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Richard Moore

Engdahl: Titanic Shift in Global Capital Market Power
Titanic Shift in Global Capital Market Power The worst financial
crisis in US history is just now appearing in its real dimension. It spells 
the end of New York’s reign as the globally dominant financial power, the 
heart of the power of the American – Sun, Sep 21 2008 5:00 pm 
Hotel Bombing: Pakistan’s Deepening Crisis
 Marriott Hotel Bombing: Another Sign Of Pakistan’s Deepening Crisis 
By Peter Symonds 22 September, 2008 The massive bomb blast that 
devastated the luxury Marriott Hotel in Islamabad on Saturday evening is one 
more sign of the deepening – Mon, Sep 22 2008 9:52 am 
bailout? EU not buying it
The split widens between the US and the EU. First over Russia, and now over 
the economy. rkm ____  09/22/2008 05:54 PM “THE AMERICANS SAID, ‘WE 
WON’T'” Merkel Says Washington Helped Drag Europe into the Credit Crisis 
Response to Washington’s multibillion-dollar Wall Street bailout has – Mon, 
Sep 22 2008 5:19 pm 
Taxpayers, Congress Push Back Against Bailout
bailout  Taxpayers, Congress Push Back Against Bailout Monday 22 
September 2008 by: Matt Renner, t r u t h o u t | Report Washington, DC – Push
back against the massive $700 billion Wall Street bailout proposal has come 
hard and fast from members of – Mon, Sep 22 2008 5:42 pm 
William Greider: Bailout Plan a Historic Swindle
 Paulson Bailout Plan a Historic Swindle by WILLIAM GREIDER September 
19, 2008 Financial-market wise guys, who had been seized with fear, are 
suddenly drunk with hope. They are rallying explosively because they think 
they have successfully stampeded Washington into accepting the – Tues, Sep 23 
2008 2:02 pm 
Democrats reject $700 billion blank check
Hmmm, very interesting. Could it be that Congress is actually waking up, 
beginning to function, as representatives of a broader constituency than the 
neocons? I kind of doubt it, but who knows? I would have doubted the Russians 
coming out gang busters. I would have doubted the EU splitting with the US 
over such an episode. I would – Tues, Sep 23 2008 2:29 pm 
Milton Mayer re/Nazism: They Thought They Were Free
.. NEWS YOU WON’T FIND ON CNN They Thought They Were Free The Germans,
 1933-45 Excerpt from pages 166-73 of They Thought They Were Free First 
published in 1955 By Milton Mayer But Then It Was Too Late “What no one seemed
to notice,” said a colleague of mine, a – Tues, Sep 23 2008 3:02 pm 
Canada follows US into bankers’ trap
The_Money_Meltdown.html The Money Meltdown Jerry Ackerman, PhD.
If Jack Layton is to deliver on his promise “to protect Canadians with new 
banking regulations” (Sept. 17, Welland, ON), he’ll need to – Wed, Sep 24 2008
12:23 am 
Venezuela: excellent interview w/Julio Chavez
Michael Albert probes, almost grills, Julio to find out how power really works
in Venezuela today. He inquires from an American perspective, and we see a 
kind of culture gap: in the context of the Bolivarian Revolution, some of the 
problems we are concerned about aren’t even thinkable. Very interesting, I’ve 
wanted to see this kind – Wed, Sep 24 2008 12:54 am 
Another great interview: Venezuelan Legal System
 Venezuelan Legal System: An Interview with Fernando Ramón Vegas 
Torrealba  September 24, 2008 By Michael Albert In early September, 2009 I 
went to Venezuela to give a talk about economic vision at a conference there. 
