a Patriot fwd re: ALIEN CONSPIRACY; also a note to readers


Richard Moore

Dear friends,

You may be a bit puzzled by all the postings I've been sending out
subsequent to announcing a list holiday!  (;>)

The point is that I've abdicated myself temporarily from the responsibility
of _worrying about my lists -- I don't take time each morning to `attend'
to them, and conscientously review reader submissions.

But in my preparations for travel, as I clean out my files and unsub from
all my incoming lists, I keep coming across gems to share. C'est la vie.
Hope you're enjoying.

I've found little on the "American Patriot  Friends Network" appropriate
for reposting to this audience, and I have _zero interest in the _content
of x-files type conspiraces and UFO abductions.  But I am very interested
in the _process of such conspiracy memes.  Those who _succumb to them
become part of a cult, so to speak, and exit themselves from sensible

And those who _scoff at them, without appropriate discrimination, become
blind to the fact that the entire world is operated via layers upon layers
of conspiratorial institutions, each fooled by the one above.  (Eg, the
_staff at CNN (eg) probably believe, in their naivete, that they really are
reporting news, although they are aware they snip out important bits for
`justifiable' reasons.  And those who make the X-Files series probably
believe the only reason they're on the air is because they're popular.)

The piece below, from the Patriot Network, is, I believe, spot on.

I adopted the same hypothesis upon seeing "Independence Day" --
subsequently nothing has crossed my desk to make me doubt it, and I've seen
additional confirming signs.  But, in my mind, it is still only an


btw> Thanks to all those who responded to "rkm on East Coast".  I'm now
planning on spending the entire week of July 6-10 in the Boston area and
will be meeting with as many people and groups as possible.  I'll try to
set up an open party some evening as a general exercise in group
"simultaneous beaming down" from cyberspace to terra.  I guess that's how
all meetings will work in 2121, under possible-future "version 2.04, the
Star Trek variation".

btw-2> I consider this on-topic for the rn list because these kinds of
shenanigans are designed to factionalize the population and prevent
political solidarity against our depraved rulers.  We must appreciate the
tactics of our opponents if we are to overcome them.

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[Las Vegas Review-Journal][Donrey Newspapers]
[Review-Journal Online] Sunday, June 07, 1998


Believers of an American plot to unite the world against
UFOs say such a concept is being generated at Area 51 and
the result will be a fascist rule similar to Germany under Adolf Hitler.

By Joe Schoenmann

RACHEL- For the 150 people gathered at sunrise
Saturday near one of the most talked about classified
military facilities in the world, "Area 51" is home not to
alien UFOs but to a good old American conspiracy.
The alien-UFO story, most of them now say, is
government-concocted propaganda designed to throw people
off the real story behind Groom Lake, as the military prefers to call
Area 51.

If they doubted themselves before they got to this
roadstop 150 miles north of Las Vegas, they likely left
more-convinced as the nearby rally fell under the steady
gaze of federal park rangers, security guards on distant
hills and unmanned cameras and microphones behind unmarked


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