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Richard Moore

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To> Publishers of my material, artistic collaborators, and friends of

    - - - > about my personal writings

    Sorry for the form letter, but Greg Guma, editor of Toward Freedom,
    requested a bio and that inspired me to communicate with people who
    have already, or might want to, publish material I have developed or
    to collaborate on whatever artistic endeavors the muse might inspire.

    My opus is now stored at...
    ...and will be incorporated shortly to the cadre-library on our

    All of my articles are available, without inquiry or notice, for
    non-commercial republishing, forwarding, or posting to websites,
    *-> with sig info attached.

    Commercial republication is sought, and fees will be waved for
    publishers struggling for existence in this top-heavy industry.
    Many editors condense articles for use (with prior permission),
    usually improving them considerably, and I will be happy to
    revise for specific audiences or entertain new article proposals.

    Please ALWAYS include my email address, web address, and
    (C)opyright notices when publishing. I never grant exclusive
    rights, nor rights to additional commercial publication without
    prior permission.  And I DO WANT to be in direct touch with my

    If your editorial policy conflicts with these requests, please
    do not use my material without special permission. (This condition
    is not addressed to South End Press.)

    I invite all to link to cyberjournal.org from their site, and to
    request a cross-link.

    - - - > about "Globalization and the Revolutionary Imperative"

    With a little help from my friends, including those at South End
    Press, I have the pleasure of beginning production of a very special
    book, "Globalization and the Revolutionary Imperative" under the roof
    of CADRE (Citizens for a Democrtic Renaissance). Per a suggestion by
    Carolyn Ballard, Chief Editor at cadre, this book will be a collection
    of essays (& poems & aphorisms & photos & whatever) but with an
    innovative twist: there will be a hand-holding editor's thread flowing
    through the material that will provide continuity, will articulate
    development of the book's thesis, and will add substantiating material
    (original letters, photos, news-clips, etc) to the contributed pieces.

    This book will be unusually inviting and reader-friendly, will be
    designed to appeal to mass-audiences worldwide, will be accessible
    to all, and yet will be rigorous enough in its thesis development to
    satisfy the most obsessive and hostile of academics - not that we
    expect to avoid attacks (accolades, we call such at CADRE) by estab-
    lishment press and critics.

    If you have rights to material you would like to see included in this
    historic collection, or if you would like to develop or agent a new
    work, please contact us at •••@••.•••.

    - - - > about CADRE, cyberjournal.org/cadre, and CADRE Productions

    CADRE is a revolution-support & resource organization. Our sig:
                                   - - -
                     Restore democratic sovereignty
                     Create a sane and livable world
         *->   Bring corporate globalization under control!
                                   - - -

    Our first-in-a-series of international conferences:
                                   - - -
                       "Seeking an Effective Democratic
                           Response to Globalization
                             and Corporate Power"

              - an international workshop for activist leaders -
      *>-->  June 25 <incl> July 2 - 1998 - Nova Scotia - Canada   <---<*
        - modest fee including room and board will be announced soon -
              Organized by: Citizens for a Democratic Renaissance
                                   - - -

    Our intention is that cadre's website will become extremely popular
    worldwide among political activists, writers, students, teachers,
    publishers, librarians, journalists, and others.  One of our premiére
    offerings will be a world-class library of material covering the broad
    topics of globalization, democracy, politics, economics, world-systems,
    the ecosphere, history, appropriate technology, alternative visions,
    revolution, activism, govenment-theory, elites, covert ops, the new
    world order, and corporate power.

    A special section will function as Networking Central for activist groups
    worldwide, making available up-to-the-minute news bulletins, contact
    information, and background material related to planned and in-process
    poltical actions - thus encouraging and facilitating international
    solidarity and the harmonizing and synchronizing of political energy
    on a global scale.

    We are eager to collaborate with publishers, website owners, writers,
    and other artists of all stripes, in the development of our library,
    which we believe will become a unique and invaluable enabling resource
    for what we at cadre fondly refer to as the soon-to-come Era of Demo-
    cratic Renaissance.

