Re: query to readers re/ ppi list policies


James Nerlinger, Jr.

Perhaps the easiest solution is to subdivide the list into two parts.  The
first part carries on the current tradition of PPI -- i.e., acts as more of
a newsletter.  Perhaps even develop a list of contributing editors of sorts,
your "staff" so to speak.  Continue to call this the Cyberjournal.

The second listserv asks as a readers' forum, much like "Letters to the
editor" in most newspapers.  This is where individuals can carry on
political debate and discuss the various items posted to the PPI list.  Call
this something like "CyberResponse" or "PPI Discussion" for example.

This would give the best of both worlds -- those who are less interested in
the point-counterpoint could simply not subscribe to the second listserv,
and you would reduce the traffic in the first while easing your editorial