Re: Jon Tester: A New Kind of Populist


John Bunzl

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Subject: Jon Tester: A New Kind of Populist

        pop·u·list n.
        1. A supporter of the rights and power of the people.

        It ain¹t left or right. It¹s up and down.
        Here we all are own here struggling
        while the Corporate Elite are all up
        there having a nice day!
        < Carolyn Chute, author of 'The Beans of Egypt Maine' and
        anti-corporate activist

Now here's a politician who makes sense. He's rightfully abandoned the 
rhetoric of both the left and right. I wonder how many Volvo Liberals will 
reject him because he doesn't cater to their fundamentalist prejudices?


Hi Richard,

Yes, nice to see it. But how long do you think it'll be before Tester 
tumbles to the fact that the policies he's calling for are likely to make 
the US economy less competitive? When he gets that point, that's when he'll 
start to sound and act like Blair and just about every other politician.

I think humanity really must release itself from the delusion that this or 
that politician, or this or that political party, has the power to 
substantially change things. Only when WE CITIZENS realise that they don't 
will we take proper responsibility for leading our politicians out of the 
mess. Only then do we have a chance, I feel. Whoever said "When the people 
lead, the leaders will follow" had it right! (Who DID say it, by the way? 
Any ideas??)