I stayed a week, and with Greg – Wed, Sep 24 2008 1:18 am 
Sarkozy presses for capitalism summit
..Could this signal a rollback from globalization? …Or a slide toward one-
world government? …How ironic that Bush does not realize he indicts himself 
more than any other. rkm ___ Financial Times  Sarkozy presses 
for capitalism summit – Wed, Sep 24 2008 6:26 am 
Europe: a rollback from neoliberalism?
europe-sees-hope-for-new-order -in-capitalism Wednesday, 24th September
2008 ‘Old Europe’ sees hope for new order in capitalism Reuters Viewed from 
the capitals of continental Europe, the financial market mayhem of the past 
week was an accident begging to happen ever since – Wed, Sep 24 2008 6:31 am 
Engdahl: Russia, Europe and USA: Fundamental Geopolitics
Russia, Europe and USA: Fundamental Geopolitics By F. William Engdahl 
Global Research, September 4, 2008 As details of the larger strategic picture 
emerge over what is at stake in the Georgia and larger Caucasus crisis, it is 
becoming clearer that Moscow is not determined to roll back the borders of – 
Wed, Sep 24 2008 6:46 am 
Bolivia: social-movement based democracy
government-defies-us.html Bolivia: Indigenous government defies US-
backed fascists Federico Fuentes, September 20, 2008 Relative calm has 
returned to Bolivia following a three-week offensive of violence and terrorism
launched by the US-backed right- – Wed, Sep 24 2008 7:00 am 
Tom Eley: Who is Henry Paulson?
World Socialist Web Site WSWS : News & Analysis : North America 
Who is Henry Paulson? By Tom Eley 23 September 2008 Back to screen version | 
Send this link by email | Email the author The plan to rescue the US financial
industry arrogates virtually – Wed, Sep 24 2008 10:48 am 
Marriot Bombing: Pakistan’s 9/11 ?
..Because You’ll Believe Anything: Unknown Terrorist Group Claims 
Responsibility For Marriot Bombing Winter Patriot September 23, 2008 In a 
phone call to an Islamabad TV station, “a group calling itself Fedayeen-i-
Islam” has claimed responsibility for the bombing of the – Wed, Sep 24 2008 10:
56 am 
Bill Van Auken: Martial law preparations
World Socialist Web Site WSWS : News & Analysis : North America 
Army deploys combat unit in US for possible civil unrest By Bill Van Auken 25 
September 2008 For the first time ever, the US military is deploying an active
duty regular Army combat unit for full-time use inside the United States – 
Thurs, Sep 25 2008 1:02 am 
Orszag: bailout could deepen market uncertainty
Bailout Could Deepen Crisis, CBO Chief
Says Thursday 25 September 2008 by: Frank Ahrens, The Washington Post Asset 
sales may lead to write-downs, insolvencies, Orszag tells – Thurs, Sep 25 2008
8:28 am 
Stephen Lendman: New Coup D’Etat Rumblings In Venezuela
 New Coup D’Etat Rumblings In Venezuela By Stephen Lendman 25 
September, 2008 Since taking office in January 2001, the 
Bush administration targeted Hugo Chavez for removal. It tried and failed 
three previous times: — in April 2002 for two days; aborted by mass street 
protests and – Thurs, Sep 25 2008 10:10 am 
Govt. knew crisis coming weeks ago…
..and did nothing to stop it… … White House Dispatches Team to 
Push Economic Bill September 23, 2008, 10:42 a.m. By Keith Koffler Roll Call 
Staff  The White House today is drumming up extraordinary pressure on 
Congress to approve its plan to enact a $700 billion mortgage bailout – Thurs,
Sep 25 2008 11:30 pm 
Michael Shedlock: Take Back America
Take Back America It is time to take back America from Wall Street and 
return it to Main Street USA. Treasury Secretary Paulson is attempting to ram 
down the throats of US taxpayers, a $700 billion bailout of Goldman Sachs (GS),
 JPMorgan (JPM), Citigroup (C), Morgan Stanley (MS) and other many other banks
– Thurs, Sep 25 2008 11:43 pm 
Bailout in trouble: $700 billion just a guess!
