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Richard Moore

Key Media Articles Reveal Secret Realities of Government
Dear friends, Below are highly revealing one-paragraph excerpts of key media
articles on the nature of government secrecy today. These powerful articles
expose some of the secret manipulations and agendas of influential unseen
players within governments and government agencies. Links are provided to the
full articles on major media websites. If any link should fail to function, <[
link]>click here. By choosing to educate ourselves on these important issues
and to <[link]>spread the word, we can and will <[link]>build a brighter
future. - Sat, Mar 8 2008 3:00 am

911 - The truth about 'intelligence errors'
They knew, but did nothing Philip Shenon March 8, 2008 Advertisement In
the American summer of 2001, the nation's news organisations, especially the
television networks, were riveted by the story of one man. It wasn't George
Bush. And it certainly wasn't Osama bin Laden. - Sat, Mar 8 2008 3:00 am

15 Feb -  Mike Whitney: Iran's Oil Bourse Could Topple The Dollar
So, what was the real purpose of Bush's trip? After all, he has no 
interest in peace or in honoring his commitment to resolve the 
Israeli-Palestinian crisis. So, why would he choose to visit the 
Middle East just as his second term as president is winding down and 
there is no chance of success?

15 Feb -  Gates whines about NATO
Mr Gates said that without more sharing of the burden of 
counter-insurgency in Afghanistan, the willingness of those engaged 
in combat would disappear.

15 Feb -  Christopher Beam : Obama's Cocky Messianism
Obama has attracted Jesus comparisons since announcing his candidacy. 
He's been described as the party's savior. A Chicago art gallery 
displayed a sculpture depicting Obama crowned with a neon halo. 
Slate's Timothy Noah kept tabs on these and other revelations in the 
"Obama Messiah Watch."

19 Feb -  Iran to sell oil in rubles?
Iran's Ambassador to Moscow said here Friday Iran and Russia, as 
major energy suppliers, can rid the world of US dollar's slavery by 
promoting oil and gas deals using different currencies.

19 Feb -  US court attacks web freedom; enjoins Wikileaks.org out of existence
Now censorship has extended to the United States of America, land of 
the First Amendment. As of Friday, February 15, those going to 
Wikileaks.org have gotten Server not found messages. Today I received 
a message explaining that a California court has granted an 
injunction written and requested by Cayman Island's Bank Julius Baer 
lawyers. It seems that the bank is trying to keep the public from 
accessing documents that may reveal shady dealings. Wikileaks was 
only given a couple of hours notice "by email" and was not even 
represented at the hearing where a U.S. judge took such a drastic 
step attempting to totally shut down an important information outlet. 
The result was this totally unprecedented attempt to totally wipe out 
the existence of Wikileaks

19 Feb -  Thomas Greco on Ron Paul's money policies
Ron Paul's message has made the money issue, for the first time in 
decades, part of the mainstream political dialog. His candidacy for 
the office of president, and his demonstrated ability to raise 
significant amounts of money from a grassroots constituency have 
attracted some mainstream media attention, enabling his statements on 
money to get some major exposure.

24 Feb -  Supreme Court: Die from a medical device? Too bad sucker...
WASHINGTON - Makers of medical devices like implantable 
defibrillators or breast implants are immune from liability for 
personal injuries as long as the Food and Drug Administration 
approved the device before it was marketed and it meets the agency's 
specifications, the Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday.

24 Feb -  Castro steps down as Cuban leader
Cuba's ailing leader Fidel Castro has announced he will not accept 
another term as president, ending the communist revolutionary's 49 
years in power.

26 Feb -  Stephen Lendman: Health Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods
Genetically engineered foods saturate our diet today. In the US 
alone, over 80% of all processed foods contain them. Others include 
grains like rice, corn and wheat; legumes like soybeans and soy 
products; vegetable oils, soft drinks; salad dressings; vegetables 
and fruits; dairy products including eggs; meat, chicken, pork and 
other animal products; and even infant formula plus a vast array of 
hidden additives and ingredients in processed foods (like in tomato 
sauce, ice cream, margarine and peanut butter). Consumers don't know 
what they're eating because labeling is prohibited, yet the danger is 
clear. Independently conducted studies show the more of these foods 
we eat, the greater the potential harm to our health.


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