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Richard Moore

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Peter Koening wrote:

thanks Richard.
very interesting – the pyramids – much older indeed, like Macchu Pichu, like most of the Andean historic sites, all being claimed as having been built within the Judo-Christian empire of the last 5000/6000 yrs.
Don’t think so.

We are all blinded by our assumptions. The assumption that ‘science’ knows what it’s talking about is one of the biggest blinders. Archeologists are double-blinded by believing the assumptions of anthropologists, regarding human history. I’ve seen clear videos of cities beneath the ocean, at a depth that means they were there during the last ice age, over 12,000 years ago. Archeologists try to explain them away as natural formations, because by their assumptions the cities cannot exist.
As regards science-as-we-know-it, one of the most interesting books I’ve read is Morris Berman’s The Reenchantment of the World. He explains how science grew out of alchemy, and ever since science has been disavowing its ‘embarrassing’ roots. In a very real sense, science sees its mission as proving the assumption that there is no such thing as metaphysics. As a consequence, evidence is ignored and convoluted explanations for things are dreamed up.

     I make a strong distinction between the scientific method, which I respect, and the society of scientists, whose various assumptions prevent them from following that method in so many important cases. 

Stephanie McDowall wrote:

Personally, I think mankind has risen and fallen many times in the past. Perhaps over millions of years if we consider fine porcelain vases embedded in granite found in Britain or the footprints of man and dinosaurs found together in Africa….side by side. This seems to be an interesting documentary but have only watched the first 15 minutes so far. Have saved to my favorites to watch later.
As an aside, it seems mankind is doomed to succumb once again to a major fall given current world political situations over the past century. It’s interesting people world wide have absolutely no influence on those at the top of the pyramid who are pulling the strings of governments around the world. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has no sense of history given he claims to be a fundamentalist Christian who believes the earth has been populated for only 6,000 years. I wonder if he actually believes this ? He is not stupid. Does his fundamentalist base believe this ? Still 6,000 years is long enough to give us an idea of just how intelligent world leaders have not been over this time period.

Yogananda claims to know by mystical insight that humans have been on the Earth for 50 million years, and during that time we have gone through 26,000-year cycles of higher and lower consciousness. Sitchin presents persuasive evidence that we were bioengineered by aliens. I keep an open mind on such things, and I don’t ‘believe’ one way or the other until I gather enough evidence to satisfy my notion of proof.
     In recent historical times, I’d say the fall of man came with monotheism, as described metaphorically in the Garden of Eden story. The myth that there is something wrong with us is the most disempowering myth of all. When elites claim to be religious, they are simply exploiting this myth. 

Chris Thorman wrote:

rkm> Before you start rejoicing however, we’re talking about very slow processes that take thousands of years to play out.

A very good point — the timescales of thousands of years, though very short in geologic or astronomical time, are still huge compared to the timescales that most students of social science and social realities are interested in.
Still, I think the yuga concept is interesting in answering the question of how we got where we are now. Somewhat disappointingly for those who are very optimistic about fixing all the problems of human social behavior in the couple-century timescale, it also informs the question of whether there may be essentially fundamental limitations to our ability to actually do that at all, during lower yugas. Yogananda said that in Treta Yuga, there were / will still be, “mantric wars” — wars fought on the physical plane using primarily what we would think of today as spiritual energies. So even in an age as high as Treta Yuga, there will still be wars.
And, going hand in hand with the yuga theory is the yogic observation that the material plane is never going to be the locus of eternal bliss and everlasting perfection — that’s just not its purpose. As Swami Kriyananda put it — in Satya Yuga, there will still be ants in the potato salad at picnics. 🙂


People are blinded not only by assumptions, but also by taking on beliefs that give them some kind of comfort – like, the Age of Aquarius will immediately usher in an era of enlightenment, or peer-to-peer networking will amount to a revolution, or human history is characterized by progress, or world government will solve our problems. In my case, I’ve been blinded by the hopeful belief that most adults are capable of being freed from their assumptions and beliefs. The evidence is all to the contrary. I’m increasingly aiming my writing at ‘the few’.
     I must agree that the material plane is about something other than perfection. And I think the evidence is overwhelming that the material plane is not all there is. It is folly to ignore the similarity of what has been said by sages throughout the ages. Thanks for your contribution.

Diana Licht wrote:

Dear Richard–
I haven’t read this post in-depth– but I’ve a deep ecology non-anthropocentric wisdom-centered praxis quest-like experience to ‘process’ myself. I’ve been stymied and frustrated in that development. Regards &
Cheers (?)
In the ‘proverbial’ hard times
Diana Licht Ma. Vt. USA

Frustration in the search for truth is a sign of wisdom, a sign that you are not blinded by comforting beliefs. I invite you to experience frustration as challenge, so as to avoid the emotional downside.  

Peter Koenig wrote:

Fully agree with you, Richard on the definitions.
But I guess this is much too complicated for David, probably a general mainstream man – which is alright. the dawning must come from within to be lasting. this is increasingly my conviction.

It’s not too complicated for David; rather his assumptions prevent him from considering the material at all. Even very intelligent people – Einstein, Dawkins, Hawking – have been blinded by their assumptions. 
     I’m not sure what you mean by ‘coming from within’. But I agree if you mean learning to think for yourself, and learning to hold all of your beliefs as being only working hypotheses. 

