A consensus-based model for global self-governance


Richard Moore

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I’ve revised and renamed the democracy-model diagram. I’m much happier with it now, and it is more self-explanatory. Also, it is now publicly accessible, thanks to riseup.net:
A consensus-based model for global self-governance

This is a case where a picture is worth a thousand words. The diagram is complex, but I think it is more comprehensible than my various attempts to describe the model with text only, in multiple chapters. I want to go on and take this to the next level: a power-point slide show.
In that way I can create a story, beginning with community, and building outwards, with scenarios along the way. There are obvious problems with the model, enough that most people would probably dismiss it as being unrealistic. Scenarios can be used to show how the dynamics of the model would deal with those problems, at least the ones I’ve been able to identify so far.
As always, I invite your help in developing these ideas. In this case, one of the most useful responses I could get would be for you to tell me why the model can’t work. A rational argument is not required; gut feelings or whatever are quite valid. I’ll be incorporating, not debating. And of course improvements are welcome as well. 
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