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Richard Moore

Aryan Dreger wrote re/
  An important message for you, from Thelma & Louise

“Good on ‘ya, Richard !!” Well written and thoroughly well understood.
Cheers !
Ayran in OZ
Peggy Conroy wrote:
 Thanks RKM, we saw it again last week for the 2nd time. I agree, going back was not possible. Great Movie. I especially liked the tractor trailer blow up scene as I’ve been forced off the roads by these behemoths several times and harassed as in “The Duel” when hauling full 4 horse trailer with a 1/2 ton pickup.  We would have a 30 fold savings in energy alone, to say nothing of pollution, terrorism on the highways, road repair costs, accidents, etc. if we’d take the freight off the roads and put it back on the railroads where it belongs!
Peggy Conroy
West Chazy, NY


Marilyn  Polak wrote:

dear richard
this is breathtaking in scope, and brillilant. i can’t recall a more stirring piece from you. thank you. the thelma and louise manifesto. it should be a pamphlet.
i have always said we are in cages, but in america we have the illusion the bars of our cages
are further apart
ml polak
Good idea Marilyn. I do want to develop the material further one way or another. 
Madeline Bruce wrote:

Bravo.  Great stuff.  I’ll get back to you on this……

Bill Ellis wrote:

This post  sounds like the justification of a suicide bomber.
They just can’t go back to living as second class citizens.
Despised and denigrated by all those elite who hold all the cards.
Bill Ellis
Not quite Bill. There seem to be two kinds of suicide bombers (if we leave aside the many fake ‘suicide’ events, perpetrated by the powers that be, such as 9/11 and the London tube bombings). First there are those who commit suicide because they are despised, to escape from that feeling. Those are nothing like Thelma; they are not awake; they are compelled by fear; they are like ‘normal Hollywood fugitives’. 
Second, there are those who believe their act will help their fellows, and are willing to sacrifice themselves for their fellows. These are the moral equivalent of soldiers in armies (eg, “our boys”), who also wantonly murder innocent civilians, except that soldiers typically do it for far less noble reasons and they kill a lot more people. These second group of suiciders may or may not be ‘awake’, but in either case I think they are misguided in their choice of actions.
Frank wrote:
Thank you. I needed that. distributed widely 
Thanks, Frank. I hope everyone forwards things to those who might benefit or who might want to chime in.
J Hubbard wrote:
This is EXCELLENT material!!!! Whenever survival becomes the
EXPLORATION……….then mankind and beast have lost the
deeper meaning of why they were even here!!!!! Where
survival becomes the basis for one’s living, then CREATION
and INVENTION…..take precedence OVER THE DISCOVERY and
Dave Patterso wrote:

Richard — the time goes so fast! — I meant to send you a 
note and say this was a very excellent article, and hoped to
add a bit of comment as well, but have just been too busy to
do that, and things get put aside, and lost in the 
background, so I thought I would at least send you this, and
let you know that I did think this was very well done, and 
very insightful, and helpful as most of your stuff is. 
Great! Dave Patterson On Green Island 
Brian Hill wrote:


First you say that”[t]here is no such thing as security in this world…” but then you say. ” [c]ooperation and mutual aid with our fellows is our only hope for survival…” and ” wake up to life and join hands with your neighbors to re-inhabit the real world”.


Civilization seems indeed to be contradictory to nature, but how can any life be not natural since life is a part of nature.  Rather, civilization from the first plant and animal domestication some 14,000 years ago until today when one civilization is global, has been perhaps a necessary stage for the emergence of the next epoch of human development on earth, namely the integration, the harmonization of the human conscious mind into nature’s everlasting flow.  Perhaps civilization has been a necessary — natural — contradiction in order to develop the dynamic of consciously understanding — getting outside of so we can see and hence understand within — the security of nature’s inevitable rhythms.


Therefore, ‘security in this world’ may be the conscious cooperation with our fellows which we’ve had to come to understand through the contradictions of civilization.  The next phase of human existence may be as existentialists predicted, the dissolution of his-story and the future into an eternal now as we become conscious of our spontaneity, our nature, as we re-inhabit the earth as bioregionalists have practiced and written about since 1972, as tribes are revitalizing around the world, and we, the civilized, understand that the most successful ecosystem management practices are found in the pantheism of band and tribal cultures’ religions.  But, because civilizations have damaged so much of life on earth we must learn to use our conscious mind — science and technology — to repair life systems according to the natural practices of band and tribal cultures.  And, here’s my eternal optimism, the new phase of life for human cultures will use science and technology to, not only repair the life it has damaged on earth, but to compliment and augment the fullness of life.


In sum, I agree with you that by joining hands as we did in the 60s — ‘come together now’ — we may be able to save life on earth.   For years now I have said that when the 60s are reborn the revolution will be won (or one).  And, I think this is why Marx said that the grass roots of the world must unite to save the world.
Hi Brian,
Thanks! It is interesting that you find hope by looking at the Big Picture re/ humanity. In fact, your comments have inspired me to think more about human evolution ‘in the large’. I’ll be sending out an accompanying posting on that and I’d appreciate you comments.
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