    As soon as the beef-quotient of our now-undernourished library increases
    sufficiently, we will aggressively begin an out-publishing operation
    on a global scale.  We seek to help encourage a sense of global-
    connectedness among the people of the world -- to serve, until something
    better comes along, as a Peoples Global Media Channel.  Our vision is
    is that all the little small-town newspapers that now cover bar-mitzvas
    and regional plowing competitions can be linked into a REAL NEWS
    network that can leave the Murdoch's to do what they do best - which
    has nothing to do with distributing useful information.

    - - -> about Wexford Video Workshop

    I have the honor of being associated with the Wexford Video Workshop,
    a just-funded & launched video production team here in Wexford,
    We already are beginning work on a few projects, and are open to suggest-
    ions or collaboration on innovative film endeavors.  We are especially
    interested in shooting conferences or other events, and interviewing the
    participants, when the import of what is transpiring is deserving of
    wider public exposure, or could serve to raise consciousness in similar
    venues around the world.

    We will aggressively and innovatively pursue worldwide distribution
    for our productions and those of others who seek distribution assistance
    for worthy material.  We believe that low price direct-mail video-cas-
    sette distribution can be developed into a self-funding and effective
    semi-mass-market publishing channel with considerable public-education

    - - -> about bio info

    For bio info, Please select what you need from below.
            PLEASE send me a copy of the version you decide to use and
    tell me when and where it will be used.

    In liberation,

    Richard K.Moore (US Citizen)
    Chief:       CADRE
    Moderator:   •••@••.•••
    Producer:   "Globalization and the Revolutionary Imperative"
         w/South End Press - <essay collection> *-> <contributors invited>

    PO Box 26                      mailto:•••@••.•••
    Quay Largo, Selskar            http://cyberjournal.org
    Wexford, IRELAND
                        Restore democratic sovereignty
                       Create> a sane and livable world
          !  *->   Bring corporate globalization under control!

  * Early 1980's, Palo Alto, California: organized a well-attended
    teach-in against malathion spraying over populated areas
  * Mid 1990s, Silicon Valley, California: carried out email-campaign
    that succeeded in starting company-union negotiations regarding
    contracted janitorial services
  * 1995, ongoing: founded two Internet forums, cyber-rights and
    cyberjournal, @cpsr.org, devoted to developing public understanding
    of, respectively, cyberspace developments and globalization; subscribers
    exceed 1,500 worldwide; contribute analyses to many online discussion
    groups and many postings are forwarded around the net to a wide
    of audiences, from leftist-activist groups to the Michigan Militia.
  * 1998, ongoing: founded CADRE; recruited and organized cadre team;
    launched global revolution as collaborative endeavor with the
    people of the world

Publications (1994 to present):
    Open Information Exchange - Technology Handbook
      * Document Architectures and Container Formats - an Overview
        (Chapter 4)
    oii SPECTRUM (journal)
      * Bento - a container for electronic documents
    The Information Society - An International Journal
      * Cyberspace Inc. and the Robber Baron Age
    New Dawn (magazine)
      * Common Sense and the New World Order
      * Human Rights and the New World Order
      * Doublespeak and the New World Order
      * The Fateful Dance of Capitalism and Democracy
      * America and the New World Order
      * China vs. Globalization - the Final War and the Dark Millennium
      * The Police State Conspiracy - an Indictment (three of series
        published so far)
    Theory & Praxis (journal)
      * Doublespeak and the New World Order
    Electronic Democracy - a conference at University of Teesside
      * Democracy and Cyberspace (paper); to appear as chapter in book
        to be published by Teesside
    enneagram monthly (magazine)
      * Physics and the Enneagram
      * The Life-Cycle of Creative Endeavors
      * Inventing Enneagrams - the dramatic story and two-force analysis
    Agree to Disagree (street 'zine)
      * various article reprints
    Toward Freedom (magazine)
      * Closing the Information Highway
      * Absolute Power - The Making of the New World Order (next issue)
    Militia/Patriot newsletter (somewhere in the hills)
      * Big Business: Real Enemy of Freedom and Democracy

