* Update – rkm West Coast Tour – contributions needed *


Richard Moore


My West Coast tour is shaping up very well. My thanks to all of you 
who have been organizing events. I'm looking forward to meeting all 
of you. I've attached below the still-evolving itinerary. If you are 
in one of those areas, and want to get involved or attend events, let 
me know.

My friend Chris has been acting as publisher, and has been generously 
funding publication expenses. (He's also the one who maintains our 
cyberjournal servers, domain registration, etc.) This trip is going 
to be expensive, given the sharp rises in fuel costs and airfares, 
and is beyond what Chris can afford to spend (he's got a family to 
take care of as well! ) Besides airfare, there's also car rental, 
travel insurance, and gasoline. There's no lodging expense, as people 
are putting me up in each location.  This is very much a 
collaborative, cooperative venture.

If any of you are willing (and can afford) to chip in something, 
small or not so small, that would be much appreciated. :-)  Paypal to 
<•••@••.•••> works well, and checks can be sent to:

If sent by Sep 20:
Richard Moore
Quay Largo
Selskar Street
Wexford, IRELAND

If later:
Richard Moore
c/o Breitbard
740 San Jude
Palo Alto, CA 94306

My 9/11 radio interview on RadiOrbit with Mike Hagan went very well. 
It was 3 hours long and we got into most of the issues talked about 
in the book. You can listen to it here:

best wishes to all,

Oct 4 nite:     arrive San Diego Airport
Oct 5:  San Diego  lunch w/writing class, eve Jim Bell's
Oct 6:  San Diego 10am book-signing discussion; evening: event
Oct 7 am -> LA
Oct 7-8:        LA
Oct 9-13:       SF Bay Area (Peninsula first, then SF)
Oct 13 afternoon-> Marin, eve session
Oct 14  AM -> Mendocino
Oct 14-15:  Mendocino events
Oct 16:   Arcata - 100fires 7.30-9.30+
Oct 17-19:  Eugene - 18: 6pm+ EWEB Room
Oct 20-21:  Portland - CIty Repair (Mark maybe gone)
Oct 22-23:  Seattle -> arrive Pt. Townsend eve of 23rd
Oct  24-25: Port Townsend
Oct  26 am:        ferry, Port Townsend  -> Victoria
Oct 26:    events in Victoria
Oct 27 am:         drive to Nanaimo
Oct 27-28   events in Nanaimo
Oct 29-31:   events near Vancouver
    (including Oct 30 noon Co-op radio show w/Jeff & Diana Jewell)
Nov 1:     events in Vernon
Nov 5:    fly back: Seattle-> Dublin