New evidence re: Bush’s October Surprise deal


Richard Moore

Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 13:28:45 -0500
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Subject: New evidence re: Bush's  October Surprise deal?

According to a report in the Napa Sentinel, former CIA pilots Gunther
Russbacher and Richard Brenneke most certainly _did_ fly Bush and Casey
to Paris for final negotiations with the Iranians, so as to delay the
release of the hostages until after Carter was (thereby) defeated.
It seems that Republican pollsters told them that Carter would
likely win if the hostages were released, and it seems that the
Iranians were about to release the hostages, thereby giving Carter
the election, thus keeping the Repubs out of office.  This was
of course an intolerable prospect for folks like Bush, Reagan and

CIA pilot Brenneke has testified in court to having flown Bush to
Paris.  Navy Captain Russbacher has told all who would listen.
Bush denies having gone, but cannot provide witnesses as to his
whereabouts on these two days.

Not surprising that the full story has been so effectively covered up
by our corporatately-loyal newsies in the mainstream media?

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