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Lot’s of people have commented on this latest post about the NWO and Trump’s role. I really want to encourage folks to look at the comments on postings, as that provides an opportunity for conversation in the cyberjournal community. So if there is a post that interests you, you might wait a couple of days and then go to the blog and see what people have been saying. You might want to reply to one of the comments, or add in your own comment.

I am going to have to implement a size limit however. From now on please limit comments to a couple of paragraphs. Pick your most important point.

As for the responses to the posting they were mostly positive. Some people resonated with the whole analysis, and some had reservation about some of my conclusions. I’ve responded to most of the comments on the blog, and I’ll be responding to the rest as well. I think in the long run we’ll find the comment exchange to be a very important part of cyberjournal. For now I encourage you to take a look once in while to check out the comments.

One person asked for references regarding the cabal. Below are a few search terms that provide useful background.



the money masters
the story of the rothschilds
the creature from jeckyll island
caroll quigley
the secret origins of the first world war



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    “In March of this year, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee invited former ambassador Gerald Feierstein—director of the Center for Gulf Affairs at the Middle East Institute—to speak about the situation in Yemen and about his views on the sale of US arms to the Saudis. As one might have anticipated from his interview in the Washington Post, Feierstein told the committee, “Accusations of war crimes leveled against Saudi and Coalition armed forces and threats to end arms sales to the Saudis have the potential to inflict long-lasting damage to these relationships.” Limiting the supply of munitions, he said, would be “counter-productive”…

    “Never disclosed in the Washington Post interview or in the Senate hearing was the source of funding for Feierstein’s Middle East Institute. According to its most recent public report, the Institute counts among its chief donors leading members of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen and major arms manufacturers. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait provide the highest level of support as “Platinum Sponsors,” and the UAE is also a donor. Raytheon, the manufacturer of the very weapons at issue in the Senate hearing, is a Gold Sponsor of the Institute. It is worth noting, of course, that the Middle East Institute is not unique in Washington. The defense industry and foreign governments pump money into many think tanks.”

  2. RKM…here are two articles that show how the NWO works in the world of today. First is a thing from FAIR about an org called CSIS that advises the US govt on defence matters is basically a subsidiary of Lockheed-Martin…CSIS is recommending the installation of Lockheed’s THAAD missile ‘defence’ system in South Korea.

    And this is from today, a missile test from Vandenberg in response to the North Korean ‘threat’…which is really just a ploy to provide justification for THAADS to be sold to Uncle Sam.

  3. Great essay. The only thing – is Trump being used because of his narcissistic personality or is he really part of it. I tend to think that he is being used and will be discarded, or gotten rid of if he goes off track. We’ll see.

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