..beltway-cx_jz_bw_0923bailout.h tml  The Paulson Plan Bad 
News For The Bailout Brian Wingfield and Josh Zumbrun 09.23.08, 6:39 PM ET 
awmakers on Capitol Hill seem determined to work together to pass a – Thurs, 
Sep 25 2008 11:49 pm 
Congress in turmoil over bailout
 Talks Implode During Day of Chaos; Fate of Bailout Plan Remains 
Unresolved September 26, 2008 By DAVID M. HERSZENHORN, CARL HULSE and SHERYL 
GAY STOLBERG This article was reported by David M. Herszenhorn, Carl Hulse and
Sheryl Gay Stolberg and written by Ms. Stolberg. – Fri, Sep 26 2008 12:41 am 
Bailout: Republicans have more sense than Democrats!
While Democrats scramble to cave in to Bush, Republicans show some sense and 
mettle. -rkm …AR2008092500268.html  Talks Falter on Bailout Deal 
White House Summit Fails to Yield Accord as House GOP Floats New Plan By Paul 
Kane and Lori Montgomery – Fri, Sep 26 2008 2:09 am 
Europe lining up against Wall Street
..Fair enough, let them cover their tracks, as long as they are serious! -rkm
World Socialist Web Site WSWS : News & Analysis : Europe 
European reactions to the financial crisis Covering their tracks and 
distancing themselves from the US – Fri, Sep 26 2008 2:21 am 
‘Car sleepers’ the new US homeless
 ‘Car sleepers’ the new US homeless By Rajesh Mirchandani BBC News, 
Santa Barbara Santa Barbara boasts a classic laidback California lifestyle, 
with uncongested beaches, wholesome cafes and charming Spanish-style 
architecture. Of course there’s a hefty price tag: nestled between the gentle 
Santa – Sat, Sep 27 2008 8:27 pm 
Chossudovsky: martial law preparations
Pre-election Militarization of the North American Homeland. US Combat 
Troops in Iraq repatriated to ” help with civil unrest” By Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research, September 26, 2008 The Army Times reports that the 3rd 
Infantry’s 1st Brigade Combat – Sat, Sep 27 2008 8:37 pm 
Bailout: Congress caves in to pressure
Congress is making only cosmetic changes to the bailout plan – the Greatest 
Robbery in history. -rkm  Breakthrough Reached in Negotiations on 
Bailout September 28, 2008 By DAVID M. HERSZENHORN and CARL HULSE WASHINGTON —
Congressional leaders and the Bush administration – Sun, Sep 28 2008 1:39 am 
Fwd: some news items
Pilger: The new world war – the silence is a lie
The new world war – the silence is a lie 24 Sept 2008 In an article for
the New Statesman, John Pilger describes the ‘great silence’ over the annual 
British party conferences as politicians and their club of commentators say 
nothing about a war provoked and waged – Sun, Sep 28 2008 10:55 am 
America’s Forgotten War Against the Central Banks
“Let me issue and control a nation’s money supply, and I care not who 
makes its laws.” October 19th, 2007 America’s Forgotten War Against the 
Central Banks By Mike Hewitt “Let me issue and control a nation’s money supply,
 and I care not who makes its laws.” (Mayer Amschel Rothschild, Founder of 
Rothschild – Sun, Sep 28 2008 11:14 am 
Mobile phones: fivefold increase in cancer risk
childrens-risk-of-brain-cancer -fivefold-937005.html Independent. Mobile phone use ‘raises children’s risk of brain cancer fivefold’ 
Alarming new research from Sweden on the effects of radiation raises – Sun, 
Sep 28 2008 11:22 am 
Fwd: Martial Law Declared in USA?
FEMA Concentration Camps: Locations and Executive Orders
FEMA Concentration Camps: Locations and Executive Orders FEMA 
Concentration Camps: Locations and Executive Orders There over 800 prison 
camps in the United States, all fully operational and ready to receive 
prisoners. They are all staffed and – Mon, Sep 29 2008 2:09 am 
US lawmakers publish shameful rescue deal
 US lawmakers publish rescue deal House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces
bail-out package US politicians have announced a $700bn deal to rescue 
America’s financial system and end the credit crunch. The move, backed by both
Republican and Democratic leaders, allows – Mon, Sep 29 2008 2:16 am 
Will NATO’s Expansion Bubble Burst?
