The sad truth about “Operation Iraqi Freedom”


Richard Moore

(beware: the photos are disturbing)

The Killing of an Entire Iraq Family by the US Forces of

2006-03-18 :: media bureau::iraqi league :: 

The US forces of occupation killed eleven members of the
Harat family, including six innocent children and four women
in a rural cottage in Alsaffa village in Ales-haqi district
near Samara. This is the latest in the US's defunct "war of
terror"; in this occasion, the US used hundreds of troops
and latest lethal weaponry in its air assault on this poor
family home. One of the children was only four months old!

The family neighbour Mohammed Almajma'ey describes the
details of this crime as his tears fell. "At 1.30pm, the US
occupation troops backed by helicopters attacked the family
residence of Fa'is Harat, a teacher at the local primary
school. After securing the family home, handcuffing its
residents and subjecting them to beating; and controlling
the surrounding residential area, the US occupation troops
executed all family members which were Fa'is Harat himself,
his wife, his three children, his sister along with her
three children, his father, and female relative', he went on
to clarify that "the children were aged between 2 months and
6 years".

He continued "after killing the family, the forces of
occupation went on to plant explosives around the house and
destroyed it whilst the victims laid dead inside". Then,
"they used their helicopters to bomb the place killing even
the family livestock".

Harat's surviving sister, Om Mohammed, gave more details of
who was executed as tears were flooding her face. "They even
executed my mother Turkiah Majeed who was 90 years of age"
she said. They killed "my brother Fa'iz Harrat aged 27; his
wife Sumayah Riziq aged 25; their three children Hawra' aged
4 years, Aa'isha aged 2 years and Hosam aged only four
months. They also executed my widowed sister Fa'isah Harat,
who is also a primary teacher; and her two orphan children,
Osama Yosuf aged 6 years, Asmaa Yosuf aged five, whose
father was killed last summer by the US forces of
occupation. They also killed Aziz Khalil aged 30 and
Khateebah Nithal Mohammed aged 23, who were planning to be
married next Thursday".

She insisted that the children were machine-gunned after
having being placed in one of the closets; whilst the rest
were executed in adjacent room.

At the school where the two victim teachers had worked was
overwhelmed with grief as the continued US crimes in Iraq
had struck in the school's heart this time. The 250 children
at Ales-haqi Primary School wept from the deep grief felt
because of the cold-blooded murder of their teachers. The
children stayed home that day as a mark of respect and
mourning of the dead murdered at the hands of the US forces.

One of the children, named Nawfal Abdullah, said his teacher
Fa'is Harat used to drive him to school. "He was such a
kind-hearted man, who loved Iraq very much". Another of
Fa'is's pupils named Osama, who was taught by Fa'is for two
and a half years and looked on to his teacher Fa'is as a
father figure, chose not to talk about his sense of
bereavement - he let his bitter tears do the talking

Mohammed Almajma'ee, a work colleague of Fa'is Harat who
shared with him many chats over lots of cups of tea, said
'the school had lost one its best teachers' as he watched
his close friend being buried, and "Fai's and his sister
were good people".

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