Re: query to readers re/ ppi list policies


Nick Treanor


I like Todd Fillingham's suggestion that that a subscriber sending in a
contribution be required to accompany it with a brief abstract, but I
would strongly urge you to then submit the abstract and actual article all
in the same post.  Those of us who are pressed for time will not be able
to afford the luxury of going to links for the articles we want to read
after reading the abstracts.  But it is easy to delete a posting if the
abstract points to a topic or content outside one's particular interests. 

Combining the abstract suggestion with Mark de Vos's very good proposal to
have each posting to ppi identified as to type (EDS, SUBS, CHAT, etc.) 
would go a long way to making ppi a more valuable experience for us and
one that readers could handle with less time problems.  But would it also
be possible to have each posting begin with the letters, ppi, in the
Subject Header.  Now that postings are coming in with other than Richard
Moore shown as the sender, there is no way of knowing it's a ppi post
unless the Subject Header identifies it as such.

My two cents  :)