stand by for incoming (:>)


Richard Moore

Dear ppi,

Thanks to the dozens of you who sent in "Received OK" messages to the first
posting over cj, and I might add that most of you also tossed in a
congratulatory remark re/ppi -- much appreciated.

I've got _tons of good things to send out over ppi, the limiting factor as
usual has been my own bandwidth.  If any of you want to volunteer to be
`topic editors', please let me know.  What it means is that you send things
into ppi with a tag in the subject line that let's me know the item has
been specially selected for ppi and should be given a fast-track to
posting.  Moderator shaing... many hands make light work.

I'll take some time this morning and send more items than usual... partly
because I'll be gone all next week to Geneva.  _Possibly there'll be email
access there... we'll see.