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Richard Moore


sorry for so many postings in just a few days, but it's election time 
and folks want to have their say. so be it.


Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 07:23:53 -0400
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Subject: Re: Not-Bush for President

Thanks Richard. I just can't tell the difference between them.
 On Iraq, Kerry is worse. His plan is to increase the number
of troops there by about 30%.  Since the National Guard has
already been called, I don't know how he's going to do it, and
in any event its exactly the wrong thing to do.  He also
favors doubling the troops in Colombia.  He is a strong
supporter of Israel no matter what Israel does, identical to

At least with Bush as president, the world seems to be blaming
him personally for the disaster that's occurred.  With a new
president and the same policies in Iraq and Israel, it will
not be possible to blame it on one abberrant president.

I will probably vote for Nader.  I would have preferred
Kucinich.  Neither of them represent the views of America at
all.  Kerry does.  He will continue down the same self
destructive path because his only concern is his own power. He
has no vision of anything and no credibility in my opinion.
Its true that appointment of the AG and federal judges are
important, as are his other appointments.  Bush has appointed
yes men and "regime changers" like himself.  They use the
terms human rights and the world's policemen but few outside
the US see their gratuitous use of military force this way.

It was congress which passed the Patriot Act, and is going off
the deep end reorganizing the intel community now.  Congress
voted almost unanimously to attack Afghanistan without any
evidence.  Kerry claims to have been way ahead of Bush on the
push to attack Iraq, and Congress overwhelmingly supported it,
again despite the obvious lack of evidence.

I think blaming everything on Bush is too simple. He actually
has represented the majority of ignorant Americans.  Kerry
will do the same.  It may seem obvious the that democrats are
less hawkish than the republicans, but I don't think that's
the case.

Best regards


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Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 10:13:41 EDT
Subject: Re: The Politics of Empire: Globalisation in Crisis
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Dear Richard,
The American Taxpayer is footing the bill by having over half
of all Federal Taxes collected going to the Pentagon to
support this huge

This is why all 50 states are on the brink of bankruptcy and
social programs being cut or eliminated entirely.

The great Roman Empire fell because the citizens could no
longer afford to support the huge armies.  So follows the ruin
of the middle class in US society.

This 2004 election may be the last gasp of breath for the
'illusion' of democracy in the United States.  Certainly a
government shrouded in secrecy (as this one is) cannot be of
the people governed.

My belief is that terrorism within US borders awaits
confirmation of current US foreign policy by a Bush-Cheney
victory of its citizens.  I have gone to Washington, D.C.
several times to protest the current administration and feel

Certainly a giant cannot turn-on-a-dime, but rejection of Bush
by the people of the US is a step towards change.  If nothing
else, it will loosen the neoconservative grasp on the

It may not be good enough for others, but a Kerry win would
feel good to me.

Diana Skipworth

Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 11:38:32 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: Re: Not-Bush for President

we share this view and are actively working - two purple heart
bronze star veterans from WWII at (Purple
Heart Veterans Against The War). Please help us reach out
widely in the short time remaining.

Sumner M. Rosen tel: 212 580-9787
fax: 212 496-8014
address: 201 West 86th Street, New York NY 10024



Yes, it is essential that Bush not win. If he won, that would
be treated as an endorsement of his outright fascism. But
rejection of Bush will not be a victory for democracy, it will
be merely the replacement of a stupid cop by a smooth-talking cop.
We remain imprisoned. Attempting to find a way for our vote to be
an expression of democracy is like trying to divide by zero.
In both cases the result has no meaning. As long as we remain
under capitalism and competitive politics there can be no
democracy, no peace, and no justice.



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