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Richard Moore

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In order to understand what the Zeitgeist Movement is about, we need to consider who the intended audience is, what the effect is on them, and we need to know something about the NWO agenda. 

Because of the way the film denigrates religion, the audience is restricted to those on the left. Those on the left are already disposed to agree with the material in the first two segments of the film, so they get ‘hooked’ by the Zeitgeist phenomenon: Hooray! Someone is finally telling it like it is! Very little ‘waking up’ happens for those on the left, because they are already familiar with the gist of the material.

So the net effect of the film on its intended audience, from a propaganda perspective, is to get them into a non-critical, accepting mindset, with the first two segments, and then present them with the Venus material. The Venus vision is a society controlled by technocrats, following ‘best-practice science’, with people reduced to non-economically-functioning ants in stainless-steel anthills. And we all know what ‘best-practice’ science is about: it’s defined by the likes of Monsanto and Big Pharma. 

Most people who have contacted me in praise of Zeitgeist seem to have accepted this demonic future vision without thinking about it. So the propaganda strategy seems to be working fairly well. And the ‘Zeitgeist Movement’ is all set up with website, multiple languages, international chapters, etc. As I look at their website I notice they have a video:
Resource Based Economy
Cybernated System:
Part 3 – Section One
This is a good video to watch if you want to get a sense of the Zeitgeist vision. Everything is to be done by machines, including medical diagnosis and even surgery. “The conscious transfer of decision-making to computers is the next step in human evolution.” The vision is of a centrally-controlled, regimented global society, with all social decisions being made by all-knowing benevolent computers. 
One of the themes is that government, politics, and private property are to be removed from the scene, to be replaced by environmental and resource rationalism. I can see how these would be appealing ideas to many. At the same time, these are the themes that characterized the Soviet system. What’s left out of this theme is the fact that there will always be some group of people at the top who decide how the computers get programmed, just as the Politburo decided what was the ‘common good’. The concept of ‘no government’ and ‘no property’ means that an all-powerful central clique will be running things arbitrarily.
The concept of a resource-based economy is a good one. That is how humanity operated for the most part, until capitalism came along. There many economic models, and political models, that are consistent with sustainability and optimal use of resources. Zeitgeist narrows this general concept down to one particular ‘solution’, and then advertises that solution as something with a ‘movement’ behind it, something ‘worth giving your support to’. 
In the context of an elite-controlled, computer-mediated global society, a resource-based economy means that everything you do or use — every resource you access — will be micro-managed. The excuse will be ‘saving the Earth’, but the result will be the result. People reduced to cogs in a machine, without even a concept of political empowerment. 
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