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Because of various glitches, you may have received one or two unusual postings yesterday that were not intended to go out on the list. The last intended posting was the article on beliefs, cultures, and human brotherhood. 
I realize the article was long, also a bit complex, and I know not many of you will have both the time and motivation to give it a read all the way through. I think it is an important article, however. Because of the work we did looking into beliefs, I was able to look anew at my own long-standing ideas about dialog and community, and a ‘great simplification’ emerged, which is a good sign in any field of inquiry. The article is not just my latest response to the muse, but a ‘consolidation landmark’ in our years-long thread on social transformation. I’ve reformatted the article as a PDF file, and put it online. Feel free to forward the link to anyone who might find the material useful, along with your own introductory comments:
Beliefs, cultures, and human brotherhood: a vision of social transformation
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The article traces the thinking process that leads to certain insights. Now that those insights have been discovered, they can be presented in a more accessible, concise, and useful form.
      In particular, I want to start with the circle process, relate it to known group processes, and then bring in the notion of circle splitting. That gives us a concept of a ‘circle culture’ that has the potential to grow exponentially in the fashion of kudzu. Then I’ll talk about the natural emergence of consensus viewpoints from such circles, and the natural focus on community issues that would emerge, given the geographical proximity of people in face-to-face circles. 
     Next comes the notion of ‘circle synchronization’, via exchange visits among circles. We then have a model for developing an inclusive community consensus, and maintaining consensus dynamically on a distributed basis. Only after all of this is established will I bring in the topic of social and cultural transformation. 
As regards our state of emergency, we still have our net, so let’s keep making use of it to prepare for the more localized post-Internet world. 
I see that my mainstream sources are still not talking about what’s happening in Ukraine and elsewhere re/plague conditions. Why is this? You’d think they would want to publicize this real pandemic, claim that it’s H1N1, and thereby encourage more people to get vaccinated. Their silence must have a purpose. Given Obama’s declaration of national emergency, and how close in time that was to the outbreak in the Ukraine, I suspect that they’re saving the plague story until it gets bigger. They want the plague to get really out of hand where it is now, then they’ll introduce it in the West, or let it get there naturally, and then all the ducks will be in a row for martial law and forced vaccinations, ala Rev Jim Jones and his kool aid. This could all happen very quickly. With martial law we can expect to lose our Internet connectivity.
The most immediate threats to our safety are the vaccines, which are designed to destroy our immune systems, plus the deadly pathogens, that may be in the vaccines as well or may be delivered by other means, aerial spraying or whatever. Based on reports from the Ukraine, India, and China, the deadly pathogens are not the H1N1 virus, but something else, perhaps more than one pathogen. There seems to be evidence of a Spanish Flu-like virus, and pneumonic plague. Both are highly contagious and deadly.
     The first line of defense is to do all you can to avoid the vaccines. Next, stock up on the antibiotics that are recommended for pneumonic plague and keep them handy. Then do what you can to boost you immune system. Go to your local health food store. What I’ve heard is at least 1,000 mg of Vitamin C a day, and good doses of A and E, plus a good dose of mineral supplements. Fresh organic food as much as possible, avoid tobacco, and colloidal silver comes highly recommended. I’m sure Google could quickly pull up other suggestions for you. 
The other big threat is fascist rule and reduction to slave conditions. The only defense against that is grassroots mobilization and solidarity on an inclusive basis. My suggestion: start a harmonization circle.
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