rkm: greetings from Kauai


Richard Moore


Thanks to the generosity of friends and family, I was able
to make it to Kauai in time to be with my Father when he
passed away. The family was all with him, around his own bed
at home, and he didn't suffer. I'm not a religious person,
but I somehow feel his spirit still with me.


By some kind of karmic irony, my book came into physical form
just as my Father was leaving his physical form behind.  The book
is now available on Booksurge.com:

   "Escaping the Matrix : How We the People can change the world"
      by Richard Moore
   Publisher: The Cyberjournal Project
   ISBN: 0-9770983-0-3
   Binding: Trade Paper
   228 pages; $15.95

If you move quickly, you can still get some copies in time for


We've been experiencing difficulties with our website. For some
reason the archives have not been staying up to date. We'll be
looking into that soon.


I'll be staying here with my family until after Christmas
and, under the circumstances, you're not likely to hear much
from me until the first of the year. I am reading and
responding to my email on a personal basis, and will be
posting things when I can. The online time I do have
available is being devoted mostly to organizing the book
tour. Many of you have volunteered to be hosts in various
cities, and I'll be sending you support materials as they
become available, and as the travel itinerary begins to take

Many thanks to everyone for your ongoing support and
encouragement for the book project.

I wish the very best seasons greetings to you all,


ps> here's an article you may find interesting:

"Choking the Internet: How much longer will your favorite
sites be on line?" - by Wayne Madsen



"Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World"

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