Will NATO’s Expansion Bubble Burst? By Sara Flounders Global Research, 
September 28, 2008 Workers World. U.S. imperialism’s every effort to assert 
itself and reverse its declining global domination confirms its weakened 
position. Washington increasingly looks to threats of sanctions and/or 
military – Mon, Sep 29 2008 6:33 am 
Michael Moore on Wall Street Coup
————— Mike’s Letter Monday, September 29th, 2008 The Rich 
Are Staging a Coup This Morning …a message from Michael Moore Friends, Let 
me cut to the chase. The biggest robbery in the history of this country is 
taking place as you read this. Though no guns are being – Mon, Sep 29 2008 7:
05 am 
Fwd: William Bowles news summary
Fwd: ‘Martial Law’ was used in special sense
Thanks Claudia! rkm Begin forwarded message: – Mon, Sep 29 2008 11:03 am 
Exclusive: The methane time bomb
bomb-938932.html Exclusive: The methane time bomb Arctic scientists 
discover new global warming threat as melting permafrost releases millions of 
tons of a gas 20 times more damaging than carbon dioxide By Steve Connor, 
Science Editor – Mon, Sep 29 2008 11:39 am 
election fraud: Why the Debates Won’t Matter
Marty Kaplan Posted September 28, 2008 | 11:
26 PM (EST) Why the Debates Won’t Matter (Hint: It’s a Felony) Let me hedge my
bet. Maybe, at the vice presidential debate, the talking points Sarah – Mon, 
Sep 29 2008 12:18 pm 
House rejects bailout bill; what will happen next is unclear
McClatchy Washington Bureau Posted on Mon, Sep. 29, 2008 House rejects 
bailout bill; what will happen next is unclear Kevin G. Hall | McClatchy 
Newspapers last updated: September 29, 2008 04:05:15 PM WASHINGTON — The $700 
billion bailout of the financial industry – Mon, Sep 29 2008 1:22 pm 
FINALLY Someone Said “No” by Richard C. Cook
FINALLY Someone Said “No” by 
Richard C. Cook Posted on September 29, 2008 by dandelionsalad by Richard C 
Cook featured writer Dandelion Salad Sept. 29, 2008 FINALLY, 
someone said “No” to the criminal gang that runs the U.S. – Mon, Sep 29 2008 
11:49 pm 
A shattering moment in America’s fall from power
usforeignpolicy.useconomicgrow th   A shattering moment in America’s 
fall from power The global financial crisis will see the US falter in the same
way the Soviet Union did when the Berlin Wall came down. The era of American 
dominance is over – Tues, Sep 30 2008 12:10 am 
America, where the streets are lined with homeless
 In Hard Times, Tent Cities
Multiply Sunday 28 September 2008 by: The Associated Press Reno, Nevada – A 
few tents cropped up hard by the railroad tracks, pitched by men left with 
nowhere to go once the emergency – Tues, Sep 30 2008 8:57 am 
ZERO : An Investigation Into 9/11 (video)
A new, professionally made documentary, being shown in Europe. In Russia, it 
was shown on prime time TV a few weeks ago, on Sep 11. Evidently it includes 
new information, not shown in previous 9/11 expose videos. -rkm ZERO : An 
Investigation Into 9/11 – Tues, Sep 30 2008 1:30 pm 
Naomi Klein: Resist the Wall Street Shock Doctrine
An interview on Democracy Now Naomi Klein: Resist the Wall Street Shock 
China May Ease Lending Restrictions
China May Ease Lending 
Restrictions, Central Bank Adviser Says By Rob Delaney Sept. 30 (Bloomberg) —
China may ease limits on mortgages and business loans instead of lowering 
interest rates, as a global slowdown threatens to pull economic growth below 9
percent, according – Tues, Sep 30 2008 1:34 pm 
Red State Rebels: grassroots resistance in the heartland
A Red States rebellion is breaking out. It’s been going on for some 
time. The stakes are high and the odds are long. And the battles are waged 
over the essentials of life: water, food, wilderness, and human liberty. Out 
here there are no fixed blueprints for resistance. No – Tues, Sep 30 2008 1:36
Michael Moore: Coup Averted for Three Days!