    Projects under development
      * Book with South End Press: "Globalization and the Revolutionary
        Imperative"; editor and co-author: Carolyn Ballard; co-author:
        Wade Ward
      * Cadre leadership; intial international workshop
      * Cadre interactive Website - your friendly local revolution resource
      * Broadcast quality documentaries based on three-week tour of US
        and Canadian east coasts, covering the historic workshop and
        including interviews with delegates, organizers, support volun-
        teers, local people, and the film crew; extensive in-situ footage
        of activists and revolutionaries, including Carolyn Chute of the
        2nd Maine Militia
      * Globalization Overview - a talk to be presented at "Globalisation
        and Latin America", an April conference in Liverpool; to be published
        as a chapter in a book compiled from  the conference
      * ongoing development of magazine articles
      * upgrading of cyberjournal list hosted on CPSR server: a whole new
        image and program is now being planned for this now 1000-strong
        online community; top-quality affiliated corresponents are now
        being recruited; each day of the week will feature a collection
        of diverse material selected to illuminate the theme-of-the-day;
        Monday will be Reader's Voice Day, Tuesday, Revolution FrontLine
        Report, etc. Once operational, the list will be heavily promoted
        and regular cross-posting arrangements will be pursued.
      * establishing CADRE interactive forums:
                1) •••@••.•••
                2) •••@••.•••
        1) will serve as support network and communication channel for
        the rapidly growing, CADRE-facilitated, "Global Coalition for a
        Democratic Renaissance"; 2) will serve to facilitate communication
        among progressive writers and pubishers worldwide and to enable
        the wide distribution of works that might otherwise languish.

    Career in software industry (1962-1994)

I got into the computer revolution early and moved on to each new
technology as it came along, from mainframes to timesharing, minis,
desktops, multi-media, communications, collaborative work, document
architecture, and standards development.  With my college-buddy Larry
Tesler acting as unoffical mentor and job-finder, I was privileged to
do research and develop software for many of the industry's pioneering
enterprises, including Tymshare, Xerox PARC and SDD, Apple Computer,
and Oracle.  My own start-up company, Small World Communications, due
to the artistic genius of Michael Geary, software wizard, developed in the
early eighties a graphical-ui email front-end for the character-based PC that
had considerable commercial success and could be considered a forerunner
of Eudora.  Unfortunately for Mike and myself, I was running the business
end before I was ready, and it came to financial naught for the pair of us.
A very fortunate experience for me, however, seen from today's perspective:
I never approach anything now without first attending painstakingly to the
foundational structure, the goal formulation, the strategic perspective, and
the establishment of robust team process.

    Writing/activist vocation (1994-Renaissance Era arrival)

Despairing of ever saving enough money to retire on a sound financial
basis, but unwilling to sell my whole life's talents for transitory rewards in
service of dubious objectives, I chose to retire on an unsound finacial basis
and do what I really wanted to do for how ever long I could get by with it.
I absented myself from the Belly of the Evil Empire, moved first to the UK
and then to Wexford, and am now happily ensconced in this leading town
of Ireland's Sunny Southeast - boasting a Viking heritage, a citation on a
map of Plino's, being the home of Commador Perry, founder of the US
Navy, was the first victim of Cromwell's Irish Rampage, hosts a world-class
annual opera festival, a prize-winning light opera society, a bustling Arts
Centre, and is rightly proud of winning All Ireland Hurling in 1996, and of
its role in the Pikeman Rebellion of 1798, a failed attempt to create a multi-
religious republic in the best Enlightenment tradition.

>>From this most pleasant, pub&music-infested, riverside perch, the world is
at my fingertips... brought to me by my trusty rusty power book, Telecom
Eireann, Ireland OnLine, and that eighth wonder of the world, that
cosmically potent yet scarcely-exploited, that ever-so-vulnerable and lovable
second world, the writer's best friend... Internet.

I began by writing a few articles on the enneagram, a general mapping of
interacting energy fields which has been highly popularized due to its
application to personality typology, but whose true significance and general
meaning I had never seen appreciated in print nor anywhere else.
enneagram monthly published the articles, but their significance is yet to be
appreciated by the Enneagram community.  This amalgam of diverse
amateurs and would-be professionals is so eager to become "real" that they
are already adopting the competitive factionalism so popular within more
established who's-afraid-of-virginia-wolf academic circles.

