Re: The coming of the multipolar world order



I’ve gotten lots of positive responses to the article, and I thank you for that  I’m trying to bring it to the attention of a few widely-followed analysts, whose reports I’ve found illuminating, but who seem to be missing some of the developments I point out in the article. I was pleased to learn that Greg Maybury has been sharing the article in a number of venues, and that Janet Hicks King is going to include it in the Summer issue of Dialog magazine.
Greg republished the article on his substack blog, along with his own introduction. You might want to take a look at his posting.
Tasha wrote:

Hi Richard. Great seeing this. I am prompted to ask, What about  the Hidden Hand? What about ‘the Cabal’ ?

You make a very good point Tasha. We must never underestimate the far reaching tentacles of the primary globalists, the secret cabal that David Rockefeller testified to in his autobiography. Do those tentacles reach to Russia and China? If so, how does that square with the agendas of their WEF agency? And what about the West, do the tentacles reach there as well? How might this all fit together? Is it all somehow part of the Great Reset project? We’ll need to look into this further.
jeff wefferson raises the same point:

great article and great to hear from you. The one glaring inconsistency of the multiipolar entity to retain WHO IPCC to me proves that ultimately this is just another chess move by the international banking cartel .those two UN agencies represent the twin pillars of the current war on life = covidosis and climate changeology

I’ll also be posting a piece by Brian Hill, inspired by the article, expressing the world view he has come to as a result of his many years of activism.
I’d also like to recommend to you this podcast of my conversation with Patrick Henningsen on 21st Century Wire from back in 2020. The interview was prompted by my article, Orthodoxy and the meaning of events  We had a wide-ranging conversation over many topics and it is all still relevant today.
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