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Richard Moore

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tasha polak wrote:

Richard– totally brilliant piece. tasha

Thanks Tasha. I had a few ideas about mind control when I started writing, but as I thought and wrote more and more of the picture revealed itself. 


David Sheegog wrote:

Excellent article Richard – until you got to climate change. If I understand you correctly, you think climate change is a conspiracy being carried out by thousands of climate scientists.
anything that sounds like a conspiracy theory should be scoffed at and ignored

No David, you don’t understand me correctly. It is absurd to suggest that thousands of climate scientists are engaged in a conspiracy. You know that’s absurd, and by suggesting it you are seeking a way to dismiss my claims without needing to consider the matter any further. I feel insulted that you suggest I would believe such an absurdity. 

You evidently believe in CO2 causation, and you certainly aren’t part of a conspiracy. Same for lots of scientists. There’s only a small circle who know their models are intentionally fraudulent. They’ve succeeded, along with Gore, in selling the idea of CO2 causation. Once that idea gets sold, then scientists who believe have believe it will join the chorus and add their own two cents about how bad over-warming would be, without being part of any conspiracy. 

I base my claims on research I’ve carried out, based on publicly available temperature data. Once you look at the long-term patterns, the absurdity of CO2 causation becomes clear. And in fact thousands of scientists have signed petitions that they disagree with CO2 causation, based on their knowledge and research.

You can review, and I welcome critique, my own analysis. I’ve got even stronger arguments now, due to more research, but haven’t had time to update the article:


Stephanie Mc Dowall wrote:

This is terrific Richard ! Have sent it out far and wide.
What about ISIS Richard ? Who are they? Is it possible they are being controlled by the West ? I am aware they initially received money from the U.S. but I think they were called by a different name. (Al Qaeda which the CIA funded ?)
Frankly, if I was a young Middle Eastern male, I would be beside myself with what has been done to so many countries and people in the M.E. starting with Iraq.In realityWestern aggression started long before Iraq. I am sure this is the motivation for so many young men joining ISIS. Their brutality is a result of their now uncontrollable rage towards the longstanding brutality of the U.S. & the West. Why do we seem so surprised ? We shouldn’t be.
Richard…I am so sick of all the bullshit regarding the M.E.,Ukraine/Russia, economies/financial matters world wide, climate change and a host of other crisis issues…..but especially the countless number of deaths “our side” has caused. Interestingly, I could not quickly find anything on Google as to the total number of civilian deaths caused by the the various wars we are supporting in the Middle East. Looking at the figures re Iraq….none included the 500,000 children’s deaths caused by lack of food, medicine etc. But I could easily find Madeleine Albright’s remarks regarding these deaths…”this is the price WE must pay”.
I can’t help but wonder if we are being manipulated into supporting a war againstRussia ? That would be a real doozy of a mistake. But…..perhaps it would not be a mistake and is wanted to cull the world’s population……this time in North America too. Who will be left to bury the dead ? There will be no need. “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust”. Over time the planet will heal.

Thanks Steph for forwarding the article. I’m trying to get it on global research.

ISIS is a destabilization tool, created, controlled, and funded by the US. It’s just the latest name given to the Jihad movement that the CIA created in Afghanistan to defeat the Soviets. Under various names it’s been used in Kosovo, Libya, Syria, and elsewhere where Washington has wanted to wreck countries. 

This and much more is covered on my news channel: 

It continues to be a mystery, as to whether or not nuclear war is part of the plan to establish the new world order. At the moment, it appears there will be a negotiated solution to the Ukraine crisis, with Novorussia getting autonomy, either as part of Ukraine or otherwise. If this happens, it would be evidence for the non-war option.


David Thrussell wrote:

..howdy Richard…
 …well, i think you nailed it there…
 …my feelings exactly, but much more articulate than i could manage…
 …i’ve read a fascinating book about Orwell called

The Larger Evils: Nineteen Eighty-Four the Truth Behind the Satire

it surveys how his time working for the BBC parleyed into much of 1984’s content (with very interesting direct examples) and his intelligence connections…recommended…
 …here’s a song of mine about similar material:
 …great work…
PS: in your section about Orwell i think you name checked Huxley once by mistake.

Great music video David, with lots of symbolism. I linked your name above to your facebook page, so folks can see what you’ve been doing. If I’m articulate in my essays, and you’re just as articulate in your own genre. 

Oops, you’re right about me saying Huxley when I meant Orwell.