Next I leaped headlong into the net, signing up for every list on offer, and
posting madly on every conceivable topic.  The power of this medium is
awesome.  For education there isn't even a second-place contender,
certainly not school, university, lectures, or books -- perhaps video can be
ranked a low #2.  Any subject can be researched instantly, at your onw pace
and according to your own learing style, experts can be engaged, budding
theories can be developed through group dialog, developing work can be
shared with ever-growing audiences, publishers appear from nowhere
wanting your stuff... there is no science fiction writer who had a clue how
wonderful it would all be, or even yet who has captured the essence in

With the universe's ultimate teaching machine available to me at nominal
cost, and nothing but time on my hands, I said to myself - why not figure
out how the world works?  This turned out to be a relatively
straightforward undertaking.  Nearly everyone on the net is eager to tell you
how the world works.  The number who realize they'd do better to listen
than to explain, to modify their theories than to defend them, is alarmingly
small, except perhaps among the lurkers.

I learned that the best way to get people to open up and tell you their very
best is to argue with them.  Especially if you can get them riled up, then
they'll reach way down, to the fundations of their beliefs, and pull up some
remarkable stuff they didn't know they had.  Typically, they don't learn
much from the process, but I always do.  I found I could get to the heart of
the various schools of thought on world events by engaging both
proponents and opponents of each theory, and challenging them, turtle by
turtle, down to what always turned out to the most pathetic underpinnings.
Friedman's proof that socialism can't be democratic, for example, would be
failed as a 10th-grade essay for its total illogic, yet in some real sense his
thesis is what is now running the world.

After reviewing the available world models, and finding them each
demonstrably insufficient, I decided to develop my own synthesis from first
principles.  There's nothing to it really, you just look around and watch
how it works.  It's all very much in the open.  The only real trick is to
realize that absolutely everything you see on television or at the movies or
read in the paper, apart from marginalized exceptions (such as this
audience), is designed for one thing and one thing only, and that is to fool

By simply watching what they do, and interpreting what they say as a
professionally crafted (and ever-so-revealing) cover story, _it_ all becomes
very clear very quickly, to some considerable depth of _its_ archiecture.
The world system I mean.  I never do any research for my articles, except for
names, dates, and occasional corroborative material.  My mission as writer
is simply to articulate my world view, which to me is only stating the
obvious, by re-interpreting this or that current issue or event in light of its
role in, and relationship to, the larger world system.

I get lots of of feedback from lurkers.  Most of it better written, more
heartfelt, and revealing of sounder thinking, than anything the prolific and
excessively articulate posters typically give us.  People tell me that I
opened their eyes in a significant way, that many of their own harbored
ideas had been freed to find expression.  They wish me well, urge me to
what I'm doing, and, every so often, they say... "if there's anything I can
do to help...".

I am now in the process of taking such people up on their offers.  I have a
plan, and it has a reasonable chance of success.  I am promoting the plan,
and I am promoting a scalable, coherent-awareness-capable, collaborative
endeavor to implement the plan and to achieve its goal, which is to
overcome elite hegemony and to implement genuinely democratic regimes
in the nations of the world.  It's that simple and it is underway.

CADRE is a facilitation service provider, a promoter of alliances, a provider
of communications infrastructure, a goad to action, and a monitor to the
unfolding process.  Cadre will grow to a size which enables it to function
effectively and responsively in its required role, and from then on out
everything it does will be accomplished through networking.

I'll close with a brief anecdote that expresses something profound about the
revolutionary process I have in mind.  There was a humungous queue for
the theater-session at SIGGRAPH one year, and a few of us were walking,
and walking, and walking, trying find where the queue started.  Finally we
got to the end, that is, to where the walking crowd curved around and began
to bunch up and walk more slowly.  So I had this very minor epiphany,
namely that we had been in the queue all along, that the walking up was
also the queue.

The revolution is like that.  The building of the revolution _is_ the
revolution.   The means _are_ the ends.  The process is the product.  When
you get there you find you've been there for a while already.  People
working together to create what they all need, that's what it's all about, and
that's all we need to make it happen.

     Posted by: Richard K. Moore | PO Box 26, Wexford, Ireland
     mailto:•••@••.••• | http://cyberjournal.org
    * Non-commercial republication authorized - incl this sig *