Re: query to readers re/ ppi list policies


Todd Fillingham

I encourage you to consider a format that presents the material in the
form of abstracts w/ links to full texts. Surely the previewing/editing
process already being done before material is included would require
little additional effort to write abstracts &/or summaries. (I know, I
know, easy for me to say when I'm not the one doing the hard labor.) If
I am wrong then perhaps the format for submission should require that
an abstract be submitted by the author along with the entire work, thus
aiding your Herculean efforts. Abstacts would have to be limited to,
say, 2 paragraphs or 120 words.

I believe that the process of creating and submitting abtracts sharpens
arguments and hyotheses, allows more access by the busy reader, takes
advantage of the technology/ format of links and will aid you in
managing the material.

Valis does have a point in his comments, I too have been feeling
overwhelmed w/ material from ppi and have made much more frequent use of
my delete key lately.

Todd Fillingham

Industry Without Art Is Brutality
 -Ananda K. Coomaraswamy