—————– Mike’s Letter Tuesday, September 30th, 2008 
Congratulations, Corporate Crime Fighters! Coup Averted for Three Days! …
from Michael Moore Friends, Everyone said the bill would pass. The masters of 
the universe were already making celebratory dinner reservations at 
Manhattan’s finest – Tues, Sep 30 2008 1:39 pm 
InfraGard: private contractors w/shoot-to-kill powers
 FBI Deputizes Private Contractors With Extraordinary Powers, 
Including ‘Shoot to Kill’ By Matthew Rothschild, The Progressive Posted on 
February 8, 2008, Printed on September 30, 2008 Today, more than 23,000
representatives of private industry are – Tues, Sep 30 2008 1:42 pm 
Mussolini-Style Corporatism in Action
action.html Mussolini-Style Corporatism in Action: Treasury Conference 
Call on Bailout Bill to Analysts (Updated) MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2008 Various 
readers wrote us, and it was confirmed by a detailed report on the call at 
DealBreaker, that the Treasury Department held a – Tues, Sep 30 2008 1:51 pm 
R Cook: New Article on Bailout Crisis: “They Just Don’t Get It”
Inspiring: “Development From Within”
Washington imposes sanctions on Bolivia
World Socialist Web Site WSWS : News & Analysis : South & 
Central America Washington imposes sanctions on Bolivia By Rafael Azul 1 
October 2008 The Bush administration has imposed fresh sanctions on Bolivia in
retaliation for the decision of the country’s president Evo Morales – Wed, Oct
1 2008 1:02 am 
Robbery Bailout: Empire strikes back
 October 1, 2008 Senate to Vote Wednesday on Bailout Plan By CARL 
HULSE and ROBERT PEAR WASHINGTON — Senate leaders scheduled a Wednesday vote 
on a $700 billion financial bailout package after accepting tax breaks and a 
higher limit for insured bank deposits in a bid to win House approval – Wed, 
Oct 1 2008 1:08 am 
Engdahl: The End of the World as We Knew It
Financial Tsunami: The End of the World as We Knew It By F. William 
Engdahl Global Research, September 30, 2008 The unexpected rejection by the US
Congress of the Bush Administration financial rescue plan, TARP on September 
29 has opened – Wed, Oct 1 2008 6:24 am 
Arrighi: Times of change are also times of confusion
..”Globalization, State Sovereignty, and the ‘Endless’ Accumulation of
Capital” by Giovanni Arrighi (•••@••.•••) © Giovanni Arrighi 1997 “Times
of change,” remarks John Ruggie, “are also times of confusion. Words lose 
their familiar meaning, and our footing becomes unsure on – Wed, Oct 1 2008 7:
00 am 
Code Red Emergency: Survival Measures Required
Code Red Emergency: Survival Measures Required 9-29-8 RHINEBECK, NY 29 
September 2008 — The Greatest Depression has begun. Conditions will 
drastically deteriorate. We urge you to consider taking proactive and 
protective measures to secure your future before – Wed, Oct 1 2008 9:28 am 
World Financial Crisis Reveals Vulnerability Of Russia’s Economy
..I find this article overly negative on the Russian economy, but I’m no 
expert. They’ve got cash reserves, petroleum to sell, and they aren’t afraid 
to nationalize operations when necessary, as with the petroleum industry. 
They’ve got flexibilities most of the West lacks. Somehow I see them as a 
survivor in the coming collapse. – Wed, Oct 1 2008 9:52 am 
Finance crisis: will it split the EU?