F. P. A. von Dreger wrote:

Hello Richard –
If you haven’t already run across the Gaian Navigation Experiment, you might find it interesting to listen to some of John Lamb Lash’s ‘Navigator Briefings’:
especially “Beyond Fukushima – Frontiers of Gaian Alchemy”, on that page.
A group of us have now begun an initiative we call “Famunity” on 53 acres of land in the Numinbah Valley, behind the Gold Coast here in Queensland. We have a page on facebook which is entitled ‘The Famunity (PUBLIC) page’ on which you can see some info and pix of what we’re up to:
Cheers from down under !
Ayran (aka ‘Anoka Shiva’)

Many thanks FPA, for this contribution. I’ve read Lash’s Not in His Image and was very impressed. He explains how the Gnostics were not a Christian sect, but rather an ancient spiritual tradition that spanned the world, and they were well aware of what a disaster Christianity is for humanity. In particular, he talks about Gaia as a Wisdom Goddess. In writing the following posting, on cosmic influences, it became clear to me that the Great Ages, if they exist, imply the existence of Gaian consciousness. 
     I notice that the Famunity is limited to those raising children. Too bad.


Janet Hicks King wrote:

Thank you, Richard. Very interesting!
The second image didn’t seem to come through with the article- ‘Figure 2 – Electric current from Sun’.  Is it online anywhere?

I think it failed to come through because it was in TIFF format. Here it is in JPG:

Lincoln Justice wrote:

I am very happy that you are looking into the subject of our magnetic and psychic environment. I have been exploring this subject since I was in high school and am excited by the number of scientific minds who are coming out with experience-based revelations about this reality. 
My wife and I are reading PROOF OF HEAVEN – A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by Even Alexander, MD. 2012.  His Near Death Experience (NDE) is unique in that he went through the experience with no memory of his life in the physical world until he returned to his body.  His brain was shut down from a rare illness and he was in a coma for seven days. As his doctors considered stopping treatment, Alexander’s eyes popped open.  He had come back and he had a complete recovery from E. coli bacterial meningitis. 
Before his journey he could not reconcile his knowledge of neuroscience with any belief in heaven, God, or the soul.  But what Dr. Alexander experienced while his brain was completely shut down was a level of Reality that he says is more real that anything he has ever experienced in the physical.

These are the kinds of experience-based reports that it is folly to dismiss. At the same time, we need to keep in mind that people interpret their experiences in terms of their conceptual framework. While a Christian might report that they ‘saw Jesus’, a Hindu might report that they ‘saw Shiva’. 

Peggy Conroy wrote:

Hey RKM,
Too many variables here to come up with anything that means something specific I think? Every blood vessel has a little magnetic field around it, etc. so I think basic magnetism is pretty amazing phenomena to begin with. As for consciousness, my better half who is pretty smart, thinks that it arises when a construct evolves to a certain degree of complexity. This seems to be where the research is going these days. I think people who try to take basic physics research and apply it to social situations are making a very big stretch with no experimental methodology to test their ideas… all pie in the sky to me.
Getting the planet out of the hands of the polluters and war mongers is enough of a challenge for humanity right now for those concerned about the furture while leaving mysticism/religion/superstition to those incapable of critical thinking like our congress!
Best to you,

Sorting out the variables is the role of the scientific method, and requires considerable concentration of attention. 
     Assuming that consciousness arises out of material complexity is of course the mainstream view. In order to maintain that view, much real evidence must be ignored. 
     The experimental methodology is only one of the tools of science. In the case of geology, for example, we must rely on observation and deduction, although experiments play a role at the tool level, such as in figuring out how to date found objects. 
     What we call superstition is that which goes against our current understanding. There is mysticism, and there is pseudo-mysticism. From my perspective, materialism (anti-mysticism) is superstition.

Biophilos wrote:

I believe your assessment is correct…….it is a show put on to hide a very clever agenda to conquest and dominate the World Community…….the tragedy is that so many innocent people are murdered, killed , suffer injustices and brutalities just so a few can Lord if over the Earth and its populations…….if the Intentions where benevolent I would say nothing, but “by their fruits ye shall know them” and in this case they are malevolent and conscienceless beings, maybe not even human.

I must admit that my assessment is somewhat speculative. I’m putting a prediction out there, and eventually I’ll look either smart or stupid. My thinking is based on the reality of the NWO agenda, and what events seem to imply as regards moving toward that agenda. I don’t have a strong opinion on Putin’s role. He may be quite sincere, and is being ‘played’ by the West. Or he may secretly attend Bilderberger meetings. 


James Fadiman wrote:

Thanks richard. Truth is better known than agreeable

Indeed, as one of our Sufi stories said, the land of happiness is not the land of truth.

Christapher Cogswell wrote:
Hi Richard,
Your intro to the article seems a bit simplistic. It doesn’t reference the main point of the article – the US never held the cards it needed to win this hand. I’m not convinced this is a step on the inevitable march to world government. I don’t buy that such an outcome is inevitable, do you??? What are we the people, some kind of pathetic sheep? Some are, many are not. The signs of awakening and resistance are encouraging, and we are all contributing to them.
Please do over, if you would!

We must take into account that the US was well aware it didn’t hold the cards when it instigated the fascist coup. Russia’s response was entirely predictable, and the US knew that only outright warfare could hold them back. I could have included this as part of the introduction; let this serve as my ‘doing over’.
     I don’t see any way we can prevent the New World Order. The overwhelming majority of people are pathetic sheep in such matters and will embrace the NWO, for reasons along the lines of my posting. This applies particularly to the environmental movement, most of whom are part of the global-warming cult. Meanwhile, those who oppose the NWO have not come up with any effective methods. So much for resistance. As regards awakening, that leads to lots of likes and shares on facebook, but little else.