The role of the cosmos in our magnetic and psychic environment


Richard Moore

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The role of the cosmos in our magnetic and psychic environment

Our magnetic environment
The Earth has a magnetic field, and so does the Moon, the Sun, the other planets, and the galaxy itself. The disk shape of our galaxy, with the trailing arms and all, is entirely due to magnetic and fields and electrical forces. The standard model folks don’t understand the electrical part, but they do agree that all these magnetic fields exist. They can be measured and mapped by modern instruments.

The Sun’s magnetic field extends far out beyond the planets, creating a plasma shield around the solar system that protects it from external intrusions, like the membrane of a cell protecting the cell. So here on the Earth we are very much under the influence of the Sun’s magnetic field as well as the Earth’s. And then there’s the galaxy. That magnetic field extends beyond the visible galaxy, and so we are very much under the influence of the galaxy’s magnetic field. 

Thus, the magnetic fields of the Earth, Moon, Sun, and galaxy all have a strong influence on the magnetic energy fields we are experiencing at any given time. As to why that’s important we will get to later. For now I just want to make it clear that all four influences are significant, more or less on a par with one another, as regards the magnetic field being experienced on Earth.

Evidently the Sun reverses its magnetic field from time to time, and I imagine there are other ways in which there are variations in our four magnetic influencers. But I think we can assume that our four influences are more or less constant most of the time. What does vary significantly over time is the relative alignment of the various magnetic fields. 

The daily and monthly magnetic cycles – the Moon’s influence
Consider this image. In particular, notice that Earth’s rotational axis is different than its magnetic axis…

     Figure 1 – tilt between our rotational and magnetic axes

As the Earth rotates around its rotational axis, the axis of its magnetic field wobbles around in a circle. It wobbles with respect to the magnetic axis of the Moon, of the Sun, and of the galaxy. When two magnetic fields interact, the relative alignment of the axes is critical as regards how they interact. If you hold two bar magnets near one another, the forces acting on them depend very much on how you align them. We’ve all experienced this I’m sure.

As the Earth’s axis wobbles over a 24 hour cycle, the resonance between it’s own magnetic field and each of the three other fields is continually shifting. If we mapped the changing field lines, we’d see waves of various frequencies and amplitudes, as the interference patterns among the four fields shifted slightly.  It would be something like the surf coming in on a beach, with quiet intervals, intense intervals, repetitive patterns, etc. And ‘beach conditions’ would the about the same each day, for any given time of day. The Earth wobbles through (almost) the same relative alignment patterns each second of a day, as it went through the previous day at the same second. 

The Moon’s field is the exception. The Moon shifts its own axis, relative to our axis, over a 24-hour period as it rotates around the Earth. The outcome is that each day we experience a shifting magnetic environment, and the pattern of that shifting varies only incrementally each day, giving us a daily repetitive cycle, and wrapped around it a monthly repetitive cycle. Repetitive as regards the magnetic energy patterns we are exposed to.

The annual magnetic cycle – the Sun’s influence
As we all know, the Earth’s rotational axis is at an angle to the solar axis. This gives us our seasons. Imagine a space craft that maintains a position out on our northern magnetic axis, a fixed distance above the North Pole. That space craft would move in closest to the Sun around our summer solstice, and would then move out to its furthest from the Sun around our winter solstice. 

From that vantage point, as our space craft rides along on top of the magnetic axis, we’d be able to see that the Earth’s rotational axis wobbles around a circle with respect to the solar axis, as the Earth completes its orbit around the Sun. The daily wobble cycle of the magnetic axis happens within a conical envelope, and that conical envelope itself wobbles in an annual cycle, with a larger-scale wobble. 

Thus our magnetic environment goes through an annual cycle, based on the relative alignment of our magnetic axis with that of the Sun. The variation in alignment over the course of a year is much greater than the daily variation. The influence of the Sun on our magnetic environment shows up as patterns that occur over the course of a year, within the overall interference pattern of the four interacting fields. 

It is important not to think of the Sun as ‘far away’, when it comes to magnetism. The Sun’s magnetic field is right here right now, and it is very powerful. A relative shift in our axis could have a major local magnetic effect, given the amount of energy in the solar field. It’s like our axis alignment is a tuner on a radio, and a small shift in the tuner can suddenly bring in a station loud and clear.