Financial Crisis: So much for tirades against American greed
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard says it is ironic that European banks have turned out 
to be deeper in debt than their US counterparts. – Wed, Oct 1 2008 11:37 pm 
Michael Moore: How to Fix the Wall Street Mess
Street-Mess.php From OP-ED Michael Moore: Here’s How to Fix
the Wall Street Mess Author: Michael Moore Published on Oct 1, 2008 – 2:04:07 
PM Friends, The richest 400 Americans – that’s right, just four hundred people
– – Wed, Oct 1 2008 11:44 pm 
Fwd: What is the REAL purpose of the bail out bill?
Interesting video. Is the bailout bill really all about paying off the bad 
debts of foreign banks? I think the video misses the point main point on this 
however. The US economy depends on being propped up by investments from China,
Japan, etc. Buying up their bad debts from Wall Street is necessary to keep 
them from abandoning their prop- – Wed, Oct 1 2008 11:59 pm 
R Cook on bailout: End of America as We Know It?
Does the Bailout Bill Mark the End of America as We Know It? Richard C. Cook 
OCTOBER 1, 2008—Tonight the Senate passed the $700 billion Wall Street bailout
bill by a vote of 74-25. This follows the rejection of the bill by the House 
on Monday. In an MSNBC poll, 62 percent of Americans oppose the giveaway, but 
the lobbyists are doing everything – Thurs, Oct 2 2008 12:09 am 
Britain’s spies monitored Omagh bombers
A good article, but it avoids the obvious conclusion: Omagh was an operation 
of British Intelligence from the beginning. A tactical move in the so-called 
peace process. -rkm World Socialist Web Site BBC reveals how 
Britain’s spies monitored Omagh bombers – Thurs, Oct 2 2008 12:32 am 
Britain: Forty percent of children live in poverty
World Socialist Web Site WSWS : News & Analysis : Europe : 
Britain Britain: Forty percent of children live in poverty By Peter Reydt 3 
October 2008 Back to screen version | Send this link by email | Email the 
author More than 40 percent of children in the United Kingdom are living in – 
Fri, Oct 3 2008 1:09 am 
Bailout: keeps fuel prices high
Bailing Out The Oil Market By William Pentland 01/10/09 “Forbes” — – 
09.23.08, 11:35 AM ET — While everyone knows the U.S. government is looking 
to bail Wall Street banks, few people realize that it’s also bailing out 
speculative oil and commodities – Fri, Oct 3 2008 5:24 am 
The financial crisis: a charming parable
The Crisis Explained – Really by rdf Thu Sep 25th, 2008 at 10:24:14 AM 
EST Analogies are never perfect, but here’s one using horse racing. Don’t 
expect a perfect correspondence to the banking situation, but I think it is 
close enough for government work. – Fri, Oct 3 2008 7:14 am 
Ireland: credible UFO sighting
We’re not alone . . . 
politician and pilot spot UFO By Anita Guidera Monday September 29 2008 THE 
truth is out there — and if a senior garda, a Fianna Fail politician and a 
pilot are to be believed, aliens are keeping a close – Fri, Oct 3 2008 1:04 pm
Bruce Ivins: he knew too much
vins Bragged He Knew Anthrax Killer Court
Records Show Ivins E-mailed Himself To Brag He Knew Identity Of Anthrax Killer
WASHINGTON, Sep. 24, 2008 (AP) (AP) Bruce Ivins, the Army scientist accused of
masterminding the – Fri, Oct 3 2008 1:08 pm 
Day of Infamy: House backs bail-ou
 House backs $700bn bail-out plan The moment the rescue package was 
approved in the House of Representatives The US House of Representatives has 
passed a $700bn (£394bn) government plan to rescue the US financial sector. 
The 263-171 vote was the second in a week, following its shock – Fri, Oct 3 
2008 8:23 pm 
Get Your Dollars Out Now!
