tour report – San Diego


Richard Moore

Whew! I'm exhausted.

A bit of jet lag, and three events now under my belt. Many thanks to 
Molly Morgan (and her husband Rick) for organizing and for putting me 
up while I'm in San Diego.

I'm learning about public speaking by test of fire. The first event 
was a luncheon of a writing class (thanks Joan Lindgren), and I more 
or less read from a written talk. Not very inspiring for them, but I 
did sell quite a few books.

The second event was at a very interesting venue, thanks to Jim Bell. 
Jim is into sustainability in a big way and has put a lot of his 
ideas into his space, his garden, etc. We had a circle of about 20 
people, mostly young. I made the mistake of opening up to discussion 
before I had finished my presentation. That broke the thread of 
attention and it never really recovered. Only sold one book.

The third event, thanks to Karl Amatneek, was at a retirement home. 
This was a real surprise for me. I had some kind of image in the back 
of my mind of "old people" who probably would be very conservative, 
not interested, etc.  Not at all!  These folks were savvy, 
thoughtful, energetic, and engaged with the talk and with life. My 
presentation and confidence were also a bit more developed and so 
this was the most successful event so far. Also sold lots of books.

The next several days will be family visits rather than 'events' so I 
won't be reporting on those. I may post something however if I get 

best wishes to all,