Weds closing dialog re> Events of 9/11


Richard Moore

Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 19:37:58 -0800
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From: F
Subject: Re: Monday dialog re> Events of 9/11

Dear Richard,

Thanks for your facilitation of this fascinating dialog.

I agree with your reframe about the "Zionist complicit" corporate
controlled media.  Theres a group here call "If Americans Knew" wich
documents IN DETAIL (ie. column inches, etc.) the relative coverage given
to Zionist vs other, including Palestinian, points of view.

I'd be interested to get copies of the CD's of Judge's information.  We're
doing a study group here, centered on THE NEW PEARL HARBOR.  I'd like to
add some info to deepen the discussion.  Do you want me to send  you some
money or blank CD's  or how would you like to handle the exchange?


Dear F,

The Judge material is very good. I'll ask Butler if he'd be willing to handle 
distribution for people who want a copy.


From: Tomo
Date: Tue, April 20, 2004 3:40 pm
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Re: Events of 9-11 - What do you think?


Thanks for this dialogue.  Totally relevant and critical for growing
public awareness, I'm glad you are helping to get these issues out.
Several people are nervous about challenging the Israeli, or Mossad
involvement as being hateful, negative, or "anti-semitic". Mr.
Kaminski's rants are resented for his harsh accusations against this
interest group.

I wonder how any conversation about the actual activities of the Mossad,
the Iraeli "defensive" forces, their Zionist paymasters, or the history
of state terrorism that birthed that nation, could not include hate,
anger, and violent descriptors. I find his imagery and emotive phrases
uncomfortable myself, because he is right! Hardball pitches to your
unpadded body will hurt. His accusations are backed up and referenced,
the responses of the oppressed to violent oppression are also logical
for how we know we would react were we in their situation(which is
coming to be true).

Anti-Israeli? Just as much as we ought to be. When and if it gets out
about how much control Sharon and his Mossad have over Bush, our media,
Congress, and our entire American society, there might be even a bit more
"negativity and hate" comin out toward that intensely anti-human culture
found in Israel today.

I'm waiting to hear from the spiritual leaders in Judaism
completely disavowing the fascist genocide taught by Israel as necessary
for "the Jews" to survive. Their dehumanizing and systematic murder of
neighbors for land and resources, has never worked in history when used
against the Jews. And its hideous consequences have not improved the
security and peace of any modern nation idiotic enough to resort to it.
Imperialist ambitions in Afghanistan broke the Soviets, and Empires
through time fall on their own swords of greed and ignorance.

The brutal, illegal war of domination in Iraq will drop this American
empire and our standard of living down like a stone into an empty
poisoned well. Expressions of hatred toward the invaders should be heard
and understood. Governments and corporations should not be permitted to
treat people this way, especially not representing their "interests" as
our own.

Lets hear something from our so-called "leaders" that sounds like
apology or regret before we look for politeness in the speech of their



Dear Tomo,

I also forgive Kaminski for his passion. Israel is systematically
torturing a whole people and we are to be polite about it??   But at the
same time we must keep in mind that the people of Israel, and the
American Jewish community, are also victims in this scenario.  They have
no control over the actions of the state of Israel, any more than "we"
have control over Bush's invasions. The ordinary people of Israel are
the ones who suffer from the suicide bombings, and are at risk if a
bigger regional war breaks out. Their religious tradition is being
hijacked for propaganda purposes. As I see it, we ordinary people
everywhere are all "on the same side" - we are all in this together. We
need to speak with sensitivity to one another if we want to understand
one another, and we need to respect one another if we seek respect
ourselves. Kaminski's passion is understandable, but as a result he is
being insensitive and disrespectful to some of his potential friends.


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