Go Get Your Dollars Out Now! FAST!!! Oct 3rd, 2008 | By asalbuchi | 
Category: English Press Communiqué No. 52 – 03-Oct-08 TERMINAL CRISIS BRINGS 
Your Dollars Out Now! FAST!!! The events of the last two weeks have clearly 
revealed that the – Sat, Oct 4 2008 1:09 am 
Mass executions in wake of Katrina?
Cynthia McKinney: 5000 PEOPLE WERE EXECUTED!!! (video)
Walden Bello: A Primer On Wall Street Meltdown
Trying to make sense of things in this crazy, capitalist world Creative-
Tuesday, I had the same feeling I had when I arrived in Beirut two years ago, 
at the height of the Israeli bombing – Sat, Oct 4 2008 6:21 am 
Food Riots Have Already Begun as Global Grain Prices Skyrocket
Food Riots Have Already Begun as Global Grain Prices Skyrocket, 
Supplies Dwindle by David Gutierrez Global Research, October 4, 2008 
NaturalNews (NaturalNews) Riots and other forms of civil unrest have already 
broken out around the world in response to a global grain shortage and surging
food – Sat, Oct 4 2008 6:35 am 
William Cox: Betrayed by the Bailout: The Death of Democracy
Betrayed by the Bailout: The Death of Democracy By William Cox Global 
Research, October 3, 2008 On this date, October 3, 2008, the American people 
were betrayed by those whom they had elected to represent them. The members of
Congress who voted for the Wall Street “bailout” violated their oath – Sat, 
Oct 4 2008 6:40 am 
Japan Questions 9/11 and War on Terror
questions-9-11-and-the-global- war-on-terror/ Japan Questions 9/11 and 
the Global War on Terror IN TOP 25 CENSORED STORIES FOR 2009 Source:
and Rock Creek Free Press, January 14, 2008 Title: “Transcript Of Japanese 
Parliament’s 911 Testimony” – Sat, Oct 4 2008 10:40 am 
Goldman Sachs: bought off all the politicians
Russia boosts S Ossetia security
 Russia boosts S Ossetia security Russian President Dmitry Medvedev 
has ordered security to be tightened in South Ossetia, where eight Russian 
soldiers were killed in an explosion. The soldiers died on Friday when a car 
blew up near a Russian military base in the regional capital, Tskhinvali. – 
Sat, Oct 4 2008 6:46 pm 
Europe stumbling with bailout plans
 No banks bail-out fund for Europe Nicolas Sarkozy: Each government 
will act in a co-ordinated manner Europe’s biggest economies have agreed to 
work together to support financial institutions – but without forming a joint 
bail-out fund. French President Nicolas Sarkozy hosted the meeting of the 
leaders of – Sat, Oct 4 2008 6:51 pm 
FYI, psychic predictions around 10 October
Bcc: misc. I have no idea if any of this make sense. Judge for yourself. On 
Oct 10 we’ll find out. -rkm ____ …Potential Disruptive Event John L. 
Petersen, Founder & President, The Arlington Institute 4 October 2008 About 
three weeks ago, now, I received indications from four – Sat, Oct 4 2008 8:36 
Oct 7 – not Oct 10
Forbes: Next – The Mother Of All Bank Runs?
cx_nr_1002roubini.html  Doctor Doom Next: The Mother Of All Bank Runs?
Nouriel Roubini 10.02.08, 12:01 AM ET It’s plain that the current financial 
crisis is worsening in spite of–or perhaps because of–the Treasury rescue 
plan. – Sat, Oct 4 2008 11:19 pm 
Jim Willie: Banking System Collapse Approaches Climax
 Give me enough balloons, it will fly! Bailout Fixes Nothing, Banking 
System Collapse Approaches Climax Take all your money out of the bank. Take 
six months living costs minimum, take small bills for food and gas purchases 
and large ones for rent or mortgage payments. Do not talk about it. If you 
have – Sat, Oct 4 2008 11:27 pm