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Richard Moore

MSNBC Vote Fraud Video (Must See)


LA Indymedia (Video ) November 10

2 Tanks at L.A. Westwood Anti-Occupation Demonstration

November 9, 2004 - At 7:50 PM armored tanks showed up at an
anti-war protest in front of the federal building in Westwood.

The tanks circled the block twice, the second time parking
themselves in the street and directly in front of the area
where most of the protesters were gathered...

Enraged, some of the people attempted to block the tanks, but
police quickly cleared the street.

The people continued to protest the presence of the tanks, but
after about ten minutes the tanks drove off. It is unclear as
to why the tanks were deployed to this location.



I think it is clear that the purpose of the tanks was to 'send a message' to 
us: "Be warned, the NWO fascist takeover is now complete."

There are pictures at the URL above.


From: Jim MacGregor
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 10:35:24 EST
Subject: Re: dialog re: recent postings.  from jim macgregor
To: •••@••.•••

Dear Richard

As a newcomer I found the recent postings fascinating,
refreshing and uplifting. The dialogue has lightened my almost
overwhelming despair for the future of mankind and this
beautiful planet.  It has  shown me the flicker of a candle
flame which I earnestly hope can ignite your "dry grass fire".
  This is the first time ever that I have taken part in
dialogue over the internet and am absolutely thrilled to bits
at being able to join so many kindred spirits.

I am not well read or versed here (my background is in family
medicine)  and I struggle to understand some of the debate,
concepts and philosophical points.  While some of it goes over
my head,  I guess I am par for the course of Joe Public and  I
do hope I can be of some future help in providing fairly
representative feedback.  From what I have read over the
years, I can see that the neo-cons are  taking America and the
rest of the world back to another dark age - if not total

I have not yet read your new book but will certainly do so
soon.  You respond to Nick's comments about the book and
question whether you should include an extended Escaping The
Matrix.  It may be inappropriate for me to comment without
knowing the book, but I can comment on your matrix essay.  For
 years I  struggled to comprehend what the hell was going on
in this world.  I could clearly see evil at work and read more
and more in an attempt to understand it.  I was reading stuff
in books and the web but completely unsure if it was true or
not as some of it seemed completely off the wall eg. Nazi
Germany keeping it's war machine on the move with fuel provide
by the US.  My father fought those fascists and suffered
terribly as a result and I simply could not believe that this
could be true.

By complete chance, I came across Escaping The Matrix on the
internet and it provided the most profound yet simple
explanation to virtually everything that had puzzled me.  I
now consider that my eureka moment.  I believe that without an
understanding of  your matrix metaphor, it is almost
impossible for ordinary Joe Public to even begin to comprehend
what is going on.  An example is Jeff Kieffer's comments about
Kerry possibly being in league with the stolen election:  It
is almost impossible to comprehend the sanity of Jeff's
question without appreciating the matrix.  If, before I had
understood it,  Jeff suggested to me that  Kerry might
actually have connived to throw the election, I would have
considered him a basket case.   Having read Escaping The
Matrix just a few weeks ago, I did ask myself the very same
question. Is it really beyond the bounds of credibility?    
As my friend John O'Dowd told me, "It is as if you have slowly
awakened from the Matrix narcolepsy and found an inverted
reality, what you thought was truth was a dream, and what you
have awakened to find is the true nightmare of an amoral

The knowledge you and others are attempting to impart here is
massively important and I believe your Escaping the Matrix is
the key to this.

With regard to practical aspects of spreading this
information, I recently wrote a letter to a Scottish newspaper
with daily circulation of  aprox 200,000.  I  condemned  the
Iraq war and US imperialism and quoted from your work.  I
strongly urged reader to google and read Escaping The Matrix. 
 In response to that letter, I have been invited to submit an
essay to an on-line magazine which takes up to 850,000 hits. 
As a result of one letter,  information on your work will 
have been disseminated to potentially a million people. 
Perhaps others might consider consider the possibilities here.

kind regards



Dear Jim,

Welcome to our community dialog! Very nice to receive your

As I read over the Matrix article, I find that the main theme
works well, but much of the material is dated, particularly
since 9/11. What I'm doing is weaving in the parts of the
article that still apply with the later material in my
original Part I of the new book. I think this will turn out to
be effective. I should have a new draft of the book ready for
posting very soon.

stay in touch,

From: Carolyn Baker
To: •••@••.•••
Subject: Re: FYI: recent newslog postings
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 16:34:08 -0700


Please see my latest article: MANUFACTURING DISSENT: HOW THE

Thank you.
Carolyn Baker


Dear Carolyn,

Great article! I Posted it to newslog.

I post a lot to newslog, which is intended primarily as an
archive to be viewed on the web. But 53 people have actually
subscribed. I recommend that people go there once a week or so
to look for items of interest. I post there the best of the
hundreds of articles I receive every week from various


Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 21:19:28 +0700
From: "Dave Patterson" 
To: •••@••.•••
Subject: organise!

Hi Richard - following your postings and new book with
interest, as always  - don't have much to say otherwise about
it, and I expect "great stuff!"  is not exactly what you are
looking for in terms of commentary, so I  haven't. But I
received your most recent as I was finishing a letter for a 
group that may overlap your mailing list, and thought I would
send it  along for you to have a look at, and perhaps do me a
small favor. I agree  with most of what you say and think, but
have not yet come to believe that  we must just turn our backs
on politics and the current system because of its deep
corruption - I cannot think of any other practical way to 
organise our complex, modern societies, with so many people,
not only in  each country but in the world. I do indeed
believe that it is not the  system that is at fault, but that
we have allowed it to be taken over by  some very bad people -
I think an advanced parliamentary-type system (in  theory! -
not the current corporate-controlled and corrupt
manifestations  thereof!) is probably as good as it gets, at
least until the large  majority of "We the People" are
intelligent and mature enough to get along  cooperatively -
which I see as being quite a long ways down the road, from 
looking around the world today. We need, in my opinion, a good
government  to protect We the People from well-organised and
powerful corporate or  other marauders - that they have taken
over the means we should be using  to control them does not
invalidate those means, it just means we need to  regain
control and be a bit more careful in the future about guarding
our  interests.

In any event, you're busy and I won't go on - but what I
thought was, if  you had a few on the list in Canada, perhaps
you could send this out for their perusal? (There's an
easier-to-read version on my website at 

Dave Patterson


Dear Dave,

Thanks for your comments.

I must say I am somewhat mystified when people say "great
stuff!" but then disagree with the main points I've been
trying to put across. Life will always remain a mystery I

Why do you think that a parliamentary system is the best in
theory when no parliamentary system in history has been
anything but a mechanism for elite rule? And why do people
think it has been 'taken over' when it was run by elites from
the very beginning, and designed by elites in the first place?
My mind boggles.

I agree that finding an alternative is a more problematic
issue. But why do you say you "cannot think of any other
practical way" when all of my chapters on harmonization have
been trying to describe such a way?  Perhaps you have reasons
why you think those ideas are faulty. If so I'd very much like
to hear those reasons... either I'll learn from them, or I can
try to address them in the material.

I don't mean to dis your contribution by the way, I appreciate
it. But it does raise these questions in my head.

best regards,


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