The precessional magnetic cycle – the galaxy’s influence
The orbital axis of the Earth wobbles over a 26,000 year cycle, by precession, just like a wobbling top spinning on a table. These wobbles bring about the biggest variations in our alignment with the galactic magnetic axis, and the effect the galactic magnetic field will therefore lead to energy patterns that repeat on a 26,000-year cycle.

And as with the Sun it is important not to think of the galaxy as ‘far away’. The galactic field is immensely powerful: it controls the structure of the galaxy out to the furthest reaches. We are right in the midst of that powerful field, and our ‘axis tuner’ can modulate how much of that firehose of energy comes in to us, and how it affects us. Our relative alignment with the galactic axis could turn out to be the most significant term, in the equation that describes the energy dynamics of our magnetic environment.

We are tuned in live to the cosmos
In the standard model of cosmology, the only connections we have with the rest of the cosmos are (1) radiation and particles that reaches us, and (2) gravity that governs our orbit and the tides. In that model our solar system is an isolated island, with its own nuclear power station, and is essentially unaffected by anything going on outside the island. 

In that model, the only ‘cosmic interactions’ that have any real meaning for us are (1) the energy we get from the Sun, and (2) the effect of the Moon in causing tides. From such a perspective, things like astrology make no sense, and can only be seen as pseudoscience.

With magnetism we have an example of a mechanism that connects us to the cosmos in ways that the standard model could never imagine. Not only do we have a cyclic magnetic relationship with the Moon, Sun, and galaxy, these are in addition real-time relationships. The standard model thinks of the galactic center as being far away, with us seeing its light from long, long ago. When we think instead of the galaxy’s magnetic field, instead of its center, then we are in touch with the galaxy right now, as it is now, interacting with its energy in real time.

If magnetic fields could affect embryo development at the level of personality formation, then it is conceivable that astrology’s Sun signs might have a scientific basis, due to the cyclic nature of our resonance with the Sun’s magnetic field. If magnetic fields could affect our spiritual development, then it is conceivable that that the Yugas have a scientific basis, due to the cyclic nature of our resonance with the galaxy’s magnetic field.

I doubt if magnetic fields can affect embryo development or spiritual development. I believe that the story is not nearly so simple. The important point is that we do have these cyclic magnetic connections, and the cycles match the cycles that we find in astrology, in the Vedas, in the Mayan Calendar, in the Yugas, and elsewhere. 

I will go out on a limb: I do not think this matching of cycles is a coincidence. The conformance is too precise, and the cycle pattern of the Earth’s wobbles is too unique and random. My current hypothesis, based on all the above, is that something about magnetic fields somehow influences our psyches at various stages in our development. In addition, based on the cycles involved, we can associate specific kinds of psychic developmental influence with specific influencers – the Moon, the Sun, or the galaxy. 

Magnetic fields as energy modulators
The Aurora Borealis are plasma discharges caused by powerful electric currents coming into the Earth from the Sun. The currents come in at the poles because they follow the Earth’s magnetic field lines, and those lines go into the Earth at the poles. We are receiving electrical energy; magnetic fields are not the source of that energy, and yet magnetic fields define the pathways over which that energy flows. 

Figure 2 – Electric current from Sun

Rather than looking for ‘magical’ properties in magnetism itself – although I appreciate anyone who is pursuing that line – I think it may be more productive to look at magnetism as a traffic manager, or energy modulator, and to focus our investigation on the nature of that modulation mechanism, and on the kinds of energy that might flow over the available pathways.

With the Aurora we are seeing a gross manifestation of magnetism as energy modulator. Those incoming polar field lines are always there, and there is always some level of current flowing. It’s a big energy exchange, on a macro scale, but the only thing that changes is the strength of the current, and no one is suggesting the current flow at the poles has any mysterious influence on us or our psyches.

When the Earth wobbles in its various ways, that has no significant effect on it’s main field lines, or on the incoming electric current. If magnetism is modulating energy from the cosmos that can effect our psyches in the cyclic way we have noted, it must be another kind of energy than gross electric current that is being modulated, and the modulation must be happening in some subtle way, not by means of gross field lines.

