rkm: I’m visiting USA Sep-Oct


Richard Moore


I'll be in the States for September and October. It's mostly a family 
visit, but I'm hoping to meet some of you and revisit some of the 
places I stopped during my tour last October. Let me know if you're 
interested in meeting up. Itinerary below.


Washington DC (overnight stop)
Sep 1 arrive Dulles 2.58pm - leave 8.25am Sep 2

Los Angeles (several hours)
Sep 2 arrive LAX 10.45am - leave 4.12pm

Kauai (1 month)
Sep 2 arrive Lihue 7.02pm -leave 8.40pm Oct 2

San Francisco (1 month)
Oct 3 arrive SFO 7.19am - leave 6.31pm Nov 4