer models that are programmed in advance to assume that warming is a problem and that Co2 is the cause. In fact, we are at a relatively cool time historically, and we are in danger of dipping into a new ice age. Even before the industrial era began, this was the longest inter-glacial period for hundreds of thousands of years. If Co2 does have a strong warming effect, and the evidence indicates otherwise, it might delay the next ice age, which would be a very good thing. 
Yes, peak oil, water shortages, and elite power are all problems that face us. And all of those problems have been successfully marginalized in public discussion by means of the warming propaganda. The liberal sheep have been herded into that enclosure, where they bleat “Copenhagen”, not knowing that the only purpose of that agenda is to consolidate elite power into a global government.
So where do we go from here on cyberjournal? The goal of getting people to think seems utterly hopeless (apart from those of you who already think). As Heinlein said in one of his stories, “Man is not a rational animal, he is a rationalizing animal”. That has been thoroughly demonstrated in our belief thread, in the warming thread, and in our earlier discussions about Obama. The fact that so many people still think Obama is on their side is clear evidence that rationality plays no role in beliefs.
I’m not interested in trying to be a counter-propagandist. Alex Jones and others are doing a great job of that, with a lot more resources and audience than I have. And with all their efforts, they cannot compete with the mass media for the liberal mind. In some sense, the biggest problem we face is the susceptibility of liberals to mass-media propaganda. I’ve posted several good analyses of that, from a psychological perspective, but everyone thinks it applies to everyone but them.
As I’ve said many times, the only path to transformation involves coming together in our communities around local issues, and learning to listen to one another and work together for our common local objectives. But very few people have any interest in talking about that or following up on that. When I try to get cyberjournal interested in that topic, it’s met mostly with silence. I even started another list devoted to that topic, the ‘new world roundtable’, and discussion petered out after a few weeks. There are lots of people working locally, but not because of cyberjournal or anything I say. 
If you have any ideas about what might be useful on cyberjournal, please let me know.
merry christmas,