The structure of modern Western imperialism: some thoughts


Richard Moore

The primary goal of Western imperialism is to enable the unfettered 
operation of Western corporations and financial interests in the 
third world . In order to accomplish this goal, there are several 
kinds of tasks that need to be carried out. First, any third world 
government that puts national interests ahead of Western interests 
needs to be destabilized. This can be accomplished by invasion, 
arranged coup, or IMF policies which destroy the economy. Once a 
nation is destabilized, then either it restabilizes under a 
Western-friendly government, or it remains destabilized and 
occupation forces are needed to keep the people under control so 
corporate operations can continue.

The US-UK axis typically takes on the front-line task of invasions 
and coup arranging. The occupation tasks, once major conflict ends, 
are then typically are typically taken up by the other Western 
nations, usually under the auspices of the UN. These occupation tasks 
are called 'peace keeping' in order to hide from those Western 
populations the nature of their imperialist role. Thus imperialism is 
unwitting, on the part of these populations, but it is typically 
intentional on the part of their government leaders.

NGOs play an important role in imperialism, usually an unwitting one. 
Not only do they participate in the occupation regime, reducing the 
budget requirements of national occupation efforts, but they create 
an illusion that 'something is being done', which serves to placate 
Western populations.

This is a brief outline. If you folks want to comment, we could 
explore this situation in greater depth.