The place to look for such a modulation mechanism is in the principle of resonance. When two systems are in resonance, then subtle signals can be picked up out of the soup of traffic in which that signal is embedded. That’s how a radio can pick out specific stations, by resonating its receiver circuit with a specific station’s transmitter circuit. In scientific psychic studies, it has been demonstrated that the ability to communicate telepathically is linked to the degree of resonance in the minds of the participants. For example, identical twins are more likely to be able to connect telepathically, than are two randomly selected people.

Tuning in to electromagnetic energy
The central galaxy is emitting electromagnetic energy on many frequencies all the time. Let us suppose that the Earth’s wobbling can lead to a local magnetic configuration which acts as a receiving circuit for that frequency. As the magnetic configuration varies in resonance with the galaxy, so the electromagnetic signal from the galactic center would vary in strength. 

By this mechanism we can easily imagine a more subtle role for magetism-as-modulator than we see in the gross Aurora. It is definitely in the realm of possibility that we receive electromagnetic energy from the Moon, Sun, and central galaxy, on certain frequencies, with intensities that vary according to the cycles we have been examining.

It would be more plausible to suggest that electromagnetic waves could effect embryo development, or our own psyches, than to imagine that a magnetic field itself could have such effects. In fact oscillating electric currents, at various frequencies, have been used by various practitioners and researchers in the treatment of various maladies, from arthritis to skin cancer. Nonetheless, if we are seeking to find a scientific basis for the Great Ages of the Yuga, I think we need to find a still-more-subtle influence than electromagnetic waves.

Tuning in to psychic energy
With telepathy we see energy that can effect us at a psychic level being transmitted over a distance, and resonance is the means of receiving that energy. In the case of psychic energy there are no Maxwell’s Equations to tell us how resonance works, and we don’t have any way to trace and detect psychic energy flows, apart from what we learn from subjects who participate in experiments. 

Despite our lack of understanding what it is or how it works, the transmission of psychic energy is a scientifically demonstrated reality. And it seems to resemble electromagnetic radiation in that it can be unnoticeable as background energy, but can become a clear transmission when appropriate resonance is achieved in a receiver.

If there is a such thing as galactic, solar, or lunar transmissions of psychic energy, and if magnetic field configurations can tune into those transmissions, then we could receive psychic energies from the cosmos with the same familiar cyclical patterns we’ve seen with with magnetism and electromagnetic waves. Such energies would be on still a more subtle level than electromagnetic energy, and they would provide a much stronger explanation for astrology, the Yuga Cycles, etc.

Entertaining the possibility of psychic energy being transmitted from cosmic sources is more or less equivalent to entertaining the possibility that some kind of psychic consciousness exists in those cosmic sources. Psychic energy, it seems to me, must be something that passes from one field of consciousness to another. If the Moon, or some other cosmic object, sends us psychic signals, I would be willing to assume, as a working hypothesis, that there must be some kind of consciousness field associated with that object.

And if cosmic objects have consciousness fields, then presumably the Earth itself – Gaia – also has a consciousness field. The transmission of psychic energy then becomes a kind of telepathy, between the Earth’s consciousness field and that of a cosmic transmitter. The magnitude and clarity of this telepathic signal would be moderated by the degree of coherence between the two consciousness fields, at any given time. 

Let us now consider the Mayan Calendar, the Vedas, and the Yugas. These are three different sources that all share a deep understanding of astronomical patterns, and that all emphasize the 26,000-year precessional cycle as being important to humanity. The Vedas and the Yugas specifically claim that humanity experiences higher and lower levels of consciousness in different ages of this Great Year cycle. And both claim that they, as documents and as oral traditions, are intended to preserve and pass down this knowledge to those of us who are living in the current era of low consciousness.

One can either reject what the Vedas and Yugas say, or one can entertain what they say as being possibly true. For the moment, let’s entertain the truth option. If what they say is true, then that suggests two things: (1) there must be consciousness fields associated with cosmic bodies, and (2) magnetic fields must be the mechanism by which psychic coherence is achieved. 

I make the first claim, re/ consciousness fields, because electromagnetic waves are too gross, I would think, to cause the kind of consciousness shifts that the Yugas and Vedas describe. I make the second claim, re/ magnetic modulation, because the 26,000 year cycle, and the sub-cycles in the Mayan Calendar, all match our magnetically induced cycles, and those cycles occur in a very unique pattern, determined by the Earth’s unique combination of multiple wobbles.